Party Junk 191 – decorating with tool boxes!


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A yardstick pallet wood night stand


This little pallet wood night stand transpired by accident. Sort of. The Summer Tour of Homes was FAST approaching, and you know how you have a little done in every room but no room is really complete? I challenged myself to replace a too small file cabinet with a proper night table that I actually […]

Pallet wood patio chair build – part 2

pallet chair build

Part 1 is HERE   Welcome to Part 2 / The Build of the pallet wood chair reveal shown yesterday. Guys, this is the easiest build in the world and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first! Let’s build! Disclaimer: I am a hack styled, self taught builder. I made everything up that you see […]

A cool pallet wood chair anyone can make – part 1


A cool pallet wood chair anyone can make – part 1 A cool pallet wood chair anyone can make – part 1 <— YOU ARE HERE * Click here for – How to BUILD the pallet wood chair – PART 2 * This post contains some affiliate links. My pallet wood chair that is kinda […]

Hometalk Meetup / Milner Village junky toolbox kits!

toolbox kits for the Hometalk MIilner event

Today I’ve been busy today getting ready for the Hometalk Meetup MIlner Village Garden event. I found a multitude of junky garden photos to share, as well as social media info for the two talks I’ll be hosting. Thank-you for saving me yet again iPad… this thing is FAB for photos! But as I was packing […]

Make this pallet wood tool tote… in minutes!


It all happened by accident. I was planning to build these tool totes for the Hometalk Meetup Milner Village Garden event talk I’m doing April 9th. I found some reclaimed wood in the garage and just started tinkering around. These two pallet crate boards marked HT (for heat treated) were a fairly recent find. I […]

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs


I think when you’ve grown up on a 40 acre farm, the farmland never leaves you. While I kinda live in the middle of a countrified suburbia, if I pull all my tools outdoors and face my favourite view, I’m back on that farmland again, listening to Dad clamouring away in the barn, with the […]

How to make pipe curtain rods with sheet curtains – plus video


Hey everyone! Remember my photo studio in part 1?   Here’s the promised tutorial on how to make pipe curtain rods with sheet curtains – plus video! If you love industrial with a dash of beach, you’ll love this look. These pipe rod cheap sheet curtains are so easy to make, and help to diffuse the sunlight […]

Bedroom Redo Part 3- a pallet wood closet wall


This pallet wood project in the form of a wall has saved my bedroom! 🙂 See, I’m not crazy about hanging up clothes. Truly, I’ve had this “issue” since … forever. So when a blank wall kept staring at me while my clothes were slung all over my bed, I came up with a plan. […]

How I built the pallet wood sofa (Part 2)


Welcome to Part 2 – How I built the pallet wood sofa Part 1 – The Pallet Sofa Reveal is HERE Sheesh… I just revealed a revamp of my patio. So what’s up with the change so soon? Blame it on the mattress. 🙂 I found it at a thrift, intending to make it work […]