Learn it, buy it, make it! and an update


“Where did you find that? “Where can I buy it? “Where’s your store? As many times that I’ve created a project, I get asked at least that many times if not more where one can find the stuff I use to create with. Or if I sell it. There’s never been an easy answer because so much […]

How to make a farmhouse window with moulding

farmhouse window with moulding

How to make a farmhouse window with moulding / trim I cannot believe this vintage farmhouse window resides in my bathroom! It’s the first window moulding I’ve ever played with, so I’m pretty pumped! By the way, I do not live in a farmhouse! I live in a typical suburban home that has every builder […]

How to winterize an rv by blowing out the lines


How to winterize an rv by blowing out the lines We were backing out of the driveway, taking off into town yesterday when my son piped up, “Mom, it’s 1 degree out! It’s nearly ready to snow, right?!” SCREEEEECH!!!!! Yes, son, it’s nearly ready to snow. And good golly, I could have busted my travel […]

Part 2 – How to wire a (cat toy junk) lamp


Disclaimer: I am not a professional electrician. I was given advice by someone that has done this for many years. Please proceed at your own risk using these instructions, or consider hiring an electrician. If you have any helpful advice to share, I will add your comments to this blog post. Thank-you! Part 1 – How […]

When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust!


I admit it. I go to GREAT lengths to spend very little on DIY. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to shop for new things and appreciate good quality. And I’d love nothing more to win a shopping spree and buy all of my heart’s desires… rustic style of course. 🙂 But I will always […]

The $1.67 travel trailer door repair… and a lesson


  A travel trailer door repair was not exactly on my agenda. Not really sure when the deterioration transpired, but one evening I went to go put something in the trailer and the door wouldn’t shut. I bent down to take a closer look and it appeared the frame had broken away from the hinges. […]

Basic must-have tools for DIYers


This post contains affiliate links Basic must-have tools for DIYers Being a junker type, I actually buy very few supplies. But when we’re talking tools, it’s a whole other story! Everyone who DIYS would do well by having a few basic must-have tools for DIYers. Tools will help you be more productive with much less […]

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs


I think when you’ve grown up on a 40 acre farm, the farmland never leaves you. While I kinda live in the middle of a countrified suburbia, if I pull all my tools outdoors and face my favourite view, I’m back on that farmland again, listening to Dad clamouring away in the barn, with the […]

9 cheater indoor/outdoor cleaning tips… for busy people!

spring cleaning

Should you EVER desire to hire help to spring clean up your house, please do not call me. Trust me, your money won’t be well spent. Cleaning is necessary, but I don’t do enough of it by a LONG shot. Out of pure choice mind you. If you hand me a blog assignment vs wiping […]