A charming trip to Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

niagara falls butterfly conservatory

A charming trip to Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory This week didn’t go as planned… I’m trying a whole bunch of new foods and other things lately and a few things went south. Whoops… I am quickly finding out, changes (you read about in THIS post) don’t come overnight. Your body can’t even handle that. So […]

Strolling through charming Toronto during fall

Brick filled historic Roncesvalles, Toronto, Ontario-003

I happen to live 1 hour east of Vancouver, BC. It’s a big, beautiful vibrant city! Or so I’ve heard. Would you believe I’ve only made my way that way for bus tours as a kid, or sporadic needs such as the airport? I know. I KNOW! However, this directionally challenged country girl has just […]

Permission to thrive


When I first arrived in Maui, the two big aloe vera plants beside my outdoor lanai had seen better days. I’ve frequented this condo many times over the years and honestly, their current state shocked me.  They were both orange and dry. I honestly thought they were on their way out.  So I decided to […]

A dreamy white shiplapped lake cottage at Cultus Lake, BC


For those following me on Instagram stories, I KNOW you are waiting for this tour. And I’m finally delivering! I needed a getaway. Quickly. I scoured the internet for a condo in Maui first. Of course… When that didn’t pan out with my yesterday timeframe, I decided to snoop around somewhere a little more local. […]

Lanai Part 2 – Lanai Cat Sanctuary with 800 residents!


Crazed cat fans all over the land, this post is most definitely for you! And may have you booking a flight out this way before you realize what hit you. So proceed with caution… This past round when I visited Maui, I decided to take in Lana’i for a 3 night visit, all because of […]

Lana’i Part 1 – getting there, Hotel Lana’i and the town


I’m starting to second guess posting this during February. Goodness, these colours are surreal in contrast to all the shades of grey going on here at home right now! However, I’ve been asked some questions on my travel to the Hawaiian islands lately, and in particular, on my visit to Lana’i. So thanks to digging […]