An Unforgettable Castle Getaway At Hazelnut Inn: More Than Just A Hotel, It’s An Experience!

Escape to the magical world of Hazelnut Inn, where every stay is a unique and unforgettable castle experience! From whimsical rooms to charming surroundings, read my own stay experience to discover why this getaway is MUCH more than just another hotel…

Escape to the magical world of Hazelnut Inn, where every stay is a unique and unforgettable experience! From whimsical rooms to charming surroundings, read my own stay experience to discover why this getaway is MUCH more than just another hotel...

Sourced photo: Hazelnut Inn

A unique getaway at Hazelnut Inn.

It’s not just a hotel…


Hazelnut Inn graciously hosted this stay so I have the ability to not only offer an in-depth tour, but to also share my own experience of staying in this incredible one-of-a-kind getaway while sharing every nook and cranny with you! All opinions are my own.

A vacation getaway is great, isn’t it? They give you a breather to forget about all things home and work that just feels rejuvenating!

Plus, when you go away, you get the chance to stay at a new-to-you place to call home for the short term. 

Many getaways include driving to the airport, booking flights, renting cars, and everything else that is part of what makes getting away so special.

However I think for the majority of us, we may place more stock on where we go, vs. where we stay. 

For those that reside near the Fraser Valley in BC, Canada, you can now step away from most of those labour intensive steps in order to get an extra special stay right near home! And for those that reside far away, you may want to add this place to your list, because this getaway stay IS your vacation!

Welcome to Hazelnut Inn, located right in the heart of the village of Yarrow, a small rural district within Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

How the idea became reality


When owners Peter and Hailey Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation, (an incredibly talented company who builds themed environments hand carved from fiberglass reinforced concrete) honeymooned in Europe a few years ago, they stayed in a castle. That’s when their creative wheels started turning.

There was nothing like that in BC, or even Canada for that matter! So what if they built a unique castle-themed getaway for others to experience? They started immediately planning what could be, and 6 years of renovations later, they opened the door to the North Star, the first of 3 over-the-top suites that are being built inside Hazelnut Inn! With each suite hosting a different theme.

The Hazelnut Inn

Sourced photo: Hazelnut Inn

hazelnut inn logo

Location of Hazelnut Inn


Hazelnut Inn

A magical boutique hotel

42402 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack, BC Canada V2R 5C8

1 (604) 845-4628

Adults only

The outside of the Inn features an array of crumbling brick, repurposed structures such as the hull of a ship, surrounded with the North Star’s private courtyard housing two waterfalls. Three suites are tucked in together as one in a way that makes this location pure art!

Story of The North Star (read more HERE)

Each suite comes with its own story. The North Star suite was once the home of Captain Temperance Longbottom. Temperance once discovered a pirate lair filled with wonders from lands of myth and fairytale, then set out to return these curiosites to their promper homes. However, The North Star still holds a handful of relics from uncertain provenance. 

So now that you know the story, you will fully appreciate each and every detail that makes a stay in North Star so special!

And here’s the kicker… this getaway writeup comes from experiencing an actual stay, so I can fill you in on how the experience went, as well as showcase all the special nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t likely discover unless you actually stayed here.

So today, I’m sharing my full story experience! This is not just a hotel. It’s a one-of-a-kind getaway experience you FEEL. THIS IS the destination itself. Come see for yourself…

Easy booking through the website


Booking through Hazelnut Inn’s own website is simple. You are sent an email with all the information you require to get inside, right down to an online document which explains how to use things. Easy and instant communication was made by text when I reached out. However, I didn’t see the hosts at all during my stay. I literally had this amazing playground all to myself.

Courtyard of the North Star at Hazelnut Inn

Private entry / courtyard


The secured parking had ample room and ev charging stations. Within moments, I was entering my own private gated entrance to the courtyard of the North Star which was an adventure in itself!

This suite has its own private outdoor courtyard to enjoy, complete with flowers in full bloom, ancient artifacts, 2 waterfalls, and the coolest most unique dragon fire pit you will ever lay eyes on! No need for messy firewood here… this tidy gas fire pit throws a lot of flame and heat!

waterfall at Hazelnut Inn

The waterfall sounds called me for a peek over the ledge to watch the rushing water below, which is bordered with twisting vines and lush gardens everywhere you look.

sleeping statue at Hazelnut Inn

All kinds of features appear to be hidden while in full view. This getaway provides a fun challenge to try to spot them all, like this sleeping statue.

ancient ruins in the courtard at Hazelnut Inn

Every square inch is overflowing with gorgeous flowers and plants tucked-in around ancient artifacts.

hand carved ancient artifacts at the Hazelnut Inn

My time at this very special place was short. So I focused on taking in all the sights and sounds. This is an immersive experience, forcing you to slow down in order to drink it all in because you don’t want to miss or forget a single moment of it.

So let’s go inside!

Illuminated sky ceiling inside The Hazelnut Inn

a sky painted ceiling inside the Hazelnut Inn

The incredible sky ceiling


I wish I could hear a recording of all the first impressions from those entering the North Star, because I’m certain they will be like mine. You will push open the ‘ancient’ front door, then gasp as you raise your eyes towards the amazing illuminated hand-painted ceiling that resembles a daytime sky. It’s the softest light by day and evening!

In fact, all the lighting is very soft and romantic which further enhances the rich toned interior. You’re met with bricks, wood, tiles, antiques, metal features and collections all arranged in a masterful way. It’s a stay and art piece all-in-one!

But you won’t have to worry a bit about a heatwave nor freezing temperatures when staying at this getaway. The temperature inside was PERFECT on this particular very hot day. There was no need for a hoodie inside nor did I feel too hot. I didn’t even have a need to adjust any heat nor cooling settings during the entire stay.

I removed my shoes, then quickly took in every nook and cranny to wrap my head around where I even was. “Wow. I get to stay here? I GET TO STAY HERE!”

And I know you will feel the same way.


Biking the surrounding areas


But before I got too settled in and didn’t want to leave at ALL, I dropped off my things, then hopped on my bike which I brought along, to hit the nearby 27 km of incredible forest trails that are minutes from the Inn.

There’s enough room to lock bikes inside your own private gated courtyard entry, however innkeeper Becke also offered to lock it up elsewhere if desired. Or the Inn can get you in touch with a bike rental  that will deliver bikes right to your door.

However you can easily walk. The forest meander was the perfect addition to cool off outdoors during this very hot and sunny day, which also hosts small beaches along the river trails to enjoy as well.

Then I cruised around town showcasing all the quaint shops on Instagram stories of the local library, Pioneer Park, the ice cream store, grocery, local restaurants and gas stores, an eco-friendly mercantile and more, all a few minutes walking distance from the Inn.

The nice thing about Yarrow is that it’s a small yet self-sufficient community, so you don’t NEED to go anywhere else if you don’t want to. I vote to avoid the traffic and stay put while staying at the Inn. However for those who would like to venture off to nearby attractions and iconic landmarks, I’ll also include my favorite nearby destinations at the bottom of this post.

Then it was back to the Inn to really enjoy it completely! Once my bike rolled to the front gate, I felt giddy all over again! Playtime! I took my time walking up the stairway that winds around the front of the inn because there’s just so much to see… and hear.

Hazelnut Inn living room with door

North Star living room


The North Star is shaped like a tall cylinder, which is so unique! ! As your eyes spiral around the cozy living room, they don’t want to stop.

The North Star at Hazelnut Inn living room

A sitting area is tucked into one side of the space, 

A castle living room at The Hazelnut Inn

A flickering brick fireplace


facing a flat screen art TV that changes photos to the theme of the North Star. Below it is an illuminated flickering fireplace behind carved metal doors tucked inside artfully carved bricks.

Such an incredible old world touch, isn’t it?! You will want to lounge in this space for a very long time.

a brick fireplace and art tv inside The Hazelnut Inn

Flat screen art TV


The art tv made Bridgerton on Netflix look even better! It sounded ‘like home’, but it sure didn’t look like it!

Then I settled in to watch a couple of episodes with a few snacks I grabbed from the kitchen. Yes… snacks!

Castle kitchen at The Hazelnut Inn

A quaint kitchen


The kitchen area houses everything needed or desired. I used the ice cube trays to chill my water bottle for my bike ride, a couple of Keurig coffees went down easy, then a bag of chips did the trick for TV watching.

However any of the gas stations, grocery store or restaurants are easily walkable and can help you stock up with your favorites as well.

Kitchen essentials inside The Hazelnut Inn

concrete countertops and copper sink in The Hazelnut Inn

What stood out was the handmade concrete countertops and copper sink. Beauty and function at its best!

Hazelnut Inn at night

An evening in the private courtyard


Before I turned in for the night, there was one more thing to enjoy outdoors. I grabbed an ice-cold Bubbly from the fridge compliments of the Inn, then relaxed in front of a dragon-styled fire pit that was as cozy as can be. 

Hazelnut Inn at night

Hazelnut Inn at night

Unique dragon fire pit


But something that caught me off guard was how equally beautiful the Hazelnut Inn is at night too! With the bedroom lights illuminated and plenty of walkway lights with flickering light pillars, you can’t help but bathe in the glory of a hot summer evening surrounded in such beauty. Backed by the sounds of the waterfalls of course. I’ll NEVER EVER forget the feeling.

And it doesn’t hurt that the courtyard is positioned perfectly to take in the evening sunset. The perfect way to end the day.

Carved concrete soaker tub surround at The Hazelnut Inn

Soak in a rock lined deep soaker tub


Finally it was time to head in. The super deep soaker tub tucked into one corner was a literal invitation! Luxury relaxation at its best.

Scented bath salts from The Hazelnut Inn

I added some complimentary fragranced bath salts to the water, then after a good long soak, towelled off with super plush towels.

A castle bathroom with cracked concrete walls at The Hazelnut Inn

A cozy necessarium (bathroom)


The cozy powder room is clad in what resembles cracked concrete walls in a deep jewel tone of red and dark teal tiles artfully installed. This space positively hugs you!

A castle inn bathroom at The Hazelnut Inn

The old wooden door even had a key lock.

Illuminated collections inside a bathroom at The Hazelnut inn

Powder room amenities inside The Hazelnut Inn

The vanity area is decked out with hanging lights illuminating essentials, and of course an interesting eclectic arrangement of Longbottom’s collections to appreciate! Art is everywhere you look from the decor right down to the walls and floors.

Cracked concrete and tile in The Hazelnut Inn bathroom

That wall though…

You also have the privilege of using a rainfall shower head for your hot shower. Divine!

Captains ship bedroom inside The Hazelnut Inn Chilliwack BC

Sleep in a captain’s ship bedroom


Then just a few steps up, you’ll enter the bedroom with a king sized bed, located in the captain’s ship of course!

The comfortable bed is made up with jewel toned covers with crisp white fresh linens. This entire space is surrounded with privacy windows framed with real seashell-lined curtains, which allows the light in by day with all the privacy. Then at night, there’s soft indirect lighting featured under the bed, behind the shell lights on each post, as well as along the ceiling. It’s really something special to see.

Captains ship bedroom inside The Hazelnut Inn

There’s even a remote controlled super quiet fan right above the bed so you can mimic a comfy breeze as if all the windows were wide open.

a box of chocolates on the hotel bed at The Hazelnut Inn

First, I indulged in some delicious melt-in-your-mouth salted chocolates, then sunk into the stack of puffy down-filled pillows, which will positively lull you right to sleep.

 Sweet dreams!

Ship view of The Hazelnut Inn


And then it was morning… with the wildest wake-up ever.

“I’m waking up in a ship…” is what I heard myself whisper. My view was overlooking the entire inn from the balcony through the layers of curtains, with the perfect peek at the sky ceiling to greet me a good morning.

a cup of coffee in the courtyard of Hazelnut Inn

Coffee in the private courtyard


Then it was time to wake up with a cup of coffee in the courtyard, surrounded with the sounds of gushing waterfalls accompanied with spectacular views everywhere you looked.

Whadda way to wake up…

Hazelnut Inn artwork by Dan Sawatzky

Gifted artwork of the Inn


And while I already know I’ll never forget how this stay made me feel, I also have a visual reminder! This numbered print gift of the Hazelnut Inn drawn by artist Dan Sawatzky (original founder of Imagination Corporation) was left on the coffee table for each guest to further commemorate just how special this getaway truly is!

Thank-you, Dan! This prized possession will become a prominent reminder of my wonderful time spent at the Inn. Now to land the perfect frame…

In summary


I have never stayed at a getaway where every square inch was like a full blown art festival for the eyes. There’s no where to stop looking. The beauty and artistry that surrounds you at Hazelnut Inn is a completely different realm than the reality that hits you once you exit the gate.

Some venture off to places where the hotel itself is an afterthought, just any old bed will do. But a stay at Hazelnut Inn IS the vacation, with anything surrounding you mere perks.

I live a stone’s throw away from Hazelnut Inn, and everytime I drive or bike past, a knowing and longing smile stretches across my face. I KNOW this place now. It feels like mine. And I got to saturate in an environment that is impossible to put into words. This is something one must experience in person to fully comprehend how this place will make you feel.

Hazelnut Inn is indeed the perfect honeymoon suite, however it’s also the perfect escape for a couple’s retreat, a girl’s weekend, or a self care stay all by yourself just like I did! It is a true luxury paradise getaway.

But it doesn’t end here. With two other suites being built, one themed as a cozy underground burrow, and the other a light and bright airy castle high in the sky, just imagine where they will visually take you!

And I personally cannot wait to see them next…

Thank-you Hazelnut Inn, for your gracious hospitality. And to all of you who took the time to sink into every detail of what you get when you stay at this place.

Does a stay here intrigue you too?

Video getaway tour of Hazelnut Inn


Stories video tour of Hazelnut Inn with town



View above to watch a stories version of the Hazelnut Inn stay and surrounding sights with commentary!


Other must-see sights nearby for visitors


I grew up in Chilliwack, BC, so from an insider, here are my favorite sites I’d suggest to check out when you come visit the inn or the given area.

Vedder River Rotary Trail bike ride during spring

Vedder River Rotary Trail

27 km of flat smooth trails that fork off into quaint forest meanders as well. Food trucks can be spotted at Vedder Park and Peach Park on the North side of the river. Be sure to walk Peach Creek Trail for certain.

Cultus Lake area (lake with beaches, waterslides, shopping, adventure golf, amusement park)

10 min drive from the Inn. Entrance Bay has free parking.


District 1881 Downtown Chilliwack

A newer town area that resembles a Hallmark movie, loaded with shops and cafes.

Cheam Creek Wetlands

Stunning walk-only trails that traipse through a forest and along wetlands and a lake

Harrison Hot Springs

A quaint lake-front village with sandy beaches, hotels, walking trails and a natural hot springs public pool.

Bridal Veil Falls Chilliwack BC Canada

Bridal Falls

A 10 minute easy and gorgeous hike loaded with rolling hills and plenty of picnic tables below. Be sure to bring a lunch!

The stunning Othello Tunnels (in Hope, BC, where First Blood was filmed)

Train tunnel pathways overlooking breathtaking mountain river ravines

Take in more of my own travel directory with blog post experiences HEREhazelnut inn logoLearn more / book a stay at Hazelnut Inn HERE

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