How to subscribe to Funky Junk Interiors

The very best way to follow a blog post is to subscribe to the blog itself.

Subscribe simply means you will receive an email prompt that showcases a picture with a blog post link to alert you when something new is published.

It’s also very easy to unsubscribe any time you wish within each email.


With each subscription, you will also receive a 2nd verification email. Please respond to the LINK GIVEN in this email so your subscription completes. (do not respond with reply)

1. Daily Post Alerts

This sends a blog prompt email your way first thing in the morning once a blog post goes live the day before. A photo with link will direct you to the new blog post. They arrive on the average of 3x a week.

This is the BEST way to stay current if you are a frequent reader.

2. Weekly Newsletter

You receive an email with full colour images and highlights from a given time frame along with other info not published on the blog. Although more infrequent, this informative email comes weekly, bi-weekly, or at times monthly.

This is the BEST way to catch up on possible forgotten posts.

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This is the BEST way to stay current with new stencil designs launched. You get them here first.

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Wish to inquire about becoming a stencil retailer? 

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Note: all these methods of subscribing are also located elsewhere from a desktop computer. Visit the header, at the bottom of each post, and along the sidebar for more.