How to subscribe to Funky Junk Interiors

The very best way to follow a blog post is to subscribe to emailed blog post alerts.

We currently offer 3 ways, however are streamlining the process.

To stay most current, please subscribe to Current Blog Post Update.

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This method sends you an email prompt of each post as soon as it goes out.

  • showcases the newest post on top
  • showcases featured stencil
  • includes other news
  • NEW – now showcases ‘past week’ features as well

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This option is being phased out… please sign up to above Current Blog Post update to stay most current

This method highlights several past blog posts all in one long easy scroll

  • multiple post highlights
  • extra info not on the blog
  • great way to catch up quickly if not a daily reader

  • contains multiple project ideas
  • best way to be alerted to new design launches
  • Please sign up to Current Blog Post Update to stay most current – includes a stencil feature

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