New Upcycle Ideas 694

Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 694 – Fabric and twine acorns, bundt pan pumpkins, cardboard putz houses, plus more unique repurposed tutorials!

Visit 20+ New Upcycle Ideas 694 - Fabric and twine acorns, bundt pan pumpkins, cardboard putz houses, plus more unique repurposed tutorials!

New Upcycle Ideas 694


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Greetings to another creative weekend filled with unique repurposed ideas to make!

And I’m just about glad I don’t have anything new to share, because this week’s features are so incredible, they deserve the spotlight!

Regardless, I don’t really have a wonderful reason to not have created anything new, other than the weather was nice, and my son wanted driving practice, so every moment we could, we went out. We even went on a day trip to a gorgeous nearby town famous for gorgeous wetlands and views called Hope, in BC, Canada. You can see some spectacular Hope highlights on the blog HERE if you wish to take a small tour!

It was actually good for me, because I don’t think we’ve left the house literally all year except for appointments and grocery runs. Not the vacationer I use to be, huh? It just isn’t the season quite yet… but the desire to travel is creeping up again, so hopefully something will work out soon!

Do you miss travel posts? Maybe I should take in a few more nearby sights, then share them like I use to!

Anyway, it’s now fall, and in the DIY world we are gearing up for Christmas, so I’ve already started on some new Christmas stencil designs. The one completed is so cool, I wish I could drop everything and just make stuff with it! But we need a few more than one… so on it goes!

Now that we’re caught up, here’s those fab repurposed project features from last week’s party I’ve promised!

New Upcycle Ideas 694 features:


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bundt pan pumpkins by Creatively Beth

Whip up the sweetest bundt pan mini pumpkins


Upcycled bundt pan mini pumpkins by Creatively Beth

I’ve always been amazed to see what items can be turned into pumpkins, however bundt pan mini pumpkins are such a win thanks to their shapes! Oh goodness these are adorable, right down to those stems and leaves! Check out how to make these in this fab DIY pumpkin tutorial!

Cereal box putz houses

Craft putz houses for Christmas from cereal boxes!


Cereal box putz houses by Little Vintage Cottage

Christmas isn’t THAT far off, so to get ready, collect those cereal boxes if you’d love to make a unique collection of putz houses! This putz house tutorial shares a few different house designs so you can make a complete village! 

Dollar tree feather place cards

Create gorgeous dollar store feather place cards


Dollar store feather place cards by The How To Home

I obviously don’t visit dollar stores nearly enough because I’ve never seen this version of feathers before! These are SO cool, but what’s even neater is what unique and fabulous place cards these dollar store feathers make! Or just create a row of them for fall decorating. ADORE.

fabric and twine acorns by DIY Beautify

Make charming twine and fabric acorns for fall decor


Twine and fabric acorns by DIY Beautify

Acorns are a must for fall decorating, so I was really pleased to lay eyes on this twine and fabric acorn tutorial! These are darling with such a neat homespun touch. Teamed up with burlap leaves, a total fall decor win here! Imagine the fabric possibilities!

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