Party Junk 193 – creative DIY bird houses and feeders

Creative Birdhouses and Feeders with features by Gadget Sponge, and a themed link party that never closes. Bring yours!

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Since it’s summer, how about a very cool summer themed topic that’s for the birds?

If you’ve never heard of Gadget Sponge before, you are in for a real treat! He makes the most creative DIY bird houses and feeders I’ve ever seen!

Space Heater Double Bird Feeder by Gadget Sponge

 Space heater bird feeder

Brian Carlisle isn’t your average junker. While he collects, what he makes out of his finds are museum quality, one of a kind works of art.

Vintage Porcelain Birdhouse by Gadget Sponge

Vintage porcelain birdhouse 

Brian is into WAY more than bird houses and feeders though, but as you can see, this one topic alone is over the top with amazing, high quality creations.

Gas Can Bird House by Gadget Sponge

Vintage Galvanized Gas Can and Chevy Toy Car Parts metal birdhouse

These gorgeous junk styled birdhouses and feeders are pieced together with whatever moves Brian. My goodness… they’re too nice to leave outside!

Tackle Box Bird Feeder by Gadget Sponge

 Tacklebox bird feeder

Hey, we could make this one easily!

Old Rake Bird Feeder by Gadget Sponge

Upcycled Antique Rake bird feeder

Or how about an old rake holding up a chicken feeder? Love it. 🙂

More of Brian’s….

bird houses are HERE

bird feeders are HERE

Brian, thank-you for the inspiring eye candy for us AND the birds! If you end up buying one of his amazing creations, tell him I sent ya (and that I’m jealous!)

Note: Some of these birdhouses may be for ornamental purposes only.  Metal has the potential to heat up causing discomfort for birds. Please investigate the safest way to create your own birdhouse and place them in the shade if you can.

rusty gear blog branding with junk

How about some other super cool junky bird feeder ideas that are easy to pull off yourself? I have just the collection!

27 Fun Bird Feeder Ideas, curated from Hometalk, featured on Funky Junk Interiors

And here’s an adorable clipboard collection of Fun Bird Feeder Ideas found on Hometalk.

Have a cool bird feeder you’ve created?

Link them up in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

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32 thoughts on “Party Junk 193 – creative DIY bird houses and feeders

  1. What great birdhouses! Now I’m going to be on the lookout for cool pieces to turn into some of my own. Thanks for the inspiration. And, thanks for hosting the party!

  2. I”m soooo humbled Donna! Thanks a million for featuring my work with your friends and fans. I woke up this morning to your email subscription and BAM! — it was my creations! I’m thrilled that everyone enjoyed them. I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and well wishes for lots of creative endeavors!

  3. Oh my god !! such many creative ways of making a bird house ! So love it ! and I thought there were just a few ways to making them ! silly me !! thank you Donna for hosting this lovely party.

  4. REALLY cool birdhouse ideas, BUT how cool are the temperatures inside on a hot day??? A word to the wise ~ birds need the appropriate material for the raising of their young. Any metal is a really BAD idea!!! The last thing birdlovers want is to fry the birds!!! Do NOT keep the entrance hole open, but either don’t add this feature or plug up the one that’s already there!!! THANK YOU!

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