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Industrial decorating at it’s best is what this post is about to deliver. These features are all so original and most of them extremely simple to recreate! Bring on the metal bling!

Cake pan K cup storage by Chipping with Charm featured on

Industrial cake pan K cup storage – Chipping with Charm

You’ll be too busy enjoying your coffee to miss the cakes these pans could have held. Well… make cake too maybe.

Wheelchair wheel side table by Mamie Jane's featured on

 Wheelchair wheel side table – Mamie Jane

I never realized just how beautiful a wheelchair wheel was. Such a genius idea to allow that beauty to shine right through a glass top. This is gorgeous!

Vintage faucet handle jewelry stand, by Mamie Jane's featured on

Vintage faucet handle jewelry stand – Mamie Jane

Not only is the stand cool, so is that jewelry! Send it all to…

DIY industrial locker baskets, by breida with a b, featured on

 DIY some industrial locker baskets – breida with a b.

Don’t want to pay retail for vintage locker baskets? Pick up some ‘metal cloth’ from a hardware store and make them yourself! The 518 are metal stencil numbers… LOOOOOVE them!

Rustic recycled tin can pen organizer by Home Road

Rustic recycled tin can organizer – Home Road

They may only be tin cans, but they sing with that delicious chunk of reclaimed lumber. Cutest pencil caddy ever! See the post to visit this one in action.

mailbox towel holder by Bliss Ranch, featured on

Mailbox towel holder – Bliss Ranch

A towel hook with storage… totally works for me! That sure is some cool patina on that mailbox.

bed spring candle holder by Knick of Time, featured on mailbox towel holder by Bliss Ranch, featured on

Bed spring and reclaimed wood candle holder – Knick of Time

Who knew two simple things like reclaimed wood and bed springs could be so striking for a candle base?

sewing machine mirror, by Beyond the Picket Fence, featured on

Old sewing machine top mirror – Beyond the Picket Fence

Would you believe the paint didn’t really turn out on this piece? I want my paint to not turn out like this! Love the ayers and the whole feel on this mirror / hook combo. Edgy!

antique fry basket, by Knick of Time, featured on

Old metal fryer basket fruit storage – Knick of Time

I knew I loved the look of fry baskets, but add an old sign and food… wow. I had no idea I needed these baskets THIS badly! Fabulous use!

Amazing chaindelier, by My Own Big World on Hometalk, featured on

 Metal Chaindelier – My Own Big World via Hometalk

Chains and chandelier crystals team up for a one of a kind killer awesome industrial chandy. I’d love to see this lit up!

canning jar lid wreath on

 Canning jar lid wreath – Funky Junk Interiors

It won’t take you a whole lot to whip up this canning jar lid wreath. Just leave new lids outside and they’ll turn rusty in no time!

17 Inspiring Industrial Chic Decor Projects, from Hometalk, featured on

17 Inspiring Industrial Chic Decor Projects, curated from Hometalk

Not enough? I agree! So here’s a fabulous collection of amazing industrial decorating ideas, curated in one clipboard from Hometalk!

Got a great industrial project?

Link it up in this weekend’s third themed linkup!

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28 thoughts on “Party Junk 203 – Industrial decor

  1. Thanks for hosting such an interesting Party Junk link Donna up as well as showcasing a humungous collection of totally original and rusty, funky, useful and just plain fun creations. Love joining in.

  2. Wow! what an awesome site!! You cover it all!!!!!! Looking forward to joining some of your parties – new blogger that I am, I am still feeling my way!! Trisha

  3. Love the Industrial theme this week! Super ideas and loved your simple canning jar lid wreath! Do you know how many times I’ve seen boxes full of these rings at yard sales and never gave them much though? Grrrr! Now I’ll be watching out for em! I’m sure they can be used in other super decorative ways or as unique home decor items.

  4. You ‘da bomb, thank you for including me. Seeing my mailbox made me want to go in to the boys bathroom and admire it. Then I remembered why I hate going in to the boys bathroom and decided to just admire it here.

  5. I just wanted to tell you – I was looking at the feature of my breakfast room on your I Love That Junk blog and noticed how much better my photo looked on your blog. I then read your tips on photography – we happen to have the same camera. So I am going to fiddle around with the settings and try R A W which I never even knew existed. And I just ordered Lightroom 5. You have amazing photos and I appreciate the information you give freely to your readers. Truly helpful! THX
    Happy Weekend!
    Now – I need to go practice shooting. 🙂

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