5 – Downtime

Hello friends!  Looks as if blogging daily may not be in the cards for me at this time. I’m a little under the weather right now and just need a chance to heal up. Nothing serious. In fact I don’t even really know how to be sick. 🙂 Second thought, this does kinda fall in […]

4 – You should GO.

This is for all of those that don’t get out much and find it easier to say no, stay home and not make the effort. Read on. I seriously don’t get out much. I live in a small town with one 3 way stop, have my work and my son. We are small town, small […]

3 – Write it down!

I’m a wing it kinda girl. I’d rather beat to my own drum than plan any day! I think this must be why self employment works so well for me. I just like to go where the wind blows me at any given moment. Get it down on paper But when you’re planning for concrete […]