The estate sale with the right stuff

We’ve had a VERY busy weekend. My family as well as the help of good friends held my mom’s estate sale this past weekend. If you’re new here, you can read all the recent happenings on this topic HERE. Many hands were involved to make this event a success. But I’m happy to say, I […]

Blog friends come by for the Studio Tour!

If you’ve been following, on Sat and Sun, I sort of invited the entire town to tour my place. 🙂 My invite to everyone local to join in was HERE. Oh, it was fun! It was like visiting with like minded friends all day long.. for TWO days! Did they love the house? After I finally […]

Vintage hanger crop cloth curtains window treatment

Vintage hanger crop cloth curtains window treatment I don’t sew. Or should I say, I haven’t sewn since my sewing machine took an upside down tumble six months ago and continues to sit in that very position under a pile of junk in the basement. I liked it upside down just fine until the fabric topic […]

Creating projects, or mistakes?

Do you wonder how some DIYers seem to pull off seemingly endless effortless projects one after the other, from  material scraps or a pile of craft nothings? Me too. For I am not a builder. And I am not a crafter or sewer. I am a buy-a-piece-of-junk-and-arrange-it kinda girl first and foremost. There’s great worth to what […]