Easy-build 2×4 wood stencil storage rack

2x4 wood stencil storage

Have lots of stencils and don’t know where or how to store them? Organize your stencils with this large, easy and strong wood stencil storage rack made from 2x4s! Easy to customize to the exact size you need for all your stencil supplies. Includes tips on staining wood to look reclaimed. In my quest to […]

Collection storage on white painted shelving


Collection storage on white painted shelving This is a classic story of what happens when one thing leads to another. And lemme tell ya, there are a LOT of others thanks to just desiring to clean off a table! But it’s also a post for collectors or stagers… who require collection storage of some type! […]

DIY your best daily planner using basic office supplies!


DIY your best daily planner using basic office supplies! Can’t find the best day planner for you? Here’s how to make your own DIY best daily planner specifically customized for your needs, using basic office stationery! Remember my post about Staying Organized with a clipboard checklist? Anyone try it out? So! In that post, I also mentioned another […]

Junky office helpers and tax receipts


I crack me up. I told myself “I was taking Sunday off’. It ended up being one of my BIGGEST cleaning days. Christmas needed to still come down! And enough was enough. So tonight, I shall be rewarded with enjoying Downton Abbey in the cleanest living room in the land. More on that soon. In the midst of […]

Pots and gears junk office organizer

pots and gears office organizer

Thought I’d show you my happy little office pens and pencils junk styled office organizer. You know.¬†Because I’m procrastinating working on my tax receipts today. Just a casual grouping of clay pots and gears is all you need. Instant, charming, and…. …. ugh… how did those receipts sneak into my photo? Scoot! Sigh… so just […]