Fast and easy DIY neutral fall pumpkin patch signs

stenciled fall pumpkin patch sign

Learn how to make an easy pumpkin patch sign for fall decorating that’s easy to customize! Grab your plank of wood and try these easy fall signs using stencils! When October rolls around, your thoughts will no doubt be all about rounding up tickets to the local corn maze, catching a hay ride, and checking […]

DIY wood fruit crate for fall decorating


DIY wood fruit crate for fall decorating You already know I love collecting and and making old crates right? I love using crates for anything! Of all kinds. Whether it’s a crate with decadent antique graphics or just a plan ‘ol beat up wood box. If the crate has no markings and it isn’t a […]

Rustic homemade fruit pie sign… with choices!


Rustic homemade fruit pie sign Everyone already knows that homemade pumpkin pie is a major staple to any fall feast! So with that in mind, I created a Homemade Pumpkin Pie 25 cents a slice stencil. I thought it would be a blast to play with for fall kitchen decorating! But as you’ll soon see, […]