Replacing a pvc patio roof

replacing a pvc patio roof

Replacing a pvc patio roof   I spend a lot of time on my patio. But over time, the roof had really deteriorated. It became an eyesore full of grit I couldn’t clean, and the list of leaks grew by the year. At LONG last, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to stroke […]

How much should one spend on home renovations?


Most of the regular readers here already know of my back and forth indecision over should I move or stay put. I’ve been receiving emailed real estate updates each day, however nothing has come close to what I already have. All good! Makes me realize how well I do have things and allows me to […]

How to wood plank a ceiling… without removing the popcorn first!


Dislike popcorn ceilings too? Here’s how to add a wood plank ceiling right over top of the popcorn without removing it first, filled with farmhouse character! This super cool project is part of my most recent master bathroom makeover. Take the full salvaged farmhouse bathroom tour HERE One of the main features in the master […]