Passion buys a new computer… and a junky office revamp


I think the term is nesting when you get super busy shuffling things around for a new addition… and in this case, a junky office revamp transpired for the welcoming of a new mac computer! { all parts to how this desk was built can be found HERE } The hard drive went on my […]

Pots and gears junk office organizer

pots and gears office organizer

Thought I’d show you my happy little office pens and pencils junk styled office organizer. You know. Because I’m procrastinating working on my tax receipts today. Just a casual grouping of clay pots and gears is all you need. Instant, charming, and…. …. ugh… how did those receipts sneak into my photo? Scoot! Sigh… so just […]

A $2 chalkboard, burlap and twine bulletin board


I was called upon from my church for a very special project. They desired to have a bulletin board of some type and asked if I’d be up to giving it a go. Would I! My premise with these kinds of projects is, use what you have. So here’s what I came up doing just […]

Ikea GORM – perfect shelving kit for the non builder


I’m addicted to Ikea Gorm shelving. There, I said it. This system is price efficient, easy to put together, and can be customized 101 different ways. So if you desire to get super organized, this is my vote hands down!  The only thing left to do is book a day to take in Ikea. Tough […]

SNS 151 – junk styled offices


Welcome to Saturday Nite Special, the multi themed DIY link party!  * Home Decor / Gardening  * Crafts, / Sewing / Recipes / Printables / Blog tips * Theme of the week Every Fri 7pm  to Sunday 11 pm Pacific. Being that the kids are now back in school, I’ve been thinking of ways to […]