PJ 232 – Salvaged kitchen decorating ideas


   Welcome to Party Junk 232 – Salvaged kitchen decorating ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific This weekend, kitchens have been on my mind. I’ve done a little updating of my own, and it triggered a need to see what everyone else was up to… Wood crate cupboard  / Knick of Time […]

A new branch handled toolbox organizer by the phone


If you were around the blog yesterday, you would have seen all the junk love poured towards my crazy little sawhorse pipe lamps. Thank you so very much for the thumbs up! Totally unexpected! I’ll admit, those lamps indeed dressed the kitchen up a notch. And a few elements seemed to need updating alongside them. […]

Junky sawhorse pipe lamps with chalkboard shades


Today’s post is rather special. Or should I say, it was a special gift, which eventually morphed into junky sawhorse pipe lamps with chalkboard shades! Yes. TWO of them! Visit #1 JEN RIZZO HERE! Welcome to those of you from Jen’s house! I’m #2 so here we go! Jen Rizzo is the mastermind behind this […]

Make an instant junky toolbox charging station


 I am a collector of old rusty banged up toolboxes. Like a child may covet cuddly teddy bears, if I spot a toolbox in a pile of rubble, it shall be mine, even if I have to wear hip waders to get it. Not that I’ve ever had to… but by golly I would! So […]

The junky little red bench and crate coffee station

little red bench coffee station

I’m a firm believer that the easiest things can be the most productive. Kinda like the crate and license plate holder toilet paper storage… easy! But super productive. Thanks to my junker brother’s garage sale once again, this junky little red bench came in mighty handy for my little kitchen space! Highlighted with a small […]

Crazy old crates on a wall phone station

crates on a wall office

What’s that saying again? If you don’t have any horizontal space, go up? Well, that’s exactly what I did with this crazy old crates on a wall phone station idea. Funky, productive, and super fun! This is not a serious household.. have you noticed? 🙂 Let me show you why I did this… We don’t […]

A little R&R at a bed and breakfast


In my last post, I talked about taking my son to camp for the weekend, and rather than do all this driving for hours, I decided to look into staying at a bed and breakfast instead. I mean, to enjoy a new town by yourself, eating where you want and shopping wherever you please? What […]

Coffee pod storage with a crate and a basket

coffee pod storage old crate and fry basket

I love my coffee! So I came up with this little coffee pod storage with a crate and a basket. A fry basket that is. And as all owners of pod coffee makers well know, you need coffee pod storage. I wasn’t too happy with the standard market fare, so I set out to devise […]

Lighting up my life with a white twig chandelier


   How I made a twig chandelier – with willow branches and grapevines  Supplies: Some kind of wire, clippers, needle nose pliers, scissors, twine, spray paint (something for wood is good), twigs of choice, chandelier to work with. 1. Gather stock. Willow and grapevine branches are abundant in my backyard, so they were the lucky […]