A junk shopping day with birthday girl musings with video

Canada eggs crate, birdhouse and chicken egg basket at The Back Porch at Harrison Hot Springs, BC

My favorite kind of day in the whole wide world is an unplanned one. Can you relate? I actually had an appointment earlier on April 6th, which also just happened to be my birthday. Prepared for rain, I glanced up at the sky and the clouds parted. Shadows! Some sunshine! So without a care in […]

Let’s go junkin’ at The Back Porch! 2013 tour

The back porch

Welcome to my second home, The Back Porch, situated in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Guys, I totally forgot about this amazing photo shoot! This is Part 2 of our recent getaway to Harrison during our Easter weekend. You are in for SUCH a treat! Part 1 – Junkin’ at Rusty’s is HERE  (click for larger […]

Let’s go junkin’… at my dream ‘Back Porch’


“If we win the lottery, I’m knocking on this door with an offer. I want this place!” “Really Mom? When can we move in? Can I have my own chickens when we do?” WHEN, he says, not if. If only! This place has everything I could ever desire. The Back Porch is a family owned […]