An antique tools garage workshop you can park in! – Part 4

compact garage workshop

Learn how to turn a single car garage into a functional garage workshop that also serves as a parking space! Complete with a rustic antique tools wall gallery! When I first had the dream of parking in my single car garage, I honestly thought the only way I could manage that feat was to ditch […]

How to build 34+ Easy & Inexpensive DIY Shelves!

paint shelf

Here’s 34+ step-by-step tutorials on how to build any style of DIY shelves for any storage space from reclaimed wood! Unique, beautiful and free! I think it’s safe to say, not many of us can say, “Boy, this home has too much storage!” Not generally the case is it? In fact, I have tall skinny […]

Adjustable wood paint shelves

adjustable wood paint shelves Funky Junk Interiors

In my quest to further enhance the paint studio area downstairs, it was time to tackle building some new adjustable wood paint shelves! Where we left off: Painting a concrete floor white / Junk Shelves Storage Tutorials: Wood block shelving / Simple paint shelf Before . The paint shelving I was using was working ok. […]

Wood Organic Coffee storage cabinet with hidden bulletin board


Wood Organic Coffee storage cabinet with hidden bulletin board! For stylish storage that hides all the clutter! When I recently cleaned the kitchen, the same issue kept creeping up. Where can I store some woodworking tools upstairs without actually seeing them? Crates on a wall kitchen storage I LOVE having THESE vintage crates as open […]

DIY Wood screwdriver organizer

workshop wood screwdriver organizer

DIY Wood screwdriver organizer . What a summer this is turning out to be! I currently have hired a handyman doing some long overdue projects to the outside of the house that I didn’t feel I could do on my own. And it’s giving me new life. Literally. Al has also guided me on how […]

DIY pallet shelves, built with any reclaimed wood!


DIY pallet shelves Learn how to build DIY pallet shelves, repurposed from any reclaimed wood! A simple, free project offering loads of workshop storage! As you may already be aware, I’ve been working on revamping the workshop, adding some enhancements while working at gaining every available square inch! Recap . You can start with the full workshop series HERE […]

8 Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations to make!


Rusty junk sign themed tool and paint stations Today, I felt a need to play. I should have painted the boy’s bedroom, and I should have mowed the lawn, along with some flower bed weeding while it wasn’t pouring rain out for a change. But no. While still clamouring around in my pjs, I wandered to my newly cleaned up photo studio, […]

Create this rusty tool work station to store your tools!


Create this rusty tool work station to store your tools! On my previous post about the crazy little (big?) old gate coffee coaters, someone made a comment that stuck with me. She mentioned the fact that she lived in a condo, and didn’t have a place to work with tools nor building and such. It didn’t […]

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet


Little crates have a special place in my heart.  Or… in this case, an ammunition crate workshop cabinet! I purchased this cute little ammo box from the flea market in preparation for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. But may I admit here and now, I priced it high so I could bring it back home again? […]