Junkin’ at Rusty’s… a picture heavy shopping post


Over the Easter weekend, my son and I head out to our fav local hot spot, Harrison Hot Springs. And our first stop brought us right on Rusty’s doorstep. WHOOOHOOO! This is going to be Part 1 of 3 of our Easter weekend, because I’m a little heavy where pictures are concerned. You don’t mind, […]

Ikea GORM – perfect shelving kit for the non builder


I’m addicted to Ikea Gorm shelving. There, I said it. This system is price efficient, easy to put together, and can be customized 101 different ways. So if you desire to get super organized, this is my vote hands down!  The only thing left to do is book a day to take in Ikea. Tough […]

New tool storage! And a guest post.


   I worked on  something today amidst all the mayhem of garage sale pile making. Remember this picture? The pile is MUCH bigger than what you see here today. But there is one thing missing out of this little pile. I may have lost some friends because I know a few locals were really REALLY […]