The Vedder River Rotary Trail


bike on the Vedder River rotary trail during summer

About these trails


The Vedder River Rotary Trail is located approximately 1.5 hours east of Vancouver in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

The trails consist of miles upon miles of beautiful flat smooth forest walking trails winding along the Fraser and Vedder River, through the Blue Heron Reserve and Peach Trail.

The trails are suitable for small children and jogger strollers, with most being horse and bike friendly. Bikes are highly recommended. You’ll cover more ground!

You will wind through farmland, cow meadows, dramatic forests and along riverbanks and babbling creeks.

Many come to fish, or picnic or swim in the middle of the riverbeds when the water level is low.

The best parking is on the south end of Lickman Road.

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