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  1. omgosh!! i love your website ”funkyjunkinteriors” how creative and stylish,what a great ideas’ i will def be looking on frequently!

  2. I love your website! I’m really interested in doing projects with pallets. I love your chairs 🙂 I haven’t tried them yet but getting ready to. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hi What a wonderful website – your ideas are amazing thank you for allowing me to see them.
    Regards Eileen

  4. I love your blog. I added it as a bookmark. I love your attitude, your ideas, your spirit and spunk. You are a keeper in my bookmarks. As if i dont have enough projects going on in my world, i want to do some of yours. I love the idea of using pallets. My lover created a huge bookcase out of pallets and rather than use new wood, he chose to use the uneven, knotted,and rough wood of the pallet. He sanded and built a complete bookcase that can be taken apart for moving. Yeah! I will be visiting your site often. I need great backyard ideas. thanks for the great ideas.

  5. I love your website. My friends have always given me a hard time because I pick up things from side of the road and buy things at the thrift store and refurbish them and have decorated my whole home. From the time I married till now (26 years) we have purchased one bedroom suit and sofa & loveseat. All others were handme downs and great roadside finds. I love to take discarded items and make something new. My friend at work has finally got it-she worked all summer on found items to decorate her daughters apt. I joke with her that I have rubbed off on her. I wish that I could begin a business doing what I love-junk to treasure and furnishings. Your website has inspired me once again.

  6. Hi-
    There’s a wine bottle fountain I found on Pinterest that has funky junk interiors on the photo but I cannot find instructions on how to make it. Do you give instructions on your projects?
    Thanks for your help!

  7. Well Sweet Lady. . . this Christmas Banquet and Dance will be with you in thought. It’s going to be Rustic / Country Charm. You’ve given me a ton of inspiration and I look forward to a completed decorated hall using ideas you’ve shared. Love you! ox

  8. creative genius! bravo! fab blog. I also saw on pinterest one of your creations, a painted/stained plywood floor (large squares) that was amazing. Do you have pictures or instructions that you would share? thanks !

  9. Holy Cow! I love your website and check here often to again be blown away with super cute ideas! Definitely got my creative juices flowing after a brief hiatus! THanks a million Funky Junk Gypsy woman!

  10. I have a very old wrought iron gate and was wondering if you have any good ideas of what I can do with it. I know you can make headboards out of them but this one is only big enough to make a twin size bed one and wanted to do something very creative and different with it. I would appreciate any ideas you have.

    Thank you,


  11. I love, love, love your DIY projects! As my email address shows…I’m a junkyard girl myself. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. I am so happy I have found you! I love it all! You are my new favorite. I can’t wait to get outside and get started. I love junk, gardening, and making something out of nothing. You have so many great ideas. Thank you!! I will be looking at you from now on.

  13. We build all kinds od goodies from pallets, your web site is awesome gave me so many more idea’s. Thank you

    Debi Jones

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