Light and airy sheet curtains on pipe rods in the photo studio

new sheet curtains on pipe rods in photo studio

Light and airy sheet curtains on pipe rods in the photo studio Welcome back to the photo studio! This is a little room I have downstairs with lots of windows, perfect for capturing great photos thanks to all that natural light! You may also know I’ve been doing some improvements to this space lately, most […]

How to paint a concrete floor white

paint a concrete floor white in photo studio

How to paint a concrete floor white. Where are my small DIY projects lately you ask? Ask my house. It’s been holding me hostage needing every ounce of me for some pretty major changes that have been going on lately! One big project was organizing the junk stash HERE AND naturally turned into so much […]

Build this easy DIY wood window screen for tricky windows!

wood frame window screen

Build this easy DIY wood window screen for tricky windows! .I’ve wanted a window screen on this goofy two-handled problem window for over 10 years. TEN YEARS. The problem: . This big, massive window is in my photo studio. It’s a room filled with lots of windows and little temperature control. So as you can […]

How I set up a cheap live broadcasting studio


Today did not go as planned. By a long shot. I even preplanned my day. I was gonna bust through that list, and feel immense success! Nothing bad happened, just not a whole lot happened at all. Or did it… So, what you see here is a setup for a live broadcast session in my photo […]

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws


It’s been a LONG time since I stepped foot into a thrift store.  But, I was craving for ‘new junk blood’, so on my way back home from an appointment, I swerved into a thrift store parking lot to see if anything spoke to me. As usual, I was about to exit the doors empty handed, […]

Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters


I’ve been trying to be a good girl and keep my my cleaning at least once a week. But last week I felt so guilty cleaning nothing, I scrubbed down the bathroom instead…  That was very nice of course, but a spit polish on a mirror doesn’t hold a candle to an entire paint studio […]

An easy photography background – cheater board and batten


A blogger’s busy season is about to fire up with Christmas straight ahead. Remember 12 Days of Christmas last year? That’s happening again! So I’m mulling over 12, easy junk styled Christmas tutorials to whip up. And being that my home is generally a dark cave this time of year, it’s nice to be able to […]