Why the million little steps of a journey matter most


Over the weekend, I got the hankering to wash the front of my house. The house was a mess. I let it go all year which I don’t normally do. The algae could be seen from the road of all things! However I also knew the effort it entailed. I’d have to climb a ladder […]

An epic Christmas bike ride thanks to changing traditions

2018 Christmas winter bike ride-4982

I think for the most part, most of us make Christmas plans, then we simply follow through. Then there are those that may tweak ‘the rules’ a little here or there…  maybe either to change things up to introduce some new traditions or because changing circumstances require it. Changing up Christmas traditions can be a […]

A 5-day journaling dream challenge that works

Kim Klassen Write Now Journaling Challenge

As many of you know, I recently came back from a lovely hiatus in Maui. It was a long spell to heal up from some life changes. Once I got home, I was surprised to find myself in a state of what I referred to as Builder Grade Beige. I was neither happy nor sad. […]

Building life beyond builder-grade beige

Kamaole Beach 2 in Kihei, Hawaii

When I ventured to Maui this last round, it was out of more need than desire. My goal was to recuperate from life for a spell, then to feel out ‘what’s next.’ The length of my stay helped to pave all the steps I knew I had to go through. It’s my hope that I […]

Permission to thrive


When I first arrived in Maui, the two big aloe vera plants beside my outdoor lanai had seen better days. I’ve frequented this condo many times over the years and honestly, their current state shocked me.  They were both orange and dry. I honestly thought they were on their way out.  So I decided to […]

On the art of living a real simple life


I’ve adapted a new habit lately. With coffee in hand, I start each day in front of this big picture window, overlooking the mountain view. No lights need to be turned on. I just walk down the stairs, and allow nature to take its course. I wouldn’t regard this room as ‘cozy’. I’d describe it […]

A bike ride in the snow… and 4 brave things.


Yesterday was NEARLY thee day… but not quite. I had been patiently waiting for the remaining ice on the road to leave the premises so I could finally hop on my bike and hit the trails. However road shoulders were still inhabited by those annoying little ice glaciers. So I set off on foot instead, […]

A finished story through a photo studio reshuffle


Right before Christmas I went on a rampage to make my son a gift. Who builds 1 week before Christmas?! Apparently I do. While you were wrapping and baking and shopping, I was tripping over power tools late into the evening in this very room, building, painting, then finally staging said gift. Coming soon. After […]