How to save money buying Facebook Marketplace cars and trucks used

Facebook marketplace cars - how I found my Dodge Dakota truck!

Want to save money buying a used car or truck? Facebook Marketplace cars and trucks can save you thousands of dollars! Follow these tips to ensure your buying goes smoothly. Yesterday, I did a thing. A BIG thing. I bought a new-old truck! With a twist. This new-old truck looks exactly like my old truck. […]

12 ways to winterize your vehicle parked outside all winter

how to winterize your vehicle with a windshield cover-

Discover 12 easy ways to winterize a vehicle that sits outside year-round, protecting it from elements once the freezing winter temperatures plummet! My dream garage would be a triple car garage with one bay exclusive for parking my truck. But as it stands, my truck sits outside 24/7 thanks to a single car garage stuffed […]