The birdhouse garden has guests!

Reporting in live, from Unfinished Projectville! Not totally true. I did abit of homework…

Here is my before post. And thanks to Melissa’s Procrastination Project Party at the Inspired Room, this is my after post!

Look!!! New guests! It’s my guess they loved the natural country feel of their new digs and couldn’t wait to move in.

Welcome to my little birdhouse-bench garden. This use to be a torrid patch of weeds until I dug and dug and found the soil again. I placed the very accessible bench just so so it didn’t have to be moved when mowing the lawn, yet your feet stay clean. I’ll be adding more flowers and such as the season progresses.

I found these metal trashy treasure items to give the garden abit of interest. I think the strawberry plants are very happy! I’m debating on popping the bottom of that garbage can out and planting sunflowers inside.

Birdville is alive and happy! I’m not sure how happy that dead tree is though. It’s budding but taking it’s time. Ah well, the twiggy look is kinda cute anyway.

The rhubarb never quits on me. I love it because of that very reason. No effort with a great lush return.

Remember my stack of wood that was even delivered to my driveway?

Whaddaya think? I kinda like it. It offers that barnsy wood rustic appeal as a backdrop to this little garden area. Not buying it? Ok. This is the greenhouse I want to cover up. One year.

And I want to create something like this.

I’ll save it for the next procrastination’s party, ok Melissa? (a scheduled 2011 date would be great, thanks)

Edited to add: The outbuilding project has begun!

Part One

Part Two

Now go check out The Procrastination Party after photos to see other befores and afters! Amazing…

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19 thoughts on “The birdhouse garden has guests!

  1. How about some lemonade and a chat on that little bench so very cute! If it’s alright with you I would love to steal this idea because I have a spot in my yard that could use some detail like yours. You done a great job! Love it.

  2. Your garden is looking amazing, well done, love the new bird house and it looks like the birds do also…. Keep up the great work.

  3. I love how your little bird house area turned out. I would definitely want to sit a spell there as well. Glad to hear you already have renters. Your little greenhouse will look fab covered with the old wood. Love the cows pic.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Kimm, strawberry plants just require some kind of mulch in the soil to feed them. Then I leave them. These are mini strawberries, very tiny and incredibly sweet. I inherited them when I moved here and decided to treat them right this year by grouping and feeding them. Can’t wait to see what their yield is this year!

    I’m getting more into food providing plants. Some are very beautiful yet yeild a fresh salad at any given time throughout summer. Gardens are awesome!

  5. Love it. It is definately a destination place in your yard to go sit. Love the old tubs. You’re definately going to need alot more wood for your little building.

  6. If that was full of weeds then you did work hard. It is a sweet little spot now and I am sure the birds are just as excited as can be, like a gift from heaven.
    The cow photo is cool, do that.

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