Ladder trick – overcoming uneven ground

I was grumpy yesterday.

I made a goal of painting the trim on the back of my house. I was so revved to get that new delicious colour (it looks like dark hot fudge) over top of the old faded cranberry trim! I grabbed all my tools and set out to work. But I quickly noticed I was going to have some issues with the ladder having a safe place to stay put due to the lumpy bumpy ground underfoot. I tried here and there and here again, to no avail. ARG! So I QUIT!

I sat on my lawn chair in the backyard, on a lovely sunny day, overlooking an incredible mountain view. And I found reason to pout!

Then something clicked. As the brainstorm became unfoggy, I leaped off my chair and ran for the woodpile.

I found the perfect scrap of 2×4 and other smaller helps to lay on the ground in order to stabilize the ladder. BINGO! It worked!

And it worked in the garden too!

My trim work got done. And I have new tricks I self taught myself that I was able to share with you. Life is good once again!

So… how do you lose your fear of painting trim while on a ROOF? I’ll solve that one another day, thanks.

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  1. Well, see, maybe you just needed to sit down for a minute and your mind went to work for you. Good idea! I’ve seen my husband do something similar when he has had to use the ladder on grass outside. As to how do you lose your fear of painting trim while on a roof ~ hire someone! {I have a fear of heights}.

  2. Way to go girl! Sitting down for awhile, enjoying the day and view, opened your mind to a solution to your unsteady ladder problem. I do NOT like being on the roof at all. Do be careful painting from up there. Sit on your behind and scoot along, that’s what I do. 🙂 I do as much as I can from the ladder, and we have some tall ones, then DH does the rest. I am not comfortable off the ground.

    Be safe, be well and enjoy the week.

    Looking forward to seeing your new paint job.