Layering your vignettes 101 (vignette party Sat!)

I’m always caught offguard when my mom says, “You have a way with grouping things.” That’s when I look around and think, “Huh?”

I totally have this thing for creating layers upon layers when arranging vignettes. It always surprises me when someone says something to draw attention to them because they are simply the norm here. Lotsa layers. It just makes for rather interesting second takes when you glance at something that is ‘built up’, as opposed to just sitting there all by it’s lonesome.

Here’s a good example. Nesting things creates more texture with a chance to add more of your elements you desire. In this room, I have wood, blacks and creams. Layering allowed me to pull all three elements in.

Layering also enables you to use smaller items that wouldn’t work standing all on their own. Alot of features in my rooms are oversized, so therefore the vignettes require more substance. Layering also makes displays super easy to move out of your way! LOVE trays, plates and bases for this very reason.

I also like vignettes to be somewhat productive. While they’re fun to look at, this one also provides a place for remotes. It’s interesting, plus is functional.

Layered vignettes also have their place. This example illustrates too much in one area. I moved it for the sole purpose of better lighting for the pic, but it normally sits behind my laptop, just peeking around the corner. It’s substantial, but looks great where I normally have it as it isn’t in FULL display. If left here, there’s abit too much going on and tends to look like I didn’t put the dishes away. 🙂

This is right beside the phone in the kitchen. I’ll admit, I cleaned it up for the pic. 🙂 The large plate serves as a real function and is a quick catch all to ‘stuff’ that doesn’t find a home instantly. Keys, change, reciepts…  it looks interesting from a distance but works hard every single day. It really does have a reason to be there.

And being that it stands alone, I like the how the plate beefs it up to balance with the window behind it as well as brightening up a dark countertop. (I have a fair bit of black in the kitchen, but it isn’t the first thing your eye gravitates to, which I really like.)

Tips for simple vignette building:

Try layering and bases for more substance.

Have larger ones standing alone so they get center stage.

Create productive uses for them.

Keep them on the simpler side.

How about you? Do you tend to have little things grouped together loose like, or do you compile and nest much like this?

Maybe we should throw a vignette party… Anyone up for that idea for the Saturday Nite Special this weekend??? Now that you have some shiny new tips, you have time to experiment. Hmmm…

UPDATE: So, let’s try a vignette party this weekend, shall we??? Your wish is my command! Grab your talent and your cameras and have fun! Create new or dig for the old,  load the button (or text in a link back to the party within your post), be a follower so you have a chance to be featured the following week, and see you Sat!

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27 thoughts on “Layering your vignettes 101 (vignette party Sat!)

  1. I love this post !! And I love the way you nest and group things. I’ll have to have a look around and see if I’ve done anything like that … I haven’t done it on purpose … but maybe I should !

  2. yes, yes – totally. I lol when I read your post as that is what my mom says to ME!! ha!
    I’m totally about using trays to containerize the clutter or the display. We are very alike! like in my post for today – I have a bunch of blue mason jars ‘together’ in a metal basket with a burlap ribbon around:
    you’ll have to scroll a bit to see it — maybe a link up next weekend! 🙂

  3. I vote for the vignette party but I will have to get some vignettes so I can play at the vignette party. With the great info that you just put out though I should be able to do it! Thank you again for the help!

  4. Wow, I am a fairly new follower but simply LOVING your blog and advice. This is an excellent post. You are talented and I feel excited to learn from you. Thank you!

  5. Ohhh Kay! Tis an official Vignette Parteee this weekend! Start playing now! Grab your talent and cameras and click click click and click some more.

    Get plenty of light on top of your displays so they don’t turn out darkish. Nearby pole lamps can really help.

    Investigate Picasa (free pic editing program from the net) if you haven’t already for some nice tweaking. Oh. Do we need lessons on those things too??? Ok, one thing at a time then.

    I can feel your enthusiasm! Wowsa.

    P.S. thanks for your kudos!

    FJ Donna

  6. OMG… I could be at this forever… my house is made up of vignettes…my problem is when I move something it could be an 8 hour job… you know how it goes… steal from here and put there… oh now I have to fill in the hole that I stole that from… oops maybe that will look better there and your off… 8 hours later you are exhausted and you end up putting it all back the way you had it the first place… LOL… can’t wait for this one to start…I am sure there are going to be some real inspiration pics for this one… oh I am so excited…

  7. I think that creating vignettes is my favorite part of decorating. Hopefully I can get enough lighting going in my cave to take some pics for the party!

  8. Oh i need you to help me build my vignettes.. it’s not a strenght of mine, this post was so needed. i’ll be referring to it a lot!! and the party idea…. fabulous,

  9. Cindy.. must be what’s in that cottage water, eh? LOL

    Lulu, go for it! I’ll try and find some other vignette inspiration to help.

    Gwen, I can totally relate. Most houses have dreadful lighting for indoor picture taking. If your arrangement is small enough to transport, bring it towards your nearest window or better yet, outside. Take pics indoors and out and you’ll see what I mean.

    L, you can come. Or not. But we’ll be lookin’ fer ya! That I know!

    Proper Prim, I can TOTALLY relate. When I gut mantels and such, I forget to feed the children. And I’m so unsettled until it’s right! That’s when you know you have the disease. You’ll thank me when it’s all over. Promise! 😀

    Brenda, we all need motivators. I hope this is just the ticket for you! You ARE showing, like, only the entire WORLD here. xoxo

    Nana, come on over and just have some fun. Don’t worry too much about the ultimate. Experiment and better yourself with new things to try. Your house will thank you for it!

    Tammy and the rest, we look forward to your visit!

    FJ Donna

  10. Thanks so much for showing my burlap vase as your Todays Hot Find. I was very surprised and thrilled!!
    I’m really looking forward to the vignette party on Sat. it should be interesting to see what people have to show. I’ve let people know about it on my blog.
    Thanks again!! Lisa

  11. thanks! that was really helpful. i love what you do. right now the vinette in my kitchen consists of a box of twinkle lights layered on top of my planner layered on top of sunday’s newspaper with some bills and bottles of hand sanitizer as accents. hmmm…i think i think there’s a reason i read your post today! 😉

  12. Thank you! I need vignette help! Great tip with the layering. (Can I put a plant on top of the stack of bills? Or maybe a dirty fork on top of three dirty plates on top of the kitchen counter?! JK!)

  13. I can definately use help with this. I love your ideas and your site is an inspiration. I’ll be watching even if I don’t join (would have to clear off just to start LOL).

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