49 Happy Birthday reasons to build

Today was my 49th birthday.

The festivities actually started on Monday. My son and I took in  the Old Spaghetti Factory and enjoyed our favorites. Man, their coffee is gooood! And I let the crew sing to me because my boy thought it was mandatory. They lit up my spumoni ice-cream and the chanting began.

On the way home on Monday, we stopped in at the lumber store for my weekend project gear. Glaring at the new load in the back of the truck, my 10 yr old son had a frank discussion with me.

“Mom, don’t work on your birthday. I want you to have fun!”

(I think I let out a wimper…)

“Mom, building stuff is fun for you isn’t it?”

“Yes it is!” (probably with more enthusiasm than intended)

“Ok then. Just work on it when I’m in school and then it’s your birthday, ok?”

Honestly? I had no idea what I was doing for my bday at the time. My days are family regulated right now so that comes first. My dear sister had things well under control today, so as I hung up my truck keys, I head for the garage.

I had precisely 4.5 hours to figure out how to use an air tool I’d never run before, plus build AND paint my So You Think project with only a visual in my head.

“Tools… the new grown up goodie bag for special occasions!”

Tick tick tick tick…

Step one: PANIC.

Say what?!? Tic tic tic… Who has time to read!

So I called DAN 911 instead. He showed me in 2 seconds how to use the nail gun. Those manual people have it ALL WRONG. You need this guy! And then I got to work. Thanks Dan! 🙂

And then the food started to arrive. My neighbor Janette sent over some homemade cranberry peach muffins and a bouquet of flowers!  Weeeeee!

Dan the man came back with a piece of center cut prized blueberry platz from the local deli. Pure gold those center cuts are!

And then Corinne brought over homemade chocolate cupcakes. Dear Corinne, you made it ok to not slave for hours in the kitchen baking a cake today. For I had building to do! So thank-you!

I didn’t quite meet my curfew though. The build was complete within schedule, however who ever stops at bare wood?!? No, I worked overtime.

I made up for it with a favorite pizza ordered from down the street. And you might say I was a tad occupied mind wise as this is how that drive went.

“Mom, you passed it.”

“Huh??? Oh, silly me! I’ll just turn around at the church. La la laaaa.”

“Mom, you passed it AGAIN!”

“What?!? Oh. Heh.”

The reason? For the next few days, things will really be hopping for me in my personal life. And I’m not entirely sure my project will come to complete fruitation in time. But I will continue to try.

Know what I got for my birthday?

homemade food

a load of wood

a day to play

I learned how to use a nail gun

visits from neighbors and friends

a phone call from a dear friend

smiling that this 49 yr old is still learning new building tricks daily

I had a GREAT day. 🙂

In case I’m not back here before then, SNS will run as regularly scheduled. See you Friday night! The SNS apron winner will be announced then too!

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  1. I think you spent your birthday perfectly by doing what you love to do…build and create!
    What a wonderful day. 🙂
    Happy 49th!

    judi 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Donna-
    I’m sure your project will turn out Funky-

    Sounds like your day was full of blessings. Your son also sounds like a pretty level headed kid.
    Hang in there with the rest of the weeks happenings. Praying for Peace that surpasses understanding for you and your family this week.


  3. What a fun birthday! That cranberry-peach muffin is making me hungry for a midnight snack!
    Thanks for sharing you blog. It always puts a smile on my face and gives me fun ideas.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I’ll go and eat a piece of cake as a celebration of your life and good health!
    I am so happy that in these difficult days you managed to have a really good day that you could enjoy. I am sure your mother was celebrating giving birth to you too, she did I mighty fine job with you!


    Oh I love my nail gun. Don’t know what i did without it! Cannot wait to see your project, whenever it gets done.

    Blessings. Our Prayers are with you.

    barbara jean

  6. Happy happy birthday!! 49th and still building…yeah!!! That is the way to celebrate! I have yet to use air tools…that is next on my list.
    Your son cracks me up. He sounds like a parent. LOL!!!
    Can’t wait to see your project!!!
    PS That food looked so good!!! Yum!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Donna!!! Today….(now yesterday) was my brother’s birthday too. I think you had a more fortunate birth year…he was born 4.6.66. Ouch! Couldn’t he have waited a few more hours?

    I’m glad you had a great day! Your friends were awesome for giving you all of those yummy treats!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. Happy Birthday! Isn’t it wonderful when you get to celebrate a special day the way you want to, not how your are “meant” to celebrate. I love that your son gets that already. Can’t wait to see what you built. We all know it will be something unique.

  9. What a great birthday Donna ~ there is nothing like wood and cupcakes to make a girl smile!! April babies are the best ones too (wink, wink).

  10. There must be some mistake. You cannot possibly be 49 years old! Dang, girl, you look good!

    I’m glad your family and friends took care of you and you got to do the things you love.

    Happy Birthday week!

  11. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, dear Donna!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Perfect birthday doings–enjoying things you love to do and sharing the celebration with people you love! Way to go Donna 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday!! What a great day that was. Sounds like perfection to me.

    You obviously have a lot of good friends. My friend once made a double hot fudge cake for me for my birthday, and it was the absoulute best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Thank God for good friends, eh?

    Those cranberry peach muffins look incredible. Any chance that friend will share the recipe? Seriously.

    I had no idea the The Old Spaghetti Factory was in Canada. Don’t you just love it? When we lived here before, we’d go into downtown and stand in line for hours waiting to get in. And I do remember their coffee. You’re right, it is great.

    I’m glad you’ve had a good birthday……..but you’ve made me hungry so now I have to go in the kitchen and see what I can cook up that compares to anything you’ve posted.

    Have a good rest of the day.

  13. Happy, happy birthday!!!! I giggled when I saw your post titled because I have a post on Monday entitled “13.6 reasons why I ran a half marathon this weekend”…..just know I didnt steal the title from you! haha! Enjoy your year!!!

  14. OK 49? HUH? Hold on, while I process that…………………………………

    I’m back now! SO, so, so, glad your day was filled and overflowing with love and projects!!!

    Your post was wonderful to read because it felt like we were all with ya! And in spirit, from all the comments, it appears we are!!!

  15. Sounds like a great birthday. But I still think you’re a year ahead of yourself. Either that, or I’m a year behind. Aren’t we 48 this year?

  16. Hahaha… Toni… born in 1962. Help! How old am I?!?!?

    I did the same thing 2 years ago, thinking I was a different age. What the hey!

    Maybe I got a year younger for my bday too.

    Thanks all for your added bday wishes!

    FJ Donna

  17. Just found your blog and LOVE it! I wanted to say Happy Birthday and tell you to stretch it out to “Birthday Week” if you can. I’m sure you can find a few more ways to continue the celebration 🙂 I just celebrated “Birthday Week” two weeks ago and it was so much fun. I hope you had a great day.
    BTW, that staircase you did is just amazingly jaw dropping!!!
    Wow! I wish I had a staircase in need of redoing, that would be the ticket!!!! thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

  18. Happy Birthday! Love the way you can’t turn the project idea off, your mind just keeps working! So happy to have found your blog.
    Love the ideas and your style. I haven’t found anyone else that is like it but I keep looking for someone that is your style with some Western mixed in. That would be me 🙂


  20. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!” Glad you had a great day – it sure sounded like a blast! Best wishes to you in the upcoming year ahead!

  21. Happy Birthday, albeit a day late! Sounds like you spent your day in an absolutely perfect way!

    All the best to you . . .

    (Oh, and I’m an April baby too – April Fool’s Day to be exact ;o)


  22. You aren’t likely to forget this one, are you? It was filled with all of your favorite things! Those nail guns can be scary, so please make sure you are aiming–you know, don’t get distracted and turn around and still shoot. KWIM? Not talking from experience or anything. hehehehe

  23. Looks like it’s been said every way possible.

    So, ever so simply, Happy Birthday!

    I only hope I look as hot as you do at 49!!! (wait, can girlfriends call each other hot? LOL) Well, let’s just say, I was shocked!!! to see a 49 on your title! I would NEVER have guessed it.

    Happy 49th Birthday!

  24. wow, I would never have guessed….you don’t look a day over 39! Love your blog and have you on my favorites list, always look forward to your projects!

  25. Birthday Greetings Donna –
    Your son is so cute. How precious that he wanted you to take the day off. Out of the mouths of babes… he is a smart kid. Your day sounded wonderful – what a better way to spend it doing the things you love and getting lots of scrupmtious treats. Happy 49

  26. I’m still laughing at the fact you forgot how old you are! Most of us want to take a year or two OFF, not add it on.
    Happy Birthday Donna, so glad you got to spend it in the most pleasureable way for yourself.
    And the gift of learning a new tool skill? Priceless! That Dan is a treasure!
    Take care,

  27. Happy Birthday Dear! You look amazing no matter what the number is {though I would have never guessed}! See, I guess crafting and creativity keeps you young…I can only hope the same for myself. Hope you had a fabulous day {your son is too precious} Enjoy your birthday week! Can’t wait to see what you have instore for Sunday!