2000 Followers Event – Draw #2 for a custom grain sack!

Welcome to the 2000 Followers Event Draw #2!

Thanks for helping me celebrate what I consider a major landmark. That there are at least 2000 of you that think this little blog is worthy of a visit THRILLS me! Watch the blogroll over the next few days. You’ll see lots of festive happenings around here.

Games! Food! Presents! We have it all! 

Feel free to grab the picture above and help spread the word to thank our wonderful giveaway sponsors!

So let’s start this party already!!

~ Games ~

Hot burlap tip

You may remember this post awhile back. All those lovely burlap things on this chair are burlap sand bags. They sell at the local hardware store for $1.50 each. So I stocked up not knowing what to do with them.

Quite honestly, the obvious choice was pillow cases. I mean, they’re already sewn! All you have to do is throw your pillow inside and you’re done! They’d look really cute with some stenciling too, wouldn’t they?

I use them all over the place!

I’m addicted! Is there such thing as Sand Bags Anonymous?

But just a cautionary note…

Don’t wash and dry them in the machine. It looks like it’s got a perm! NOW WHAT?!?

Oh! Perhaps a dog saddle blanket! That’s always handy to have.

Or how about a George Washington style cat wig?

No no no… this is best. Dear Dog, wipe yer OWN feet! In style. 🙂

Indeed go out and buy sand bags and create major pillow mayhem to your heart’s content! But do not wash them like I did. Ok, maybe even NEVER.

For some additional craziness… caption this!


~ Food ~

Another SNS #28 entry, this is from Santa’s Workshop And Ideas, and these guys are called… ready?!?

Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes with Peanut Butter Frosting. Doh!!!!!!! Where’s the fresh coffee?!? Maybe we should do away with the food category. This is painful. Are we full yet?!?

~ Presents ~

Antique grain sacks! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE them?

You’ve seen them all over and wanted them. Antique grain sacks are gorgeous but generally the prices are not. Well, I have a treat for you today. 🙂

These lovely images are…


replicated by hand, by Mustard Seed Creations!

All of the above images are courtesy of Mustard Seed Creations

Miss Mustard Seed is offering you a custom designed replicated antique grain sack in the design of your choice! She uses a fabric called Osnaburg. It’s a nubby, natural fabric with a loose weave and is an inexpensive substitution for linen or hemp.

Acrylic paint is used, making the item washable and the size of the panel is also customizable so you can use it to make a pillow, mount in a frame, or even upholster a chair!

The value of this offering ranges from $15-$30. So even if you don’t win, if this is something you desire to have, I can safely say it can affordably happen! Please contact Mustard Seed Creations to inquire about your own replica!

And do check out this blog. It proudly displays her decorative furniture painting passion, awesome photography, amazing staging skills, plus an Etsy shop  with hand painted items and antiques!  It is a complete pleasure to get lost in the pages of Miss Mustard Seed’s Creative Blog. 🙂

Thank-you Miss Mustard Seed, for your amazing giveaway!

~ How to enter the draw ~

1. Comment on anything about grain sacks or burlap.

What would you do with your custom grain sack?  What’s your favorite burlap item you have? Can you tell me how to wash the stuff?!? Wanna get kooky and caption the dog pic? It’s up to you! 🙂

Want more chances?

Follower or subscriber of Funky Junk? Enter again!

Follower or subscriber of today’s sponsor? Enter again!

Twitter, Facebook or blog about the draw? Enter for each one!

That makes up to 6 chances to win!

Draw will be held by random.org at the end of all the draws held.

Your email must be in either your profile or comment area in order to win.

Happy burlap/grain sack day! 🙂

Be sure to check the side bar to enter all the draws!

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232 thoughts on “2000 Followers Event – Draw #2 for a custom grain sack!

  1. Congrats on 2000+, that is awesome! I have a frame that is all readt for a custom burlap grain sack. But I dread doing it myself. Boy would I love to win this giveaway!!
    I’ve been purchasing burlap potato sacks with neat graphics on them to use when decorating my son’s rooms.

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I would love a pillow for the bed in our master. Or maybe for the living room so everyone could see it and ooh and ahh over it. I don’t know!!!!! But I know I want one. 🙂

  3. I have no burlap…I would love some burlap! I have no grain/coffee or other sacks and I’d like some of those too…please.
    Caption: does my bum look big in this old sack??

  4. I scored some old grain sacks for $2 each recently. Some of them have bright pink and purple print on them….may have to be resourceful here…not my colors.

  5. I used burlap to wrap around the base of my outdoor tree last Christmas. I haven’t used it inside the house yet though because it seems like it would be pretty scratchy. Do you find that to be true using it for pillows?

  6. Donna , love your WIT & tips and adore anything by Miss Mustard Seed so that made up for the super delish mini bundts you teased me with while I attempt an overdue diet. Have just made a bedskirt out of burlap for my son’t vintage cowboy bedroom. I’m too lazy to try washing it so thanks too for the excuse. Will vacuum it (or just repurpose it) when it’s lookin too shabby. Now all I need to do is actually post about my project(s)… sigh

  7. we are getting a new couch this week (new for us-old for the inlaws) and i would make some pillows. maybe that say something about how amazing i am.
    that or ‘turn the xbox off!’

  8. O this is beautiful. i love sacks! i feel better saying it out loud…. Miss Mustard seed is wonderful and sooo talented. I’m jealous. I follow you and her and I help others follow you too! Amazing! I will try to repost on facebook ummm try is the word.O and as far as the precious pup… Am I the only one that can hear him saying “really?” Have a great day everyone <3

  9. i made burlap stockings for the whole extended family for christmas this year. nothing like 20 burlap stockings to make your sewing machine grumble! 🙂

  10. I have a friend that works at a coffee shop and he gave me some coffee sacks. I need to know how to wash them too so pass along that info when you get it! I’ve also made runners for Thanksgiving with burlap. We had super long table and we ate outside. It was gorgeous.

  11. I’m guilty. I do wash my burlap. I wash it before I make pillows and runners. It does shrink and the edges fray badly. I cut the frays off and then IRON it. It is so much softer. I have a runner on my dining room table, the sides are stitched up, but the ends are still frayed. I also make seasonal pillows. 10×10. (I don’t wash these) I find vintage postcards and iron/transfer them onto the pillows and toss them everywhere during the holidays. They are little Chiclets of yummy.

    I follow you both!

    I want to win soooooo bad! (((smiles)))

  12. Love all the grainsack loot. Surprisingly, I don’t seem to have any. Hmmm, wonder why.

    Here’s my caption: Hey, I’m digging my new pug-skin saddle.


    Hey, anybody seen the pug today?

    I mean, I saw it and thought you accidentally ironed the neighbor’s bull dog! Looks like a pug face to me. lol.

    BTW, I wash my burlap all the time, and dry it, but I’ve noticed that the cheaper priced burlap doesn’t bode well. The better quality burlap always ends up softer and I just love it. The Walmart type stuff gets harder and pills everywhere. I wonder if you can dye the burlap -that’s my next experiment. I think I’ll head to the feed store and see if I can find some of those bags. Thanks for the tip on those!

    I’ll have to send you a pic of some large toy sacks one of my workers made at Christmas out of burlap. I bet she wishes she would’ve known about those sacks.

  13. You won’t believe it, but I have only one thing {okay two} that is burlap in my house at the moment. My living room side tables have burlap table covers from Ballards. I want to bring burlap in and I do love the accessories with it ~ pillows, memo boards. I have a Husky, too, so maybe one of those “wipe your own paws” pieces!

  14. I have one piece of burlap decor (would LOVE more). I use a scrap piece to cover our printer. If I won I would try to cover a spare chair (the seat) that we have or make it into a pillow.
    Thanks for the chance!

  15. Just made a ruffled window valance out of burlap but it was too stiff so I just soaked it in the sink and then threw it in the dryer! Perfect! Now I need matching pillows! Count me in the drawing please!

  16. Just a scrap of burlap in my entire life right now. That’s it.

    I always thought it was rough and smelled funky so I never fell for it. (you know me and the clean thing)

    Caption: (btw, love the dog so much!)
    “She does this stuff to me. I just try to keep my dignity and ignore her.”

    Caption: (miss kitty)
    “mew, all the girls by the pond are gonna be jealous for sure!”

    I follow, I tweet, I FB, I comment, I subscribe, I roll. (do I have a life?)

    Thanks for doing THIS!!!!!!!

    oh and Miss Mustard Seed could paint on a cardboard box and I’d be happy about it!!

  17. Wow! You and Miss Mustard Seed..I love you both! I appreciate you warning us about washing and drying the burlap..call me crazy , but I kind of like that puckered look! Did washing it take some of the scratchy-ness out of it??? That is the question I am pondering right now! I would love love love one of the handpainted pillows, in fact that is the thing I would do with burlap of my own..even your puckered stuff..it adds some funky texture and you the queen of funky after all!

  18. Lovely! I need to get out to the hardware store and look for some burlap sacks. I agree, they’d look great with some stenciling!

  19. Seriously? This is freakin’ awesome!!!! Okay, where to start: I’m on the hunt for a burlap pillow for my new Living Room redo. What’ a girl gotta do to get to the top of this list? I’m not above begging. Ha! I love Marian and all of her creations are wonderful. I’m already a follower!

  20. You are too funny! I have duly noted to NOT wash & dry grain sacks! If I won, I would like it with something beachy or a rooster and then make a pillow out of it. As for your husky I agree with dleahy23’s comment “Really?” and #8’s comments cracked me up.

    ~ Tracy

  21. I love anything MMS makes! I would frame mine to go above my entryway table. I have 2 favorite burlap projects: The monogram that hangs above my bed and the huge frame with burlap and vintage keys…. Love me some burlap!

  22. That cat wig is so funny! People dress their animals in the strangest things…why not a GW style wig?

    You know what? Don’t hate me, but I amnot on the burlap bandwagon. I want fabric that feels nice and that I can wash. I think it’s great for a cork board, lamp shade, or something like that, but I am not into using it for upholstery, pillows, curtains, and other such things that you see all over the blogs.

    I love how your tied off pillows look, though, and the price is certainly right. 🙂

  23. I recently purchased two burlap grain sacks at my local farm supply store…$2.00 each. I didn’t know, at the time, what I would end up doing with them….just LOVE them, and knew I had to have them…thinking maybe some no-sew pillows!! Love it!

  24. i do FINALLY own some burlap…thanks to you and a few other bloggers that totally inspire me.
    i scored on freecycle with 10, yes 10, FREE huge coffee sacks. woohoo!

    love the pics with the burlap gone bad. the dog looks like he/she should be in the next Christmas play, maybe one of the donkeys or camels OR as fill-in for a Columbian coffee bean ad gone wrong.

  25. I tend to think like #104. It took me forever to jump on the burlap bandwagon for the ‘itchy non washable’ reason. The ONLY reason I have pillows made outa this stuff is because.. well, they cost me $1.50 and I didn’t have to sew. 🙂

    Does it get softer after being washed? (someone asked)

    Abit but not a massive difference. The sandbags are pretty rough in quality. 🙂

    The only other thing I’ve used it for is a bulletin board cover or temporary table runner thing. I love them in throw pillows as they’re for looks anyway. And I’d LOVE me 3 authentic coffee sack wall hangings done up in rustic frames! Oooo la la!

    Love the look, but it isn’t a fabric I love to touch. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  26. I love MMS’s creations. She is so talented. The only burlap in our entire home is my two rolls of burlap ribbon that I use on our Cowboy neutral Christmas tree. I love the stuff but sadly that is all I have. If I won the giveaway I would use it in our family room, most likely framed and in a place of honour above our fireplace.

  27. How I would love to frame one of these grain sacks. I am hyperventilating every time I see one of these on blogs…love it! I have one pillow I made from burlap and “attempted” to stencil. Can’t say it is my finest project to date. I know anything MMS paints will be gorgeous!

  28. We made burlap table runners (28) for my daughters rustic glam wedding last summer. We are now making bunches of smaller table runners and pillows out of some of the big runners. I love the little pop of whimsy that it adds to a room.

    I love the grain sack pillows!


  29. P.S. I’m one of your followers — and I think I’ve been reading along since the very beginning, or close to it! Congrats on all the good fortune and great blogging. : )

  30. I love grain sacks and burlap! I’m trying to find some here and they are no where to be found. So you see, I must win this giveaway! 🙂

    Already a follower on both sites!

  31. I’ve been admiring Miss Mustard Seed’s creations for awhile now. I would for sure make mine into a pillow as I am in need of new throw pillows for my couch. they are gorgeous!

  32. I wanted some burlap to cover an ugly white rain barrell in the front of my house – but our family have committed ourselves to not buying anything new this year. I thought maybe I could find some second hand, but have never seen any at a garage sale in all my years…. except 2 weeks ago!! a huge box of it for $2!!! I have so many plans… one of which is curtains for the kitchen 🙂

  33. I recently went to etsy and bought a gunny sack pillow. I love the looks of the pillow on my sofa. If I was able to get ahold of more gunny sacks I think I would make another pillow. By the way…how can you wash the gunny sacks? Will the pictures wash off?
    [email protected]

    I Love following your blog and Facebook! I knew somewhere there was something about burlap sacks. I bought 35 for…sit down now…$2.00 at a yard sale. They were collected together with rope…why, I have no idea. I took them to the guy to ask the price and someone overheard and beat me back to the rest…she was going to use them for sack races…sigh! I have stenciled on a few…I just soaked mine in the tub and stretch them on everything I could fine to dry. I am so excited about your post!! I’m going to make some into pillows. Mine look about the same size as the ones you have…they are stunning aren’t they?

  35. First of all, congrats on the milestone! That’s a major accomplishment! I currently upholster almost anything I can get my hands on in burlap….I’m addicted right now. Have even created several window treatments in it! I posted yesterday about a grainsack that a friend made in to a purse…it’s beautiful!

    I’ve been following both you and Miss Mustard Seed for a while! Both of y’all rock! Congrats again, I look forward to many more posts from you!

  36. Sooooo, burlap? I just bought 2 PB burlap pillow covers for my couch, $2 each. My next step tonight was to go and wash all of my finds along with the covers!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for letting me know what would happen if I were to wash them! Seeing as I have no dog or cat, I would have wasted $4!

  37. I recovered the seats of some kitchen chairs with burlap and recently rescued a little vintage table and covered the top with burlap and twine. Love the stuff.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway. I would love my own grainsack with our family number and initial.

  38. I love what you do with those sacks! We used to buy them from Buckerfields (in Abbotsford) and use them as tug a war toys for our doberman – they did a great job of flossing her teeth.

  39. Yay, I have been trying to find the name of a good alternative fabric… thanks!
    And congratulations to you for your 2000 followers, make it 2001 ok? (me)
    🙂 Flick

  40. I would love one – I would probably make it into a tote bag for my daughter. She’s addicted to them and has one for every occasion – library, grocery, going to the park, etc.

  41. I love burlap, and have bought yards of it at garage sales.
    (at one place got 2 yards, for a quarter!!)

    Have I done anything with it yet? NO!
    Well, a table cover. Does that count?

    What i would like to have is a purse out of it. lined in linen fabric, with a foo foo flower of ribbon, lace and linen on top.
    How is that for specific?

    Well, would love anything burlap, so please enter my name.


    barbara jean

  42. I’m a follower!!! Yay! I finally started a blog! It’s a total hot mess right now though!

    Well I went to a flea market today and a guy had burlap grain sacks for sale and I told him that those was popular now and he old me that his mom made his underwear out of burlap! I actually believed him too! lol! He was just kidding! Boy! You meet some nice ones at the flea!=)


  43. Oh I would just die to have one of these! I bought some burlap a while back thinking I could somehow hot glue/fabric paint my way into pottery barn perfection, but to no avail. It would be fabulous to win one of these!!

  44. I L-O-V-E grain sacks!!!
    I have checked out Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and love it!..I think I would put mine in a big frame and hang it in my master bedroom!!!

  45. I love the burlap look, all rough and nubby. Don’t have any though. I have just moved into a new home I’m hoping to add some burlap accents. Would love a piece from Miss MS. I did score two grain sacks at a yard sale, they are quite stained, though, trying to figure the best use of them.

  46. As part of my interior design degree I had to take a semester long fiber class. Can I get a yawn? You cannot wash jute. It is a plant fiber that goes beserk when wet. You already know this. My fingers are crossed for the giveaway.

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