Improving your blog – how do you juggle blog time?

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Today’s topic:

~ How do you juggle blog time? ~

Admit it! You feel downright giddy when you get this screen on your monitor.

 I mean, the sky’s the limit. Will you change the world today showing a new creation? Will a wonderful new conversation strike up within comments you totally didn’t plan? It’s all so fun and exciting to hang with like minded individuals that ‘get you’.

But if you’re like me, you find it tricky to strike a balance with work, the homestead, family and blogging. And with summer is on it’s way, now what? Do they make those baby carrying snugglies for laptops?! Screens that view ok in daylight?!? Waterproof laptops for the pool maybe… hmmm…

I ‘think’ I know the right thing to do when it comes to scheduling blogging time, but I admit, I break my own rules ALL. THE. TIME.

Honestly, it got a little crazy for awhile. I had a laptop for my son right beside mine and we’d do our thang side by side. And then suddenly my son got ‘too busy’ to do homework, chores, go outside and hang with friends… know what I had to do? Remove his laptop. AND vow to only go on mine once he’s in bed.

And do I follow through all the time? Nooooo. But I’m slowly improving. 🙂 Sorda. Hey, I’m writing about it so that’s the first step, yes?!? 

~ 4 questions for blogaholics ~

~ 1. Is your blog office location an issue? ~

Is your blogging area super accessible, tempting you every step of the way? Like mine?!?

My laptop sits in my kitchen and subliminally calls me over CONSTANTLY. Perhaps it’s too accessible, however, I’m not good in closed in spaces. I LOVE blogging here, it’s central, I can see out every single window and it’s around all my… eclectic-icity. 🙂

Is it part of my problem? YES. But I’m not willing to move the laptop, so I have to solve the issue another way.  Don’t be stubborn like me. If your location is tempting you far too much, you can always try moving your blogging area to where you don’t readily see it.

~ 2. Do you host scheduled events? ~

This is a BIG one. I find the more scheduled events I promise, the more I have to deliver. At one point I was in a weekly decorating contest, my weekly SNS linkup party, and the weekly Workshop Series on Wednesdays. And then when life got in the way, things came crashing down pretty quick. I had to let go of something.

Tips on scheduled posts:

1. Plan no more than one scheduled event at a time. Try that and make sure you can deliver, then add more if you feel you can keep up. Better yet, biweekly or once a month helps too. But do I do that?!? Ohhhh nooooo. But you’re smarter than me, so pace yourself out according to what you can deliver comfortably.

2. Start your scheduled post WELL in advance. That way you can do a photo shoot one day, edit the photos on another, and then finally, write your post. This maneuver has saved me many times over. Do it all in one day and you’ll never get off that computer and get some sleep. Ask me how I know.

3. Do the bulk building on the weekend. Even if my post was being worked on a week ahead, I always knew I had more time on the weekend than a weekday, so I did/do alot of hacking on weekends. My friends, there is a REASON I have SNS on Sat and Sun. 🙂

~ 3. How do you plan your posts? ~

Something I LOVE to do (but generally gets me into trouble time wise) is, when inspiration hits, write my new post at that very moment. While the idea is hot, so is your enthusiasm, so writing becomes effortless. However, this isn’t so good when the kiddo is late for school…

Two things that help me plan posts are:

1. Start a post when inspiration hits, but purposely don’t finish it. Leave it in draft mode to come back to later. I prefer this method over #2, but you do have to be tough on yourself and know when to stop.

2. Write the idea down in a notebook with a star beside it. Have that page especially for new post ideas you can refer back to when you run low on post inventory. Have a notebook in your vehicle, beside your bed, wherever you hang out. Some of my best ideas come to me while driving or doing housework, so be on guard with that pen and paper.

~ 4. Do you plan to blog, or are you spontaneous? ~

Do you set aside blogging time, for example when the kids are in bed, or do you gravitate towards your computer when you know the timing isn’t perfect?

Today I was blogging after dinner and the dishes weren’t done, the laundry wasn’t folded, and the lawn was too long. My son BEGGED me to get off this thing, so know what I did? I flicked it off and we went for a bike ride instead. Yes we did! We left all the work behind and just left.

The way I see it is, if I can be spontaneous with blogging, I can also be spontaneous with play. Or anything else that goes on. It’s all about the right choice at the right time. Or, be better equipped than me and come up with a plan and stick to it. Then teach me. 🙂

I’m so far from having solved this issue that I really have no right in attempting to guide you! So, I’m also open to suggestions. Let’s help each other. Because it’s just really hard to always stick to the ‘right’ thing to do when passion takes over, isn’t it?

How do you juggle blog time?

What are your ongoing problem areas? What changes do you plan to make? What’s worked for you? Is anyone gonna create laptop snugglies or waterproof laptops?!?

Let’s chat. I need a new game plan and some fresh new answers.

Riiight… let’s BLOG about our BLOGGING HABIT. 🙂

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  1. I so needed this right now. I’m feeling sooooo guilty because I wouldn’t read my DD a book today – I was too busy on m blog. Now I feel like the worst mother. And then I stumble upon your post. Thank you! You have really helped me think of my priorities. I love my kids and I vow to stay off the computer tomorrow afternoon until they are in bed. They need some momma time!!

  2. Hey Donna. What a timely post for me. You so captured the essence of blogging! I’m still new to all of this and am tryng to ‘beautify’ my blog all on my own. It takes SOOO much time to work all the stuff out (I mean HTML and all that). I know there are people out there that could do what takes me hours in only minutes though it’s a sacrifice I need to make to ‘learn’ I ‘spose. I did still take my puppy for a nice run tonight though and tidy up the house. It’s only 7pm here so the night is still young – plus I don’t have any kiddos yet so I’ve got an advantage though I do have two jobs.

  3. Great post! My computer is in a separate room…my office. So I have to make a special trip to get on it. I only get on the computer three times a day. Early in the morning when I read and write blogs; afternoon to check emails and answer them; and after dinner to just browse a bit. It can take over your day so I try to not let that happen.
    Hugs and good luck

  4. I’m still quite new to blogging and finding a balance is difficult. It’s really easy to lose a couple of hours getting caught up reading all the latest posts, so I try to check morning, afternoon and evening. But of course I often fail dismally, so you’re not alone! I really enjoyed this post, and it’s got me thinking about ways to better organise my time.
    K xx

  5. This hit home hard. For a while I was posting like crazy wanting to get followers to read what I thought was worth reading. Then getting discouraged when nobody did. For real…is this insane or what? I spent hours visiting blogs that didn’t even know I existed but I wanted them to visit. After many attempts I gave up. My blogging has slacked off a great deal. I love to read blogs could spend hours doing it, very addictive. When I post now I post for me, what I want to write about not worrying about if others will read it even though I would love that. I am calmer now and hopefully will enjoy my blog more. I like Friday and Saturday mornings to blog. Thanks for the post, I really needed it!

  6. Great advice, Donna!

    I think the thing that has helped me most is starting a business. Blogging is a small sliver of that business, but not the main thing and, frankly, the main thing is keeping me so busy that I hardly have time for blogging. But it took a while for me to realize that blogging isn’t my calling, only a small portion of it.

    I also blog at my main computer, which isn’t portable and sits in my office where I go in and shut the door. That door is a keen reminder that while I’m interacting with the bloggy world I am not interacting with family, taking care of my home, or tending to my health. It’s like a boundary. When it’s been closed too long I start to feel claustrophobic and know it’s time to open the door back up to the real world. I need that physical boundary between cyberspace and my daily world to serve as my reminder to step out of cyber and back into real life.

    My goal is to set up specific times to blog and not just do it when inspiration hits. Haven’t met that goal often, but it’s there. I’ve never really been one to follow a schedule.

  7. I am way outnumbered here – 5 guys and me, so after they are fed or sleeping and once all squabbles resolved, then it’s time for projects or blogging. However, once in awhile I get the “it’s not fair!” attitude and blog (more browsing that writing) when I shouldn’t because it’s my therapy! My computer is in the basement – not visibly tempting, but that doesn’t prevent my mind from knowing it’s there, so I don’t think out of sight, out of mind applies for this passion.

  8. I am an empty nester, so no kids to complain, but the hubbie does. He tells people I have a blog now with not too happy a comment. So, I try to blog in the AM when he is asleep (like now) and then during TV shows at night, but I think that bugs him too… that I am not sitting watching with him. I do have middle of the night moments too. I do a lot of drafting before I post, I think I have 5-6 in the works right now. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only new kid out here with issues.

  9. It’s not the posting that kills me…. its the trolling and lurking…. I love seeing the homes and ideas… So I try to limit my browsing time.
    I think, too, that if you set yourself a schedule of posting that helps. I don’t always do this though. I do keep a note book with me that has a list of ideas in it. My husband complains some, but he’s also the one who got me started. :}

  10. Being new to blogging I don’t really know what I’m doing! Trying to get people to notice you and your blog is hard time consuming work. It also gives me that oh so insecure feeling and I’m not liking that part much. I think I spend way too much time visiting others blogs and being a lookie loo into their homes. Sort of creepy if you think about it. Great, I’m an insecure lookie loo! And I started blogging why?

  11. Thanks for the tips! I’m so new to blogging I very much appreciate reading other bloggers advice. It has definitely helped me! By the way…I LOVE your office space. OOh how adorable! I can see why it’s your little happy spot.

  12. Hey Donna, great post…for me, creating, crafting and the perpetual project is always a part of my life, and photographing it too. I take pictures of everything… {{maybe I’m addicted to my camera!}} Blogging became a place to share all of that with a community of people, like you said, are like minded…blogging just seems like the final step for me. Idea, creation, completion, publish. I find that I actually finish projects that I start even more than before the blog. Which makes me REALLY happy!
    If I had to critique myself: I don’t get “personal” enough. I read and am interested in a lot of bloggers and admire them for their ability to share every aspect of their life. I on the other hand, keep it short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking. I am like that in real life too, kinda quiet. Until now! 🙂
    Also, I agree with Liz…it’s all the reading that I love to do that gets me in trouble too!

  13. Great minds think alike…

    (so it seems I’m not alone, I’m an empty nester, with a newly at home hubby, who thinks I spend too much time at the pc, I have GRANDS here during the day,that get lovingly neglected *wink*, So then I try to blog at night, Not organized enough to have drafts sitting there waiting to be posted, so busy, being a busy body , lurking looky loo to get any fantastic projects done– my biggest gripe is ALL MY UNFINISHED PROJECTS! Haven’t y’all noticed I don’t show many finished projects?… ‘CAUSE I’M BLOGGING FOLKS!!!!

    …as I was saying
    Great minds think alike; BUT FOOLS SELDOM DIFFER!

  14. Good post! I don’t find the posting too time consuming. I do write ideas in a notebook and start posts when I have an idea. So I have lots of partical posts LOL. I love taking photos so that’s not a hardship. What is hard is the guilt of not being able to spend the time to visit everyone that visits me. But that’s something I’m working on. I have a full life and blogging is just a small part of it!


  15. I really enjoy reading your posts. I have a 10 month old and a 9 year old that I homeschool, so learning to juggle priorities has become a hobby of mine. Lately I have been jotting down blog ideas on a notecard (that I leave in the kitchen, where I seem to spend the most time!). I like the idea of beginning drafts and leaving them to complete later. I have been doing that lately as well. For the most part I end up staying up late and getting up early, as blogging is really mommy-time at my house. Especially the fun part of seeing all of the other bloggers great pictures and posts.

  16. Great minds think alike! I have a guest poster tomorrow talking about the same issue.

    This is a wonderful topic! I’ve been trying to only be on the computer after everyone leaves in the morning, until about 6 p.m. Then I’m off and it’s family time. Otherwise, it will take over your life. And what kind of life is that?

    I really need to work on the scheduled posts, though! And it’s been in my head for a few weeks now, so I’m hoping to implement it soon. Maybe even this weekend… if I can get to it before 6 p.m. 🙂

    Thanks for the great tips, Donna!

  17. Whew! I’m sure glad to see so many comments before mine. There for a minute, I thought you wrote this post to me directly! I’m sure I was at least part of the inspiration for it. (big grin)

    I hear you about getting organized and preplanning your posts -really I do – but I just don’t have the time to do that. I have so many things going on in my life that I take the blog time whenever I can get it. I will try to change that going forward. (come on, tell me the truth, you wrote this post to me, didn’t you?)

    It’s funny that you posted this today. I was just getting ready to do a post about how we use our time, and are we really doing what we want to be doing. (Knowing the whole time that I need to be in the shower and out the door -yet here I am commenting on a blog!) I think so many of us are starting to feel the ‘other’ impact that blogging has on our lives. I have seen 3 of the top 25 blogs close in the past few weeks because they’ve realized it has taken over their lives and they just don’t want that committment anymore. Another woman went on vacation for two weeks and when she came back she realized that she didn’t miss blogging like she thought she would, so she decided to close hers too and give the time back to her life.

    For me, I do more looking than I do posting and I’ve recently realized how much of my own time I really do spend on that. I tell myself it’s ok because I’m usually doing it early morning or late night. However, I’m sitting here still looking at boxes after having moved almost 4 months ago! If I took the hours I spent on the computer and put them towards finishing my house, I’d be done in a few days. And I have decided to do that. It’s not fair to my husband to come home from work every day and see the same old boxes in the same place -4 months later. Or to go in any one of three bathrooms and see the partially torn out wallpaper every day. I tell myself I don’t have time to do it, but I do -I just choose to use that time for other things. It has to stop. God bless that man, he doesn’t say a word.

    When we started blogging, it was because we wanted to share our ideas and our lives, and we said we’d do it for ourself. Then I notice that so many bloggers start blogging for others, not so much for ourselves anymore. It becomes, ‘what will they want to read or what will impress them’ more than ‘what do I want to say today’. How quickly we lose ourselves. It’s like “keeping up with the Jones'” in blogland anymore. I would love to see the competition taken out of blogging. It’s there, don’t kid yourselves. Even if it isn’t voiced. If we could remove the expectations and just blog for fun, I think many of us would be much happier. That’s what I try to do for myself and my own blog.

    You touched on so many things I need to think about for myself. I definitely need to keep my laptop in the office and schedule my time on it better. I often move it from room to room wherever I’m spending most of my time that day. It’s ridiculous.

    You’ve motivated me to think more about the importance of how my time is spent. I think it’s great that you dropped everything and took off on a bike ride. Those are the times you can’t get back. Computer time will always be there.

    I want to start LIVING my life. I have to for my own sanity. Thanks for the kick in the pants. You always know how to put things in perspective.

  18. I wrote this post directed at myself first and formost and what works for me and where I struggle. If it’s speaking to any one of us, well, we all know the answer to that one. 🙂

    I think defining WHY we blog is also important, to better understand the time we put into it. For some it’s work, for others it’s simple pleasure. They both have their places and one just needs to define what it is for them and push it into the right priority category.

    That’s another topic I want to hit on as well, so start thinking about that one, and stay tuned for another ‘unintentional finger pointing’ discussion. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  19. I’ve been neglecting my blogging lately in favor of my children. I know it’s the right choice, but I still feel like I’m behind, somehow. I peruse my reader or edit pics when I’m nursing, but can’t really type then, so little actual posting has been happening for me lately. Aaaand, the baby awakes from his nap and I must cut this comment short or abandon it. Story of my life right now. 🙂

  20. This morning I got up at 4am to write two upcoming blog posts. At 6am I had to stop to fix breakfast, make lunches, plan dinner, start the laundry, do the dishes, etc. Then I had to make sure Sweet Boy got on the bus.

    My quandry is this. It takes time to write a good blog post. It takes time to read the other blogs that I adore/then possibly comment on. (Yeah, that’s you. 🙂
    But it really takes alot of time to answer EVERY single comment that I receive. Which Yes, I have been doing. Yesterday had 50 comments. I know, What a TOUGH problem to have.
    Please advise.
    At this point I am thinking of pulling a Nie Nie and turning the comments off.

  21. #25 Laura, great point on emailing back to all comments!

    Most of you may notice, I’m fairly active IN comments on my blogface, but not so much emailing privately.

    Other blogs tend to never appear to comment in their own comments at all. It’s my guess they’re busy emailing their comments back. 🙂

    Because I simply cannot devote that much time to address each and every comment personally, I am hoping you view my participation in my own comments as a viable means of communication. If I answered everyone individually, you’d see my posts diminish to nearly half the amount. There are only so many hours in a day.

    I think a comment section adds an intense amount of interest to a post, so for me, I’d never choose to turn them off. I LOVE what you have to say and I read every single comment. If something hits home hard, I do email back on occasion. But for the most part, I don’t because I simply can’t. My blog doesn’t pay my way in life. My job does. Until that turns around, I can’t. 🙂 xo

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do. And I read every single comment that comes my way. They make me GIDDY. 🙂

    I dunno. Do any of you detest me for not emailing you back direct for each comment you make? I’m sorry if you do! But I encourage you to revisit the comments area on any given post of mine if that’s the case. I answer questions there so it benefits all, not just one.

    FJ Donna

  22. I forgot to add, I always answer QUESTIONS via email if you’ve linked up your profile to your email.

    I have email notification and many times many of your comments don’t show up for the lack of that very reason.

    FJ Donna

  23. Hi Laura,
    I’m new to blogging. I started by first getting the internet as little as two months ago. After a month of following beautiful blogs, I decided I wanted to give it a go. I had no idea what I was doing, but found some wonderful bloggers who helped me out tremendously. After about a week of fooling around, I was on my way. I haven’t stopped since and find that I’m becoming addicted to it. My monitor went out a few days ago, so I was without a compputer for a couple of days until we replaced it. I was in such a bad mood because of it. I didn’t even have the internet until two months ago, now I can’t live without my computer. It’s crazy!!
    I try to limit my time to when my husband and kids are at work and school, but I fall short sometimes, too. I don’t let my kids get on the computer until their homework is done first. That seems to help.
    I have no idea what I’m going to do for summer. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I am now!!. 🙂
    Thanks for the tips, and I love your computer station…so pretty! My blogging spot is at my kitchen table. Come visit my blog to check it out.:) It’s definitely not out of sight(LOL). Take care, ~ Jo

  24. Hey Donna! I have been going through blogging issues of my own lately. I used to post daily, but in the last 2 months I just haven’t. I only posted twice the entire month of April. Honestly, I don’t even spend much time on my computer anymore (which is in my kitchen as well). I turn it off so I am not tempted.

    I was very excited about blogging when I got started, but once I realized how many rules there are in the whole thing, it seemed like it was becoming more and more difficult to keep up with it all. Also, visiting and commenting on all the blogs of those who visited and commented on my blog was a very daunting task. I began asking myself “why are you doing this?”. I didn’t have a good enough answer.
    So, for now, I am taking a major blogging (and computer) break. I only visit 4-5 blogs daily (yours is of course one of those), and that’s about it.
    Hope you have a great day, and I love your blog!

  25. Today I was going to be very dramatic and write a post entitled:

    This lady has gone on hiatus and MAY return some time in the near future.
    (Donna, your timing is impeccable!!!)

    Reasons to write that post:

    1. I think my butt is getting bigger
    2. I have a loaf of bread that sits right on my lap now. It’s not edible.
    3. I’m Monster Mommy at least three or four times a week. (being perimenopausal for 10 years has nothing to do with it)
    4. I sit too long. My back hurts.
    5. I feel guilty when I don’t post.
    6. My family really needs me. Wake up call!!

    Reasons I didn’t post that post above:
    1. I’m weak.
    2. I love connecting with all of you wonderful gals.
    3. I am getting so much done here at my house. Just wait til you see what I’m doing in my 6 yo’s room!!! (if I post)
    4. I’m not sure how to juggle all this stuff and keep thinking that the Head Blog Angel will come down and make it all right OR add 6 more hours to the day!
    5. I’m selfish. No, really. I am.

    I don’t have any answers or suggestions. No blogger self help book to suggest.

    I just know that I have a lot more work on the table now, more stress, and feel a sense of loss in my home. None of that is good. Even if the decor is splendid.

    I either have to shout “Jane, stop this crazy thing” and get off or figure a way to manage it. Cuz, let’s face it, children are only children for so long, marriages stay well when two people are in it, and bodies look and feel good when they are moving – all parts!!!

    Is there a doctor in the house????????

  26. All of the above!
    I no longer Blog. I rarely check in on a couple of blogs (obviously yours is still in the running) and never comment on them anymore. There are so many talented gals in blog land and it is awesome to see what you all are doing.
    My reasons for not blogging or read blogs is I just decided that I’m not going to sit at the computer anymore.
    What I find interesting is how long the comments were about not blogging!

  27. I hear you. My 16 yr. old doesn’t like to see me on the comp. It’s not that I’m not getting my “mom” stuff done, I think she just wants to know she can get my undivided attention whenever she wants I’m also re-evaluating the time I spend on my blog. I love it, but I think it’s become more time consuming than I’d like it to be.

    I generally have several posts running around in my head at any given time, and do whichever one presents itself as do-able first. (or the most fun)

  28. If something comes to mind mid day I have a word doc open and I type it out. When I am working on a post I open that word file and go off it adding pictures if needed. It saves a ton of time for me and I don’t get caught up. Then there are days where I just cleaned my whole house, my laundry is done, my dinner is in the fridge my 2 boys are in school and my 4 year old is happy playing so yes, i’m sitting on my behind reading blogs 🙂

  29. Oh one more thing! Hee hee…I actually have been getting a lot more projects done around here since blogging because I have people that like to see what I have done and have people that I have inspired which makes me happy 🙂 I have lots of wonderful friends but they dont all understand why I love projects so much

  30. Ok, I’m back reading more of these comments because I was going to ask about responding to comments. Then I saw Donna did address this! I have been responding to each of my comments individually, unless I get a Noreply instead of an address. But I am only getting a handful of comments at a time! I can only imagine how many you get Donna and I wouldn’t expect you to email each person individually. I will come back to the comment sections if I have asked a question or want to know more as I know some bloggers prefer to just comment instead of email. You can address more people in a shorter amount of time. But I have to say there are those that don’t do either. And hey, that’s there choice. But I am always grateful for those that do take the time to show that they are reading them! So, Thank you Donna!

  31. #29 Danielle… there are rules to blogging?!? Oh no! Please! I don’t want to see the rules. I just wana have fun, be nice to others, create, show what I create and be happy. I think that’s what blogging is suppose to be about. If not, I’m deeming it so today! No more guilt, people! Go forth and just dabble and have fun! 🙂

    If it becomes a hardship, cut something out. But do all of the above I’ve mentioned and it’s pretty hard to have someone mad at you. 🙂

    Kolein… I have a new UNappreciation for BREAD. 🙂

    #36 Anita, thanks for understanding about the comment thing. Yes, I care, and I’m around and I see. It’s just flat out fun talking to a room full of friends than scooching them off to the side only to repeat the same thing. Yeah.. that’s what this is!

    Honestly, I was abit scared I scared you all off from commenting with THIS topic going on! Looks like we all still have a problem! Yay!! 🙂

    FJ Donna

  32. I’m struggling with my blogging habits right now. I can’t seem to get back into it after our vacation and I’m way behind! I’ve seen my readers drop, as well as comments. I find that if I want people to visit me, I have to visit them and leave comments, but that take time away from my family! It’s such a conundrum!

  33. Hi Donna,
    I love your blog and this is a great subject. I am so new to the blogging world and really don’t have any advice to share about scheduling blog time along with kids, activities, a spouse, projects, etc. I am retired and live alone, happily. 🙂 My two “perfect” grandchildren are going into their teens and it’s almost like I have to schedule appointments with them, they are so busy with their friends. That’s natural though. My kids are both married & all work very hard. Timing is everything with all of them and I want to say that real life is SO important! Turn off the computer and live ~ enjoy your kids, your hubby/SO, your garden, cooking & baking, friends and any other activity that interests you. You are making memories for your kids/grandkids and they will treasure these all their lives.

    The computer, blogs, etc. will be here but go and LIVE!

    Hope this is ok to say ~ it feels very important to me to share.


  34. Hello Donna, I just found your blog through another blogging friend of mine. When I saw the video of the tablescape and the barn I thought the mountains looked familiar…I’m from BC too. I live in Kansas now though. I’m having such a good time going through your blog that I’m going to become a follower. Thanks for the great entertainment! Take care eh….Maura;)

  35. Well said. I think you hit the nail on the head for a lot of us. My blogging has taken a bit of back seat b/c now I’m designing but i find it does help a lot to have some scheduled events where other bloggers guest post, contribute, link parties so that there’s always something fresh on your blog but you don’t have to do all of the work. With that said, my computer is in my kitchen as well and if i’m not blogging, designing, facebooking, i’m still just vegging on the computer. Ugggghhhh, balance!!! Thanks for posting this. It’s given me a lot to think about. 🙂

  36. Thank you so much for those pointers! Finding balance is a bugger. I am crossing my fingers when my boys start school I will be better at it, but I will probably just take a nap instead of doing something productive.

  37. I steal moments! YEPPERS I STEAL TIME!!! If Dad & Son are playing outside I will steal 1/2 hr to start a post or visit sites. If the boy is in the tub playing another 1/2 hr. After he’s in bed, it’s Mommys time, limiting no more than 1/2 hr to a hour.

  38. Donna, and I thought I was the only one…. 🙂

    ALL your patterns sound too familiar. It must be a “condition” blogging women “suffer” from.

    I too have to write when inspiration comes and when the time is right. I must admit, since starting the blog, the meals (and all too often the laundry..) in my home have taken a back seat…I wish there was a magical formula, but since veteran bloggers such as yourself do not have the answer, then I can sleep a little better at night knowing my blogging madness is not an isolated case! 🙂

    Thanks DR. Donna! 🙂


  39. I just started my blog yesterday, but I’ve been following you for a little while now. I’ve already used some of your blog tips. Thanks so much. Love your blog and your spunk!

  40. I’m new to blogging and I really appriciate this post! Even as a newbie I have already faced some of the same issues.

    **I love that you respond in the comment section and think I need to do more of this myself.

    Thanks you for keeping it real 😀

  41. I was seriously just thinking about that…wondering if I am the only crazy one who sits on the computer 2 hours a day blogging like a maniac 🙂 I’m happy I’m not a lone !I just started blogging in February, and honestly, hoping my addiction dies down just a little 🙂

  42. #1 is my problem! I drive myself crazy with checking my e-mail because it’s in the room that we’re in 90% of the day!! Thanks for the thoughts.