My own Blissdom weekend… at home


This past weekend my son went to his dad’s, so I was free and clear to roam wherever the wind blew me.

It actually started off a little blue. I was watching twitter and blogland with all the Blissdom updates and I nearly ran to the airport, taking a nosedive into a closing door heading to Nashville! As I knew that wouldn’t go over too well, I set out to create a little bliss of my own.

After I dropped my son off, I decided to start things off with a fancy coffee and a stroll through our local Homesense.

I didn’t desire a THING, but my coffee wasn’t done yet, so I edged my way into the clothes section.  As my eyes glazed over with immediate boredom, I glanced at something cute. “Huh… bet I could have worn that at Blissdom.” (let it go already! enjoy! go on! you can do it!)

Now know, I rarely if ever clothes shop. If I had been booked for Blissdom, I would have been in mad freak out mode on this very issue.

Well, I had to try that cute thing on.  And right on schedule, it didn’t fly.

BUT… I had noticed some clearance racks that called my name instead. 

Which lead me to a trying on FRENZY. The buggy was heaped like a plaid shirt mountain! KIDDING. I shopped for real women’s non plaid things this round. 🙂

As it turns out, it appears it’s more fun to clothes shop if the need isn’t MANDATORY. Who knew.

And so I bought some stuff! Me! New clothes!

Now please note, this will NEVER be a clothes blog, deal? This is a once in a blue moon happening here. Which makes this incredibly newsworthy.

So.. wanna see?!?

Check out these deals!!

p.s. I only buy if I LIKE the item, regardless of price, but what sweet prices!

Black fur lined vinyl jacket – $20!

Scarf – $10

Jeans – $10

My gosh… thrift store prices for brand new stuff!!

 Cute aviator fur lined vinyl jacket – $45

Roots scarf – $15

A little more $$, but I REALLY LOVED these.

Funkalicious 100% cotton hoodie – $16

Yum!! Love the fun print for something different! Ok ok… ABIT of plaid is ok, right?

Ah yes… let’s try it on now shall we?

Sleek black goes with all. Especially my toys. 🙂

Ohhhhh this one’s soooo cozy! I wore it to church today. 🙂

Here’s a  lens flare effect from Photoshop Elements. Fun!

Super duper warm scarf! Blue-red tone too. 🙂

Gotta getta hoodie. It’s a Canadian law.  🙂

I feel like a reel gurl again!

“Ok, I’m ready for Blissdom! See ya down there this upcoming weekend? Anyone?!?”


I also took in a romantic comedy at the theatre this weekend all by my lonesome too. So I guess you could say I created my own personal Blissdom right at home. 🙂

Now, just so you know, I don’t endorse shopping when you’re in mental anguish! That can get you in alot of trouble. I needed clothes very badly so it was a complete fluke this worked out, for things I liked and at rock bottom prices. 

Or was it…seems like it was meant to be to me… been meaning to polish up my act for some time now. Is something in the air I don’t yet know about? What’s He up to now? Hmm…. 

Time to build me a closet for my new duds! Stay tuned. 🙂

The point of this post? 

Sometimes we need a little DIY love on ourselves. Take the time next time you’re out and about. You’re worth it too.

So… clothes shopping.. Love? Hate?

Ever take the time for a ME weekend? What did you do?

Did you pine for Blissdom too? 🙂

Copy Me will be announced soon! 

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57 thoughts on “My own Blissdom weekend… at home

  1. Ok Donna!
    What a nice surprise! I did notice your fashion show and your new toy, the ‘camera!’ Walk that runway girl!
    What am I doing this weekend? Well? I am trying to get my paperwork together for the IRS, running errands and going to ‘Mr. Jordon’s Salvage Company’ in the morning! He is getting new ‘junk’ in on Monday so my Phatt self is going to be the first car in his backward! Maybe he will have some ‘Funky Junk’ just lying around! I will drop you a line if I see anything that says hey ‘Donna take me home!’

  2. Your new clothes look awesome. It is so much easier to find things when you are not pressured by “having” to. Love the aviator jacket and the scarf. Great deals too!

  3. God for you! I like the red scarf.

    I don’t seem to clothes shop much. Whenever I go looking for myself, I never seem to find anything. But when I shop for a gift, I find tons of cute things. that’s ok, I rather spend the money on garage sales or craigslist.

  4. I’ve been following Miss Mustard Seed’s posting re Blissdom. Today’s post had a small video to watch so I clicked in to see it and found other video’s she has done. OH MY did I laugh at the FUNKY JUNK DONNA one she did a few weeks back. What a blast. Have a good evening Donna, wish you didn’t pine so badly this weekend. Your neighbor Kristy.

  5. Donna-

    Cute clothes. And great deals too! You look so cute in your new duds– The fashion show is ok for a change…don’t worry if you’re not a fashion for you blog, you’re a fashion for home blog– but you’re human, so hoodies may be Canadian Law, but clothes are bloggy law;

    Love it!

  6. Cute finds, Donna! I just love to shop. It’s in my genes. : ) AND you know there are all sorts of lovely blog folks and vintage shows just down the road from you on the South side of the border. So, come on down to WA for some junk hunting & good ol’ fellowship!

    : )

    Julie M.

  7. Oh yes, I guess at least 30% of my blues this weekend was Blissdom blues. I was seeing green with envy and purposefully stayed away from Twitter and my blog reader just so that I wouldn’t have Blissdom thrown in my face everywhere.
    Just want to say that I think it is great how you can turn anything even the blues into a great post. With me, whenever I am in that mood, my blog is the first thing to suffer from it (well maybe after my dirty floors).
    Ok, I am at work now, so I’d better get my serious and professional cap on, or I’ll get into trouble here too.
    Love ye, have a wonderful week.

  8. I love to clothes shop. I hadn’t in awhile, because I had porked up a bit last year, but I’m down 12 lbs so far and I think it’s time to go try on some new stuff.

    Your buys look great on you! I especially love the vinyl jacket! What a steal! Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds, even if they weren’t your typical thrifty finds.

  9. Donna, what a fun post! I think your “you” weekend sounds wonderful. We all should treat ourselves like that once in a while. A little retail therapy can be good for the soul. Great finds, I love the red scarf. Have a great week! 🙂

  10. Donna, love the jacket. and the red scarf… Isn’t nice to go shopping for cheap… great did good. OH, I see why your pictures are so fabulous. NICE CAMERA….


  11. Luv the clothes.
    I hate clothes shopping. I’ve taken back 3 pairs of jeans to Wal-Mart in the last month. I still haven’t found a good pair.
    I’m almost considered going back to Wrangler as U can buy the waist size with the length size & I don’t have to have the legs altered….I’m 29″ in the legs. Definitely hard to find. Just like finding size 5 shoes.
    Okay….next time I’ll do better.
    Have fun with the new clothes. Blissdom will come next year too.

  12. Cute clothes..loving the scarf the most!! I am a new blogger and was reading all the posts about Blissdom and thought Wow..someday I would love to go and be inspired by all these talented women. Someday..yes!

  13. Donna, you are a lovely lady, and even if you don’t like shopping for clothes, your good taste shows through here, too. I always enjoy the photos you post–every one makes all your “stuff” look elegant.

  14. Donna, you look spectacular in your new duds! How fun !! I shoulda chk’d the blog before FB…i was thinking of clothes too b/c I had been inspired by Ms Junk Garden’s “Virtual Weekly Wardrobe”. You are so right – clothes shopping is very relaxed when it’s not mandatory! I’m part Italian, always shopping petites & the tailor gets half my clothing budget which is also why i need to get sewing again! You are very wise ..everything happens for a reason, and The Good Lord definitely has good things in store for you! God bless and have a nice week.

  15. I’m so proud of you. Not only did you shop and get cool duds at great deals, but you blogged about it too! A new day has dawned.

    P.S. I like your Blissdom better. I’m not much of a conference person and would likely prefer shopping at thrift store prices any day.

  16. Oh Donna… fess up where you got that aviator jacket would ya? I know our Homesense doesn’t have clothes.

    My kind of gurl clothes… I am into comfort, forget the fashion end of it, I am so over that. I would rather pour my money into tools… great deals, love them all.

    Hugs, Deb

  17. I really dislike clothes shopping and it’s even worse when the pressure is on, like when you have to find something. When I do go, I hit Reitman’s first because a) on the website they put the pieces together for different outfits (a no brainer for me) b) love their comfort pant and skirts c) the salesgirls are very helpful.

    You found some great stuff. Cute jackets and I love the Roots scarf.

    Have a great day!

  18. Brother do I need a DIY clothes shopping weekend. I have put it off for over 3 years! I keep saying….when I get my weight back to normal…right! I may just have to take the time to do it right…like you did! Thanks, for the reminder.

  19. I love that aviator jacket! What a deal. And a cute hoodie with the plaid on it. I didn’t know you skateboarded 😉 You are so multi talented!

    And Home Goods here does not have clothes 🙁 Unless it’s linked up with a TjMaxx. I have some gift cards that need spending. I should go!

  20. Clothes shopping – mostly hate. I have a couple of stores I’ll try things on, take them off, then go buy a coffee and a hunormous muffin and drown my sorrows in caffeine and glucose.

    I dress like a guy – what I mean is, if I find a sweater I like…I buy it in 5 colors. Then I don’t have to shop for sweaters again anytime soon. So sad.

    And, I didn’t get the shoe gene.
    I own like 15 pairs.
    I wear 3.
    Brown, black, gym.

    Oh, gosh. Miss Mustard Seed got her 4000 didn’t she? Wow, I have NOTHING to make. Time to go thrifting!

  21. Hi Donna! Love your clothing finds. . . even better because it’s a newsworthy event instead of an everyday deal here. 🙂

    I got to have dinner with Marian in Nashville–just sitting at the same table was a joy. Who knows? Maybe breathing the same air that she breathes will be good for me. It was fun listening to her talk about the friendship that you and she have developed.

    I so wish you’d been at Blissdom, although it sounds as if you had a blissful weekend by yourself. If you’re interested in the Blissdom swag, stop by my blog. I’m giving my loot away.

    Have a great day!

  22. Hate clothes shopping, unless I can do it via Etsy and not try anything on. Love purse shopping though.

    Haven’t had a me weekend in almost two years but if I did, it would involve lots of yards sales, some coffee with girlfriends, and a good book at the end of the day.

    Pined (horribly) over blissdom.

    Love the new clothes! Happy for you!


  23. OMGosh…if a magazine sees these photos, they will whisk you off as their new top model. You are beautiful, Donna and your new clothes are waaay too cute.

  24. Love’d your deals…..sooooooooo darling and that aviator jacket is to die for….and that red and white scarf…….N.Y. here ‘ya come.

    Love “me” time but then again that’s all I have…no spouse, grown boys live in other cities with their wives…so yes, I have alot of “me” time and I love it.

    Stay warm,
    Linda from Missouri

  25. I so hate clothes shopping- but when I get there, I do LOVE finding a good deal. Love what you found (and that bit of plaid is JUST right!).

    An Oregon Cottage

  26. Good for you Donna ~ I am soooo proud of you!! It is always when you are not looking for something for yourself is when you find the best stuff at great deals. Hubby was on call and worked all week-end so I took off yesterday with my camera and went for a drive. I got a few good shots so that is what I did for me this week-end.
    The red scarf is my favorite! xo

  27. You are way too adorable, Donna! 🙂 We could do some real damage if we went clothes shopping together! I LOVE shopping! For anything! lol! You’re clothes are so cute on you – and such great deals! And yes…I feel your pain. After I heard about Blissdom (for the first time this year), I wanted to go in the worse way! {sigh}….maybe next year, huh? And just think of all the cool clothes you can take with you then…!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  28. You look beautiful and I love that you are a scarf girl.

    I went thrift shopping today. I rarely buy clothes. As I type this I have a dress on that I have had for 14 or 15 years. Today I bought 4 sweaters and a pair of shoes. $8 total,can’t beat that.

  29. I’ve been shopping for the new house so much that I had not shopped for clothing in a while..also a bit heavy so not feeling the urge :-(. But today, on the other side of the world here in Sydney i found three super cute summer tops on sale…just what I need for a vacation coming up in a couple of months.
    I found the cutest funk junk style wire baskets at HomeSense the other day…you would LOVE them!

  30. We have a Home Goods store in Daytona Beach….3 hrs. away….but I bet they don’t have an aviator jacket! It’s way too cute! Love the crispness of the photos! I think I need photography lessons…mine are so dark….thanks for the inspiration…I always love your junkyfied blog…

  31. Good for you for having some fun! I too pined for Blissdom, but I’m over it. As for shopping, I’m pear-shaped so I hate shopping for clothes unless it’s a scarf, hat or cute jacket.

  32. I LOVE what you bought!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pick me up for your weekend!

    Me? Clothes? Well, I think you know that I don’t go shopping for the ‘real’ stuff and you know the reasons why!!!! haha!


  33. I looooove those jackets, Donna!

    Those were great deals. Even the red scarf matched perfectly with the white cotton hoodie. Looking at your pictures are made me want to look for something as cool as that. Whew!

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