My outdoor workshop


If you’ve followed FJI for sometime now, you may have picked up on something.

I like a lot of natural daylight in my surroundings.

 And this would be one reason I do alot of my builds outdoors. I’m fortunate to have a nice overhang along the front of the house. I open the garage up wide for easy access to tools, but I always haul what I’m building outdoors.

I mean, check out this amazing view of the weather! I miss nothing. πŸ™‚

 Yep, if this workshop needs more room, I simply move my truck. And dog. And wait for it to stop snowing.

My poor neighbors are use to seeing a lot of materials hanging around. If my loot sits there more than a month, I do cram it in the garage to give their eyes a rest though. πŸ™‚

But, you know how it is when you gotta create. While the neighbours are weeding and mowing their lawns and getting some REAL work done, I’m generally doing this.

 palette tv stand

I LOVE working outdoors! I can walk around my entire project, sand and build to my heart’s content, and snap well lit photos. The front of the house is on the north side, so it’s perfect for light without direct sun for the most part. (which translates to no shadows or over exposed pics)

 And, then there’s the backyard workshop.

 When I created my palette desk, I had plenty of room to spread out and do what we needed to do.

In a pinch, I’ll work inside the garage. However as it’s only a single garage and full of stock, I generally can’t anyway.

One day I hope to have that big ‘ol barn out back or a real workshop built in this backyard perhaps. However for today, I’m happy to create under all things daylight.

Except for maybe today. It’s fffffreezing out, so guess I’ll be polking at indoor projects over the next while.

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29 thoughts on “My outdoor workshop

  1. I love to work outdoors too – have a large patio in the back (with a fence across the driveway so hidden from the neighbors!) but it has no cover – so on days like today (yes a little cold and a little snowy) makes it tough – need to do some clear-coat spraying to complete a project…figuring out how to get that done!
    love your projects and use of palettes – can’t wait to see the completion of your next table!
    amy of four corners design

  2. I don’t really have an indoor workspace, but that’s OK because I much prefer to be outside. If you saw all the paint splatters on my driveway, you’d know how much time I spend out there! For three seasons that all works great, but it does cramp my style in the winter. Maybe one day I’ll have an actual workshop! … And if I had your backyard, I’d be out there too!

  3. I am working on getting my craft room together right now because it’s been driving me crazy not to have a space to work in the winter. So, I figured while it’s still cold out, I’ll work on my indoor space and when it warms up I can’t wait to head outdoors to do some spray painting!

    P.S. Love that picture of your backyard with the black chair in it, looks like a postcard!

  4. I work outside as much as I can but in the winter I’m all over the house. My hubby has decided enough is enough and he is putting heat in our big ole “COLD!” basement so he can chase me down there in the winter. I’ll love it tough cause we have these big ole double doors down there that I can swing open and run in and out all summer with easy access to supplies.

  5. I LURVE to work outside, we have a large patio and at any time your will find saws, drills, wood, paint, sandpaper ect. layin’ around. But when it is 10 degrees outside I use everything inside my home as my workbench including my washer and dryer(they are just the right height). Love the shed in your backyard. I want one. Maybe I’ll build one this summer…hmmmmmmm. Yes I think I will.

  6. I don’t know a saw from a donut…so MR. SWEET does all the building…on the back, covered porch that USED to have pretty furniture and flowers and was so pretty…Hey, I must be gettin’ about half FUNKY cause all the tools, sawdust and pure UGLY doesn’t bother me one tiny bit.
    I love all your photos, here…and that looks like such a lovable dog. :))

  7. If I ever work on larger projects it’s outside too. My hubs believes that garages are for cars. So three car garage=three cars housed. This is a strange concept for a gal who grew up with workshops in the garage. I don’t mind it though. Cali is a great place to work outdoors.

  8. I prefer to work on projects out in my driveway. It’s a huge area so it doesn’t even interfer with parking the truck. AND… working outside means there is no sawdust clean up afterwards. The wind takes care of it! LOL

  9. What kind of a tease is this? I’ve been checking your site every two hours to see if you posted the finished desk! I like to work outside in the summer, but can’t use the garage because it is down the hill and unheated. It would be one more thing for my husband to be annoyed with. Where’s the desk? Ann

  10. Your backyard looks so green and gorgeous. I realize this was shot in the summer but my it’s so pretty. And how cute is your dog? How precious….looks like a great assistant but then you have your son to help too. I think building outside it a great solution.

  11. Yes! I love this post. I HATE artificial/overhead/interior light, and I basically walk around in darkness after the sun sets until my husband can’t take it anymore and throws on a light… my compromise, I have dimmers on every switch to get away with the most limited light possible until the sun comes up. My poor students, they will sometimes raise their hands in class when the afternoon is near and tell me they can barely see to read and ask if we can turn on a light. I feel so bad sometimes, but I only work best in natural light!!! I hear ya!

  12. Donna
    I just love your blog, and, even though you probably have no idea who I am, I feel like you’re a bloggy friend. So, long story short, today is my very first link party, and I would love it if you would give it a shout-out for me. It called Reality Collection. It’s for anyone to link a picture of their real life, namely, messes. In the bloggy world, it seems like every picture looks like it comes out of a magazine, but it’s not reality. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you so much!


  13. I love your outdoor studio Donna…It’s perfect and I totally get the whole “walking around the project”! I miss my wonderful studio; I gave it to my teens for their “lizard lounge”. It’s really my formal dining area and since I don’t so anything formal; that room has been a bedroom, studio and now this movie/gaming/entertaining teenager room. It’s great for them, right off the kitchen, very close to the fridge. Stinks for me b/c I went from a 12′ x 15′ room with large windows facing east northeast…tons of natural lighting, down to 6’x 6′ and that’s if everything is pick up and put away and a teeny tiny window with southern exposure. So…I make crosses in there, sew in the lizard lounge or kitchen table, blog anywhere a laptop can go and paint in the garage. But it’s bittersweet, I know my kids will be flying the nest someday and my room will be vacant again. *sniff*

  14. I craft wherever there is room. If it is nice out then the yard is where you will find me. The snow is keeping me inside. 10″! It seems there is a place for everyone in this house, except for me. I have delegated a corner of the dungeon of doom for my craft room. Right now it is piled with everyone else’s stuff though. It’s slowly dwindling down though.

  15. Donna,

    I like working outside too, and am lucky enough to live in a warm climate year around.BTW, I just love that dog of yours…. he’s always around in the middle of your projects and photos:)

  16. I’m envious of your work spaces Donna! For the next little while I have our unfinished basement to work in where the view isn’t nearly as nice as yours! πŸ˜‰ We’re refinishing it though… which leaves me nowhere to work!! πŸ™
    I know ~ I’ll drive out to your place with my projects!! HaHaHa!!

  17. You are such a tease showin’ off those saw horses I’ve been lookin’ for in my southern world…..jealousy…whew! Mel’s Cabin has envy….and still lookin’….maybe I should build my own…like your desk…what inspiration you are!!!

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