Antiques, girlie things and junk… with a giveaway you will LOVE!

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is April from Thoughtful Escapes. 

Congrats April and thanks to all who entered!

Don’t I look calm, happy and deliriously content?

You see,  I’ve been waiting for this package.

So when it finally arrived at the post office, I barely made it out the door when I dashed the box onto the sidewalk and stabbed it open with a pen.

The pen didn’t make it, but the goods did. Ohhhh boy did they…

My newest treasures came from

 Katie’s Rose Cottage Designs run by Lori.

Did you just gasp?  Wait till you take a peek inside her store…

How did I miss this… *sob*

These jars go for $10 @ in my area. Great deal!!

Downright painful.

I swear this wasn’t there before… um… Lori…

The down ruffle pillow with tattered rose

So when I saw this ruffled beauty, I had to have it. It was a matter of life or death.

And I have to tell you, this pillow is AMPLE. It’s big, beautiful and doesn’t come as just the case. It’s filled with DOWN so you get that amazing down ‘crunch’ sound when you squeeze it.

The material is lightweight, has a slight shabby crinkle and the ruffles and flower holds beautifully.

The pillow is my new teddy bear of sorts. I carry it around all over the place and plunk it down so I can just LOOK at it. It goes everywhere!  Bet it would be decadent in my bedroom too but…

The farmhouse metal basket

… my bed wasn’t made. (never is)

No worries, my fabulous metal basket resides in my bedroom for all my girlie things.

And how cool… the little pots come out so you can do other things with them too!

It’s gorgeous. I love the patina, the scrolly metal, the wooden detail on the handle… and ran around the house with all these ideas for it. But I really loved it in my bedroom. For now. 🙂 (I reserve the right to change it out on a whim) 

Although the tote appears lightweight, it’s actually pretty strong! Gotta love metal.

The tattered rose black hat

Wait! Did you see my hat?!?

After I placed my order, I was wishing I included the hat. It actually kept me awake at night. So I did the right thing and got the hat too. I need my sleep, right?!?

The hat is to die for. It wears slightly frayed edges with a tattered rose which is girled right up again with a sparkly jewel flower. I no longer wear earrings nor rings so this replaces that bling in a unique way, wouldn’t you agree?

The hat is thick and durable and comes in a one size fits all with elastic in the back which provided a good snug fit on me. But I tend to wear them loose and floppy (I’m farmer jacket material here) so I just took the scissors to the elastic, did a tiny little snip and BAM it was perfecto!

While it’s tempting to remove the flower  so you can play with it elsewhere, it would flop around if it were just pinned, so it’s PERFECT.

Customer Service

Lori is a DOLL. She’s an avid follower of FJI, leaves delightful comments ALL the time and is forever cheerful, and a sweetheart to deal with. LOVE this girl so it’s a complete privilege to work with her!

So… wanna go shopping?

Go on and spend



~ How to enter the giveaway ~

Visit Katie’s Rose Cottage Designs HERE,  snoop around, tell me in FJI’s comments what you’d like if you won and you’re in!

Facebook, tweet or blog about the giveaway and comment to enter again!

(worth 1 additional entry)

Giveaway is open for 1 week. Winners must have email  active on their blog or with their comment.

Valid in USA and Oh Canada. (thanks Lori!!)

(I received the goods in exchange for this review. And fell in love. What can I say…)



This giveaway is now closed. Winner is April from Thoughtful Escapes. 

Congrats April and thanks to all who entered!

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  1. Ok, so if I won I would have a REALLY hard time picking something… because I want it all! I’m serious. I love the ruffle pillow, the vintage sewing machine drawer, the lacy pillow with rose, oh the coal bucket, french farmhouse baskets… um, maybe I should just tell my family to buy out the store for me for Christmas 🙂

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous shop, and what a generous giveaway! I love the bamboo Paris mat, and I also adore the ticking pillow pockets, too! Please enter me, merci!

  3. Oh my…there are so many wondrous items in Lori’s shop…how could I pick one favorite? I love the French farmhouse flower holder, the vintage bottles, the rusty grain bucket and the vintage keys! BTW, the hat is adorable on you, Donna!

  4. Donna,
    I so agree…Katie is a vert sweet gal and this giveaway is soooo AWESOME!!! I’m lovin’ this ruffle pillow that you got,but I also like the burlap ruffle pillow and that ticking pillow is pretty cute too.


  5. What a fabulous duo you two together in a giveaway…genius!

    If I win….I would love the Aqua canning jars in the rack! I dream, I drool, I die over them!

    Lucky 7 Design

  6. Hi, First off thank you for sharing this awesome sight with us. OMG I want it all! I love that pillow and I love the canning jars in the rack and and and…….lol I wish the shope were right around the corner, I would spend alot of time there! How kool!

  7. I love EVERYTHING! And Now I want to win the lottery so I can buy one of EVERYTHING, lol. If I won I would love the Christmas Holy Night Pillow and the white stocking for my bedroom, so fun. Thank you for the chance.

  8. Boy….this is a tough one, and I’m torn between all the beautiful things! I love all her pillows, always love aqua mason jars, especially that 1/2 gallon beauty, love the totes, and like you, I dig the black hat! Whew….decisions, decisions! 🙂

  9. Oh how gorgeous! The vintage Aqua jars in the wire rack for sure!! HEY..can I have an entry and if I win donate it to one of my USofA blog sisters?? huh? huh? can I? 🙂
    thanks Donna…gorgeous stuff! and don’t you look soo girly in the hat and flower…with a ruffled pillow!! B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!
    ciao bella
    jessie, nelson, nz

  10. I’m off to visit her site now. Sorry I can’t enter the giveaway as I’m in the UK, but good luck to you all – a great giveaway indeed!

  11. Oh PICK ME, PICK ME! I love Katie’s shop and drool over her items for sale all the time. This is such a cool giveaway! I would nab either the awesome Vintage Aqua Jars in Rack (45.00) or the Vintage Famehouse Egg Gathering Basket (28.00) or the Large Coal Bucket (28.00) or the French Farmhouse Large Basket (18.00) of course a charm or two (3.50-2.50)… the combinations are endless. What can I say, I love everything!

    I’ll run a post today of the giveaway on my blog. Please stop by to visit me. I will probably snag that darling photo of you in the adorable hat… you wear it well!

    Hugs, Sherry

  12. thanks so much for the chance! i just love her site and everything on it! she has a gorgeous ticking pillow hanging on a ladder–to die for!

  13. great giveaway..I would get the rusty door knob, and Christmas stocking. I’ve tweeted, pinned, liked, flew to the moon and back with
    Tiki @ Ribbons, Lace, and Inspiration.

  14. I would love each and every french farmhouse wire basket and ALL the hooks! It would go a long ways to making our home seem more of a cottage. I figure if you have low ceilings you may as well embrace it!
    (the aqua jars seriously sell for $10 in your area… really?? wow I pick them up at yard sales for $0.50 to $1)

  15. Oh my goodness! I’ve got to have the Vintage Aqua Jars in the rack… They would be PERFECT on my kitchen table… or coffee table… or anywhere.

    jcreviston (at)

  16. OMG I am in the “just buy me the whole store” group!
    But we just did this thing in our living room with our couch in the corner, along with our huge ottoman making a make-shift-sectional. To make it cozy I have thrown throws over it, a sheepskin across the ottoman etc and that Large Feather/Down Ruffle Pillow would be absolutely perfect!

  17. Seriously .. how do you decide!! I would buy one of everything and my husband would have a cow!! Great stuff and thank so much for the give away!!

  18. Her shop has such beautiful things! I really love the large feather/down ruffle pillow that you selected and I also love the vintage rusty doorknobs. I have added her site to my favorites and will visit often. Thanks for sharing this great shop with us!

  19. I love Katie’s! And I adore the Hanging Vintage Ticking Lavender Pocket Pillow which is sold but maybe she will have another. And the aqua jars too, can’t leave them out!

    I will post about it and come back and let you know!

  20. You look so cute with all of your feminine stuff! I’d definitely want a hat just like yours! And maybe a pillow. And that shower curtain is lovely and that already sold lampshade too.

  21. I’ve already been to her blog and seen that bread pan with the milk bottles, drooling the whole time over it. Totally LOVE her stuff!! I’m also pretty crazy over the French farmhouse buckets. There’s more than that too, but I’ll keep it minimal….

  22. I love Lori! She is precious..and her stuff is awesome 🙂 My favorites are the coal bucket, egg basket, and train case. Thanks so much for the chance to win some of her goodies.
    And you look TOO CUTE in that hat, Donna 🙂
    Enjoy your pillow!

  23. OMGosh, what a fantasic shop! I love everything! The French Farmhouse Large Basket sure is a beauty….I want one of each item!!! lol

    Love your new jewelry holder!!!

  24. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, how can one choose just one or two things from Katies Rose Cottage. I want it all!!!!! Love the pocket pillows, love the refurbished vintage items, love the bling jewelry. Lori is such a doll, and I love her website. Thanks for promoting this!
    Shirley C.

  25. How exciting to get all those great goodies. Love them all.
    I love the wallhangin (pillow) in the ticking with the doilies and flowers……really I’d love to have anything .

  26. Oh, wow! Let’s see… I’d *LOVE* the “Holy Night” pillow, as it’s my husband’s favorite song (not just favorite Christmas carol). I’d also love to have a vintage sewing drawer (loved the one in its original stain). I’m already going to scoop up the bread tin and milk bottles, but I’d love a fork easel and/or teapot. I’m with a lot of people — I’d like one of everything! The ideas are fantastic! Not only am I subscribed to FJI, but now I’m subscribed to the KRC blog! Thank you!

  27. I luv, luv, LUV this site. Thank you so much for featuring it. I went and ordered some items already!

    For the giveaway, I’d luv to have the Joyeux Noel pillow.

    Gratzie for the giveaway!

  28. I love it all!!! I really like the rose cross the body bag and that lovely pillow! 🙂

  29. I love several of the item that have sold marked on them. I love the blue jars in the holder and most all of the pillows and all of the rusty tins. So I suspect if I won, I would have no problem getting over the loved sold items and choosing something beuatiful. 🙂


  30. Thanks for this yummy giveaway! I adore that French farmhouse flower holder but someone already snatched it! The train case is awesome and so are the bin photo frames…

  31. Be still my heart! Wow! Can I love it all? lol
    I really fell hard for the Vintage Kerr Jars in Canning Rack. Those would look awesome in my rustic kitchen.


  32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old blue jars in the canning rack. . . if I weren’t broke right now, they’d already be mine so I hope I win! I also love the old galvanized watering cans, rustic hooks, handmade pillows and especially the hat you got!


  33. Oh goodness, how could I pick anything? I love, love, love the pillow. But the metal tool basket is so wonderful. And the hat…. I can’t choose! It’s all so amazing! Plus I know I’ll change my mind if I get the chance to order, so, best not commit until I see if I’m lucky enough to win! 🙂

    Thanks to both of you for your generosity!


  34. Oh…..such a sweet and girlie giveaway, Donna! LUV it!! It’s a toss up between the ruffly pillow you’re holding and the ruffly shower curtain! Just somthin’ about those ruffles….! lol! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  35. WOW !!! There were allot of items I loved and were already sold!!!!!!
    You have me “hooked” for certain
    I loved the blue glass jars with the metal caddy, just lovely

  36. love the vintage train case…….actually LOVED many, many things, but most were sold already…. darn for me, but good for her!

    please throw me into the hat… i’d be thrilled to win.

    your pillow is YUMM.MY by the way.


  37. I love it all what can I say. I particularly love the bags. Most definitely the camera bag purse. That pillow is so Awesome too would look so great on my deck couch. Cindy Cyr

  38. Oh great giveaway! I’d like one of each, please. Ah, that’s not the way it works, is it? Ok, I LOVE the blue Ball jars in the rack. Thanks for the chance to win. Love your site.

  39. I absolutely LOVE everything – how do you pick just one thing? I guess if I chave to pick one it would be the zinc bucket. Thanks foe the chance to win!

  40. Hi Donna…what fun snooping in Katie’s shop…WOW, who wouldn’t LOVE to win? I would 🙂 and I would pick the eczema handmade soap for my baby girl…and the sweet little white train case to hold a little Christmas tree next to the fireplace and lastly the sweet faith banner..all for under $60 bucks…oh wow!! I cannot wait to see who won!! Thanks for the fun chance!! Blessings, Becky J

  41. Her pillows are absolutely gorgeous. Love Love Love the one that you got but also the “Faith” pillow too and the french wire baskets ~ all so pretty!