How to make a concrete textured wall – part 1

How to make a concrete textured wall /
Just your average prep transpired for ‘the boy’s room’. The big purge landed everything in the living room. Oh joy…

Something you should know about my son is he’s all about go go go. When inspiration hits, you have to really motor to keep up! 

Being that I couldn’t ‘keep up’ at this very moment, I handed him all the tools and sandpaper, and he got to work.

We didn’t have the right fitting sandpaper on hand so he got a lesson how to cut a sheet to the right size and fit it in himself.

I started to do the big fit but caught myself right away. It’s the smallest things that can have the biggest impact later if we pay attention. Now he’s educated! 

Great job with the mudding too. We ‘found’ a major huge tub left over from the renos. So while it was busy drying on this wall, there was something else that needed attention.

The existing brick mural was slightly textured and needed HEAVY sanding. Not sure I’ll do a mural anytime soon with an interior wall because we couldn’t get it smooth no matter how hard we tried.

So we did something else instead.

This plan had been in the works for awhile but I wasn’t sure I wanted to head in that direction. It’s a forever decision.

We did it anyway. This textured area will become a concrete like wall. I had Cody apply a very thick primer all over the walls so you couldn’t notice the uneven paint from the bricks.

It was brushed on, then mottled up with a soft rag.

The primer is called Texture Surface Finish by Coastal Enterprises and is widely used in the sign industry for texturizing smooth surfaces. (Thanks,  D!)

You can watch a video of the TS45 HERE.

Looong way to go. I’d better help. I want my living room back one day soon. 🙂

Priming done!

“Wait! It’s not dry yet!”

And so the staging begins before it’s time. 

Sound familiar? 🙂

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  1. Your son rocks!!! You are obviously raising him right 🙂 I learned so much (and now I’m not afraid of DIY projects) because my dad let me help when I was young.

  2. Its going to look great once its done! Good job teaching your son how to do DIY projects at a young age!! Our eldest has no desire to learn anything DIY but we still have have him help out. At 17 he knows how to handle a pneumatic nailer, sanders, post hole digger (manual), saws, and various other skills. Does he enjoy it? At this age, not one little bit but we figure they are skills he can use his whole life! So once again, good job!

  3. Donna I love you got your son involved. He really does need to know how hard it is to
    come up with an amazing idea. I think that
    is soooo funny he’s already decorating.
    Good to see he’s anxious. I can’t wait to
    see the finished room.

  4. Donna I think it’s so cool that your son enjoys learning how to learn these skills and that you can work on his room together! Way to teach him, mama! I can’t wait to see the finished project…love that you figured out how to make it work and moved forward too…I would still be sanding..arggh! thanks for sharing the process with us!

  5. Wow! He’s talented! I did that with mine when they were young also. They’re all grown now but we worked on some pretty awesome projects “back in the day”! LOL! He should be so proud of himself and you too….what a great Mom you are and what a great example you set for him!
    Was that REAL brick you painted over what it painted to look like brick but still 3 dimensional? I thought it was painted but then you mentioned grooves so I wondered if it was real? I love the effect you’re getting.

  6. How great that he’s learning to do redesign projects! he’ll make some lucky girl a good husband one day! I used to do set design for the local theater and have done a lot of these faux finishes. I always thought they worked just as well in a house too…you just have to make them look a bit better closeup…no benefit of theater lighting an an audience 30 ft away! Can’t wait to see the end!

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