The making of a music video set – Take 2 – REVEAL

Today’s the day! The reveal of the set and video!

Part 1 was HERE.

Concept: the song is about a relationship breakup, so the thought of junk came into play. Imperfection reflecting how she was feeling, yet still hope and beauty out of what remained today.

A farmer’s field was the perfect setting.

A play on an outdoor living room was the premise. An antique rusty crib frame became center stage, and the rest just fell into place. You’ll recognize some of the props if you’re an avid Funky Junk follower. 🙂

The canning jars with the labels were created by Breanne, which tell a story in the video. They are feelings and thoughts left behind.

The video is down below. Enjoy!

The team

The incredibly talented Ashley of Dragonflight Photography

Working with Ashley was actually surreal. I’ve never had my own work pro photographed before and really enjoyed watching how she captured my own vision. She’s ridiculously talented and a gem to work with! Hearing her comments about what she saw with the set staging was incredibly encouraging. I have a very good feeling you’ll be seeing us team up again sometime in the future!

The video

Did You Even Cry, by Breanne Jansen

Breanne, way to make it all happen! You’re so beautiful and talented, and I wish the very best for you. Thanks so much for allowing me to play a small part in your amazing production!

Breanne Jansen – You Tube


All photos

  CLICK HERE for the complete photoshoot (more than here) with enlarged photos – beautiful!

Video production – filmed in Langley, BC Canada

Set design and props


Tamara Jansen – for my birthday dinner!

Inez Elgenraam – Hair/Makeup

Anton Thomas – Audio Recording

My son Cody – for hangin’ in there for the entire day. 🙂

Guys, it was a blast working with all of you! Thanks for the wonderful day!

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37 thoughts on “The making of a music video set – Take 2 – REVEAL

  1. Hey Donna, you are the most amazing stylist in my books…..wanna team up to start a Funky Junk accessories line soon? And tell Cody THANKS for being such a trouper and putting up with my grandkids, me and Pepper for the whole day!

  2. Donna, you have to tell us how you do it! How do you decide what goes where, and why that can’t go there and where the focus is and what takes away from focus….you said I just start throwing stuff together…..thats what my daughter does in her playroom and it doesn’t look beautiful! it looks more like a sandcastle of toys 😛 There is more to it then that!

    Either way, you have a wonderful gift for this stuff, I hope you enjoy every minute of it because I enjoyed watching ever minute 😀 Watching a bare and muddy field transform into a beautiful living room set.


    • Haha! I like your daughter’s style… sounds abit like my own bedroom floor! 🙂

      Thanks so much Lydia… I really enjoyed watching you film with all that fancy gadgetry! Tell you what… you’ll never have to learn how to stage if I don’t have to learn how to film. We have each other after all! Sound like a plan? 😀

  3. I especially loved the purity of the white heart entangled in the branches – very symbolic. All the photography was amazing, but the black and white photos were great – so crisp.

  4. Bravo, well done!! The staging was incredible and the song hauntingly lovely…. both fitting hand in hand! My dear I do believe you have a future here! Have a wonderful day! And per usual we will continue to lift you up in prayer as you continue your endeavors.

  5. Donna! (this is me, screaming!!!) OK, first I want….no scratch that….I NEED… to live in that field on that bed/sofa thing you made with all those goodies! How wonderful that you got to do this…well…and they got YOU!!!!! How wonderful, like Vickie said, “lovely in every way.” She used a period, but me, I SCREAM things…cuz, well, it’s YOU and you’re YOU and how about that video? Just gorgeous!

    So, um, if me and EC ever desire to do a video…wanna come to NY on holiday and play???? (OK, I can dream, right?)


  6. Awesome props. Don’t know where you gals get all the awesome stuff but maybe I need to move where you live?
    I had alot of same type of things I got in KY but just don’t find that kind of items in this part of CO (Grand Junction, CO).
    The Goodwill is ridiculously expensive, priced like new and it’s a ways from our house. Even our thrift store in closest town (6 miles) is getting more expensive. I’m thinking maybe it’s my lack of disposable income that’s more the problem.
    Sadly I had to leave alot of props in KY when we moved. Total bummer.
    Really enjoy your blog, love your tutorial on making old signs. That’s one of my favorite things to make. They sold really well in MT don’t know about here but going to find out. I’ll have to visit your Facebook page too.

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