Warm, funky, fuzzy handmade Scarves and Hats by Peach – review and giveaway

Warm, fuzzy, funky, handmade Hats by Peach! A review and giveaway with video via Funky Junk Interiors

This giveaway is now closed. Thank-you so much for entering! 

Winner is Patty at It’s too Hot in Texas.

Congrats, girl!

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors


I like something on my head when I go for walks. Especially when the snow flies. Long hair only gets you so far when it’s cold out.

Isn’t this cute little fuzzy wonder of a hat adorable?
 Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

Or how about this one?

Wanna keep warm AND look cute?

You need to meet up with Peach and her handmade hats!

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors




Peach has a website and Etsy store filled to the brim of every kind of hat and look imaginable. But that isn’t all she carries.

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

 Check out this precious scarf! The funkiest of yarn creates a wonderfully unique look without the bulk.

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors


They are so warm! And thick. The brims are bendable to whatever shape you desire, and they tighten up to fit via a drawstring on the side to achieve the perfect fit. They sit right above your ears.


They are fuzzy and oh so fun to play with! I love the fact that there’s little bulk, so you can still look cute without it feeling like a snowstorm is heading your way, kwim? 

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

photo courtesy of Hats by Peach Facebook

More about Peach

Why hats? When did you start?  

I started crocheting about 30 years ago.  Before that I was a knitter.  My first “art” was potholders made on a loom.  That was in elementary school.  I sold them door to door to the neighbors.  In hindsight, they bought out of pity! 
I always wore hats.  When my Mother-in-law taught me to crochet, I made many different things and eventually ended up making hats.  They didn’t always look this good though.

Your style is so creative! What inspired you to take this leap? 

My hats were pretty plain to begin with.  Then a buddy of mine gave me some of her scraps, small balls of leftover yarn from some fancy shawls she made.  It was at a two day show when she gave them to me, so I sat at the show, worked up a funky hat, over-priced it (or so I thought) just to see what would happen.  It sold in 10 minutes.  That opened up a whole new world for me.  (By the way, I gave my buddy the money for the hat that sold, I was so grateful.)

What would you deem your style? 

Not sure I have a style.  I have more fun making the funky hats, but I do make conservative ones too.  But even they have character.  I have customers tell me they saw someone wearing a “Peach hat”, so I guess my style is recognizable.  I’ve already been out and about and someone will ask me if I’m wearing a “Peach hat”.  It’s funny when I say yes, and I’m Peach.

I make what I’m in the mood to make.  I don’t take orders. (Except for my family:)  If I wake up and feel like making red hats, I make red hats.  If I feel like doing skull caps that day, I make skull caps.  But for the giveaway, I will gladly give a hat already on my Etsy shop, or I will take an order!  That person will get the VIP treatment.  Yours was a special order too.

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

 ‘flat top’

 Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors


What would you say to women who claim to not look good in hats?

If a woman thinks she doesn’t look good in a hat, I always tell them to try a flat top hat. The funky one I sent you is not technically a flat top, but with the funky yarn though around the top, it gives the appearance of a flat top. I have many flat tops on my site, as well as the bowler type like the plain black one you have.

9 times out of 10, a woman looks good in a flat top. And sometimes a woman just needs to put the hat on correctly. Just play with it.

Thanks Peach! I enjoyed that!

Here’s a 4 minute review I made about a year ago while hosting a previous giveaway for Peach. 

Brace yourself… it’s pretty serious… 🙂

(subscribers, you’ll need to visit the blog to take in the video and enter this giveaway)

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors

Enter to win!

Peach has generously offered a lucky winner 

a hat of their choice 

and she’ll choose a matching scarf for you!

How to enter

In comments, tell me your favourite warm fuzzy go-to you have right now and you’re in!

For a 2nd chance, comment to enter again after you’ve visited Peach’s Etsy, telling me which hat you adore.

For a 3rd chance, comment to enter again after you Blog, tweet or facebook, G+ or Pin about the giveaway.

(good for 1 more entry max)

The giveaway is valid in Canada (excluding Quebec) and USA for those over the age of 18. Void where prohibited. Winner will be chosen by random draw on Thurs Nov 29 and the winner’s name will be mentioned on this post.  Winner must have an email avail with comments if not attached to a blog in order to win.

I was given hats in exchange for this view. The quality is fab and that’s why I’m telling you about them.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank-you so much for entering! 

Winner is Patty at It’s too Hot in Texas.

Congrats, girl!

Hats by Peach, soft and cozy and so very warm! Review and giveaway event at Funky Junk Interiors


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  1. I have a scarf made warm and worn by time…it is about my neck from October until April usually. I cannot even remember where I got it. Could be time for a new one? hint hint

  2. My favorite fuzzy go to… a zip up fleece sweater. I call it my smoking jacket, because well.. I’ve singed it a few time trying to get fire going in the stove!
    It’s brown plaid… but in my chilly house– color doesn’t matter!


  3. I wear some old beige earmuffs and a non-matching blue scarf that I’ve worn for the past 5 years. Ugh! I dread wearing them again another year but they’re still in good shape and it seems a shame to throw them in the trash. If only I could win 1 of these beauties, I’d have to donate the earmuffs and scarf, wouldn’t I?!

  4. My warm + fuzzy go-to is my hand-crocheted fingerless gloves. Great for chores like collecting eggs, when your glove fingers would normally get all dirty. I love making them out of variegated yarns – then they’ll match everything!

  5. my favorite fuzzy is a teal angora hat – looks similar to the cloche hats of the 20’s. Only problem is – I’m allergic to wool, so I have to add a ribbon or something to the inside headband so I don’t react to it. But regardless of the reactions – I still wear it lots.

  6. I have two favorite things to keep me warm–a very old twin-size quilt that is incredibly cozy, and that I love to throw over my lap when I am on the sofa (I keep my house on the chilly side), and my electric blanket that I turn on an hour before bedtime. I love going into my cold(unheated) bedroom and sliding into a warm bed!

  7. Her hats are so cute! I make my own scarves and hats (vintage inspired berets) too. I upcycle my hats from sweaters soooooo…the warmest thing I have right now are my cashmere legwarmers made from the arms of one such sweater. My bed is my other warmest thing – I have a down comforter and a handmade quilt on it <3

  8. I love hats. These are all beautiful. Hats were BIG in the 70’s. When MyHero and I got married I had about 30 hats (to match different outfits). I think anyone can wear a hat if they find the right one! xo Diana

  9. My favourite fuzzy go-to right now is a Canada Olympic hat – it’s not all that fashionable but does keep me warm walking the pooches!
    Peggy @ the Painted Pear

  10. I like the gray & white hat on Peach’s Etsy site – it’s really stylin’. I would probably stick to a plain black hat for me – in order to have it go with everything!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  11. Well, that was tough, liked a lot of them, but my favorite would be the black and white with the white button flower, would go great with my black coat, but darn, maybe a great colored one would be good too!!

  12. Ooooo, fun stuff! My favorite go-to that I already own is a fringed wrap I bought from Coldwater Creek. It’s like a sweater with looped fringe and I wish I’d bought more colors because it’s so cozy.

  13. Donna, I love crocheted items and one of my favorite scarves is one I picked up at our church bazaar, so I know it was made with love! It’s a bright lime green with lavender fringe. So-soft chenille. Although it doesn’t get cold very often in Texas, I love to wear scarves when I can, and hats when it’s really a blustery day!

    [email protected]

  14. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great hats! My favourite go to for keeping warm right now is a burgundy fleece blanket that I cover up with when reading, crafting or watching television.

  15. Went to Peach’s etsy page. So many pretty things to choose from, but my favorite has to be one that you show above — denim/teal/purple with the fuzz around the top of the crown. It has a drawstring for sizing. I believe it’s number 483.

    [email protected]

  16. My favorite warm thing i own right now is a brown corduroy a-line coat I thrifted and it is so cute and trendy no one would ever guess what I paid for it!!! Thanks for a the chance at a cute hat to match!!

  17. Pinned my favorite hat to my board Good Stuff for a third chance at that lovely hat! And a matching scarf — awesome ! I’ll be looking for some cool days to wear them. Thank you Donna and Peach for teaming up on this.

    [email protected]

  18. I absolutely adore the Woman’s Crocheted Chenille Cloche with 3-Petal Embellishment and Adjustable Drawstring. Its just my style and looks perfect! Thanks for another chance to win!

  19. I love all of them!! But if I had to choose, #924 with the floral embellishment. Read your “about me” What a neat beginning and end. Used pencils to knit with and now making hats for all to enjoy. You rock!!

  20. I really like a lot of them! I think my favorites are the blue and the orange
    Woman’s Crocheted Flapper Hat with Novelty Trim and Adjustable Drawstring
    thanks for the giveaway! ~Sarah G

  21. My only standby has been a beret that I’ve had for the last 26+ yrs., and I hate how it flattens my hair. I loved the blk flat top w/drawstring and blk chenille hat with ladybug button. I’m thinking the flat top may work best for my hair though! I’d love to win.

  22. Oh my gosh Donna, these are fabulous! Such unique style. My favorite is the black bowler. Sometimes I think I’m too old to get away with wearing a hat like that. What the heck, this chick would go for it! Will be back later to watch the video.

  23. My favorite go-to right now to stay cozy is a hand loomed scarf that I got last year at the Country Living Fair, I love it! Thanks for the chance at winning a beautiful hat to go with it! Amy M.

  24. I love the black and brown hat shown in your post Donna, but that one is not shown on Peach’s Etsy site. The one on her site that I like the best is the Woman’s Funky Fashion Hat with Novelty Trims and Adjustable Drawstring. I love all the different shades of blue on that hat. It is gorgeous. [email protected]

  25. My favorite go to comfy thing is an over sized sweater. It’s gotten kinda raggy, but I still love it.
    My blog hasn’t been updated in quite a while as I’m changing things around, so if I win, please use my e-mail address.

  26. About the above comment…I just checked my blog and somehow someone else has taken my Blog Name. Didn’t even know this sort of thing could happen so I’ll have to sign up as anonymous.

  27. I don’t think I look good in hats, but these hats are so fabulous I want to try the “flat top” look Peach suggested. Love the look of these, wish I could feel one in person 🙂

  28. My favorite fuzzy go to would have to be my warm fuzzy socks. I have about 5 fairs because I always have them on when I’m at home during the winter.

  29. I really like the Funky Crocheted Hat, Novelty Trim, Button Center Flower, and Adjustable Drawstring with line green and teal which is two of my favorite colors.

  30. Hi,
    For me living in London, ON we get lots of snow and wind and more snow and wind. Did I mention we get alot of snow and wind? Yep, we do!
    Soooo, for a hat I found this great fake fur black hat with a turned-up brim. It pulls down past my ears and right down to my eyebrows! Great and warm – not so chic! As for a scarf, I don’t wear one. When it’s really cold I wear a neck warmer that my Mom knit me – a red one (love red!) and a cream one. She was going to make me a black one but passed away before she did. This is a very old pattern. It fits the neck like a turtleneck, buttons down the side and then spreads out into a circle -no cold air gets in anywhere. When it’s really cold I’ll put on another scarf under the collar or hood of my jacket that I can wrap around my face and head if necessary.
    So that’s me for the winter in SW Ontario. Remember we lose at least 60% of our body heat out our heads.
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    [email protected]

  31. Hello again,
    Just got back from Hats by Peach’s Esty shop! Wow!
    Have a problem, though! Can’t choose just one!
    I like the wide brim like either of yours. Plain black is OK but I was thinking something with pizzazz might be nice as well. No fancy flower on the side or front just the draw string on the side. Maybe red? How about blue? Help!!!!
    Thanks again for the giveaway,
    [email protected]