A treeless ladder Christmas tree – Day 10


  At the time I played with this treeless ladder Christmas tree, I wasn’t sure on a few things. I prefer real trees, but after having gone through two real Christmas trees that died within a week each the last time I had real, I debated on dragging out the faux in storage. But I […]

SNS 165 – DIY / mini Christmas trees


  Welcome to Saturday Nite Special, the multi themed DIY link party!    * Home Decor / Gardening  * Crafts, / Sewing / Recipes / Printables / Blog tips * Theme of the week – DIY mini Christmas trees   Every Fri 7pm  to Sunday 11 pm Pacific. I adore DIY Christmas trees. They are […]

Rustic tree branch garland for Christmas, chevron-style!

tree branch twig garland

Rustic tree branch garland for Christmas   I love my twigs and sticks for home decor, but if I can get a garland out of it, I’m all for it! So I created another very simple idea. So what should we call this garland? Zig zag? Charlie Brown Sweater? I guess chevron will do. 🙂 […]

A rusty gear and lantern Christmas centrepiece – 12 Days #8

rusty gear and lantern Christmas candle centrepiece

  Christmas just isn’t Christmas in Funky Junkville unless I create some kind of junk centerpiece for the kitchen island.  In our home, the kitchen island is the centre of our upstairs. It also serves as our kitchen table so it just demands a little attention. Being that the island is COVERED in fake snow, buttons, […]

Vintage typewriter Christmas centrepiece – 12 Days Day 7


I personally believe anything can look like Christmas. Even an old vintage typewriter. Isn’t she a beauty? This could be used as both a vignette or centrepiece. This little find was landed in late summer from The Back Porch for a whoppin’ $18.00. And it’s been in my garage ever since. I just didn’t take […]