Junk, sandbags and mosquito nets

junk gardening

What’s a girl to do when she’s invited to go to a function that has a roomful of delightful gals, decadent food, shopping, speakers, junk and a reason to band together for a good cause? She drops everything and just goes! Ready to get flooded with photos? Awesome! Getting ready for the Hometalk Meetup YAC […]

Relearning to love where you live.

burlap and reclaimed wood

Can you handle two deep thinking posts in a row? I usually like to save these for Mondays for some reason. But.. ah well. Lots to say this week I guess! But may I just say how incredibly grateful I am that you received my last post’s ‘joyful’ news so well? Totally beside myself! I […]

Joyful choices!


You guys… you just amaze me. Thank-you for your thoughtful, heartfelt words of encouragement over the loss of Teddy during this past weekend’s Pet Parade. I barely know what to say. And your darling pet’s faces made me smile all weekend through. 🙂 Things are quieter and different, and I allow moments of missing my girl here […]

Party Junk 184 – Pet Parade!

black cat Teddy

Welcome to Funky Junk’s Party Junk, a multi themed DIY link party! Home Decor / Gardening Crafts / Sewing / Recipes / Printables / Blog Tips *Theme of the Week Every Friday, 7pm thru Sunday, 11pm Pacific This weekend is EXTRA special! We’re linking up our beloved pets today in honour of Teddy. who passed […]

Missing Teddy


This post is a tribute to missing Teddy our cat. Includes a short story and video. If you frequent Funky Junk Interiors Facebook, you’ll have seen a post of mine about our cat, Teddy. She fell ill and I had a bad feeling I wasn’t bringing her home yesterday. Well, she came home. I was […]