Missing Teddy

This post is a tribute to missing Teddy our cat. Includes a short story and video.

This post is a tribute to missing Teddy our cat. Includes a short story and video.

If you frequent Funky Junk Interiors Facebook, you’ll have seen a post of mine about our cat, Teddy. She fell ill and I had a bad feeling I wasn’t bringing her home yesterday.

Well, she came home. I was just BEYOND excited. But she was still one sick little kitty and didn’t do well today. So I had to bring her in one last time.

My precious Teddy didn’t make it. πŸ™

She’s had health issues for quite some time, and it was simply her time. My son said to me today, “Why are you sad? She IS in Heaven, you know!”

Smart kiddo. But her loss is most certainly felt. It’s been a tough day.

Funky Junk Interior's Teddy

Anyway, I had a bad feeling yesterday, so I dropped everything, and brought her to her favorite creek out back and did a little shooting. I’m so glad I did. This little video has proved to be priceless.

And here it is. In honour of Teddy.

Video tribute to Teddy – view above


View above for a short video tribute of our beloved and sweet Teddy Bear.

dark chocolate brown fluffy cat Teddy Funky Junk Interiors

She loved to sit on the back of my office chair. I had to be ever so careful spinning that thing around because one time she did fly off when I didn’t know she was on board!

She also had this funny little silent meow whenver she was really pleased with something. It was like saying hello to you. If you talked to her or touched her, she’d open her mouth and a little ‘ah!’ came out. πŸ™‚

This little girl was my shadow and joined at my hip. She just wandered into photos and you can bet I cranked up that shutter and went to town whenever she happened to wander by. She gave life to stills and MADE photos better. She was a little movie star in my eyes.

Teddy was the last of 3 pets. I haven’t been petless in about 20 years, so this is a whole new ride. But we will be ok, because, one thing kept running through my mind which calmed me right down… strangest thing ever. But truly… it chilled me right out. The words that kept popping in my head were…

“This is just the way it happens.”

That’s it. Just a simple, plain understanding of the circle of life. We will all run out of time at some point. But I also live by the belief that this is a mere pitstop, and what’s waiting for us is far greater than any of us could imagine.

So, there’s no reason to feel awful. Sad and missing her, YES. But,not to the point of shutting down. Staying busy and productive also helps me a great deal. We will be ok! I will see to it.

Because this is just the way it happens. And we’ll see her again.

Funky Junk Interiors Donna and Teddy

We will miss you, monkey! See you on the flip side!


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192 thoughts on “Missing Teddy

  1. Fur children leave a hole in our hearts,a weak spot,that in time is covered by a lose patch that can allow tears at any time. It is a special bond,a love that teaches,a love that is not demanding. Cry when you need to,celebrate the love,and know that your heart will always wear a little patch.

    • Dearest Donna,

      My heart aches. I once had a cat that would straddle the couch arm and watch tv alongside of me.

      It is a wondrous gift how these delightful creatures enter into our hearts.

      May your lovely memories be a comfort to you during this difficult time.

  2. Wow…I am a new follower but a lifer now. In my next life can I be your cat? What a sweet tribute to Teddy (aka Monkey) and more to the ability to love simply just like this website and what it projects. Sooooooo refreshing …really. Love deeply, Live deeply and Laugh deeply. But the key element in all is simplicity. I agree that life is a gift but what awaits is a far better gift! Thanks for sharing your many, many talents and love.
    New Fan in Texas! xoxo

  3. Oh Donna, I’m truly so sorry for your loss. I’ve so enjoyed every photo I’ve seen Teddy in and could tell how much you loved her, just from how many times she showed up in your photos. Pets fill such a special place in our homes, lives and hearts and no two are ever the same – they all have their own distinct personalities and things we love about them. May the hurt in you feel over her loss be overshadowed by your special memories.

  4. Donna-
    So sorry for your loss. Our furry kids become real members of our families, don’t they? We lost our Rusty last summer (he was 15!) and are grateful that our daughter has had us “watch her cats” while she is in NY–for over a year now–I believe they are ours by default. Thinking of you and your beautiful kitty today.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    I know how it feels…but thats what calms me down too- thats the way things happen.
    Loved the video and the little emotions.
    God bless the sweet.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. We have 3 little rat terriers and the oldest is nearly 15. Not looking forward to the day she is no longer around, which we worry about all the time since she is nearly deaf and her eyesight is failing. What a wonderful tribute though! I thought it was absolutely beautiful! Is it easy to do a You Tube video? Wish I were more technologically savvy to do something like that!

  7. Oh Donna, I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet cat, Teddy. I have to be honest as say I couldn’t watch the whole video as it made me cry. It’s such a sweet tribute to Teddy and the scenery is so beautiful. Take care and I’m sending hugs to you and your son. Blessings, Pam

  8. Well done video. It made me cry as we lost one of our beloved Golden Retrievers to cancer just last week. Some people don’t get it.. but those that are true animal lovers understand the void and pain when an animal leaves us. Enough of the sadness.. and to remember the fun times when they were healthy. The link I put in the website is what I did as a memorial to our Golden Belle.

  9. My heart goes out to you and your son for losing your precious Teddy! I know the empty spot that you must feel. The good news…..Your son is right. Teddy is running pain and illness free in heaven having a wonderful time!

  10. I am so sorry for your loss! Even though I have three children I know what it is like to have fur babies. I had a little cry for you this morning. Take care and enjoy your Teddy memories.

  11. My heart bleeds for you, Donna. There isn’t much I can say to you to make you feel any better, besides that you will be in my thoughts. {I have lost many pets over the decades, and the one thing I do believe in, if nothing else, is that we will be re-united with our pets}


  12. So sorry to hear of your loss! Pets are such a special part of the family, they are always there a true companion! Though you son is correct (from the mouthes of babes!), I know that her loss is felt deeply.

  13. I’s so sorry for your loss. Great video. Awesome stills. So sweet. We will all miss Teddy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Donna,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your special Teddy. Our pets are so special to us. They become like our children. Seeing them in heaven will be wonderful. I’ll be praying for your heart to have peace through this. I’m so glad for you, that you have many pictures and memories of your precious baby! ~Tammy

  15. I am so sad to hear about Teddy. Watching your video had me in tears remembering all of my little four-legged children that are no longer here. You gave her such a good life which shows in the video and all of your posts about her. Take peace in that, and, not that she can ever be replaced, but in my experience there will be another little kitty or doggy one day that will be looking for that love that only you can give them. Teddy would like that.

  16. Through the years I have lost many beloved pets & I know the hole it leaves in your heart. There is a comfort in knowing they are not suffering anymore & yes we will see them again πŸ™‚ I LOVE your blog & always enjoyed seeing pictures of Teddy. Stay strong, as I know you will.

  17. What a wonderful tribute to Teddy! It was the end of a long road of having pets back in 2005 for me. My Lhasa Apsos had been with me for seventeen years when the calling came. It was so heartbreaking that we said, never again. I really do miss having little feet and loyal companionship around.
    But our lifestyle has changed and it really wouldn’t be fair to them now. I really enjoy watching the interactions of others with their loving pets. I will be posting a picture of my cuties at your party. Thank you!

  18. What a wonderful video, and as you say – priceless! and something you can always look back on. You have inspired me to take more photos of my three pets so that I can have the luxury of looking at all the treasured moments.

  19. So sorry for your loss. You teddy looks just like my Nero and your description of her fits him to a tee. Cant imagine what i would do without him. You were blessed to have her in your life! RIP Teddy.

  20. I am so SO sorry for your loss. Having lost pets over the years, it is so disheartening so I know how you feel. However, I also come from a farm and I know that this is how it happens – it’s up to each person if they decide to get attached to the pets. It’s better to love and grieve than not.

  21. Donna,Your Teddy looked just like my cat Panther who is now 12. I know at some point he will have to leave me, but rips my heart out thinking about it. I always tell people though, there are lots more babies out there who need homes and love. Each one definitely leaves paw prints on your heart. Thanks for sharing about your beloved Teddy and sending hugs!

  22. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face. What a beautiful tribute. You will always have some pretty spectacular photos of your Teddy. Please know that I’ll be thinking about you and your family today. We, too, are in love with our pet, and I treasure each day she’s a part of our lives.

  23. Donna, I’m so sorry to hear this news about your sweet kitty. She looks like such a sweetie, and it must break your heart that she isn’t here any more. I totally get your sadness, and I pray you are comforted while you grieve her passing.

  24. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Teddy was adorable, and I know you must be missing her terribly–how sweet that she walked around the house and yard with you. We lost our 19-year-old cat Casey last August, and I now have a one-year-old orange tabby and a 2-year-old rescue yellow Lab. They are bringing me such joy–but I still think about Casey every day. I will be thinking of you as you get through the next few difficult days…..

  25. Ok – amazing tribute to Teddy – I remember one of the first times I saw her on your blog was when she was on the back of your chair..cried through that video and wouldn’t you know my own black cat Sloan took that moment to jump on my desk…he watched it with me for awhile.

    Amazing how they heal our hearts…Prayers to you and your family on Teddy’s passing – may the memories you made with her fill your heart with joy and ease the pain you are feeling today and in the coming days…

  26. Oh, Donna! I am so sorry! I had a hard time even reading this post. You know I understand. Our furbabies have such a big place in our hearts…leaving big holes when they are gone. I fully expect to be greeted by a band of my sweet kitties when I get to Heaven. I am sending you hugs along with my thoughts and prayers…Debbie

  27. I am so sad for you. I love animals so much and the tears were flowing as I watched your video. Pets give us such great comfort and joy. I remember when you lost your dog too. Thinking of you and loving on my two dogs extra today.

  28. Sweet Donna,

    I have enjoyed seeing Teddy in your photography, and I understand your intimate relationship, because our pets are not just pets, they are our companions, our secret-sharers, our hopes, our peace of mind, our hearts, all covered up in fur. I feel your loss, because I’ve lost so very many myself. I’m thankful you were able to capture her in these last moments with your camera and with your memory. I know you want time to yourself and you must have that, and some things will be harder for you for awhile as you adjust to her new position in life.

    I’m a pet rescuer. So I’ve seen my share of cats and dogs who have passed through my arms to better places, some not of this world, but most into loving families with open arms waiting to share the same kind of joy and peace I have when I listen to my own cats purring.

    I know you must grieve, but I hope through your grief, you can find Teddy’s voice asking you to continue to share your love, because you were so special to her….she knows your love needs to continue to grow, and she’s wrapped in your love now, but you have so much more that needs to be let out….I pray that you will find yourself someday wanting to hear another purr right next to your ear, and feel the soft pads of a cat in your fingers, stroke fur as the sun shines on it, and watch other cats’ eyes watching with amazement as they stare at what we think are the most mundane things in this world.

    You don’t have to adopt, you don’t have to promise another lifetime….but you COULD foster. I hope you’ll tolerate me bringing up ‘another cat’ talk for just a moment in order to plant a seed, and realize that it’s not because I’m insensitive to your loss, but because I’m sensitive to your not having an outlet to share your memorable love you have with Teddy, in the ways most familiar to you..with your eyes, your hands, your ears, your nose. Someone with 4 paws is waiting out there to have someone hold them again and feel even an ounce of the love you felt for Teddy, and they’ll hold you back. When the time is right, look for it.

    There’s not a shelter or rescue group in the country that isn’t begging for just one more person to step up and take a fur baby in for just a few days or a few weeks. With up to 30% of abandoned pets being pure-breds people dumped because they didn’t understand the temperment of the breed, the overcrowding means MOST don’t get to live out their lives until they run out of time in as natural way as they can. On the average, 8 perfectly good dogs and cats die every minute. We could save the lives of so many more if we could just find a safe place to let an unfortunate cat or dog recooperate, let their broken hearts mend a little from being abandoned in the woods, or on the side of the road, or worse, one who was dragged or carried to the shelter and ‘surrendered’ because, as we hear so often, and as the pet heard their human’s last spoken words in their presence, ‘she’s just too old for us now, and can we see your kittens while we’re here?’. Fortunately most shelters won’t allow that.

    As other readers have said, Donna, your love was special, something to be celebrated and revered, captured forever in your photography. Let your heart grieve, and accept the patch as Vicki so elequently spoke of it, cry and celebrate as your heart demands, but keep your heart open to offer comfort to a scared kitty who’s human just died, or who got dumped at age 14, or who was hit by a car, or who is Feline Leukemia+ and needs to live out what’s left of their lives in the shelter of peace and love, not the cold brick and cement shelter where they’re headed.

    The comment I hear the most about fostering is that you’d take them in, but, then wouldn’t be able to let them go when it came time to give them up for adoption…but you know, when you know they’re going to a loving home where every one of their days will be like those you and Teddy shared, and you know others are waiting who won’t have the chance to feel that love ever again because of overcrowding at the shelters if you DON’T give up the one you’re fostering…well, your heart knows how to let them go so you can accept yet another foster into your heart and home.

    Yes, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder about them every now and then, but you’ll be holding the next kitty in your lap when you think about the last one, because there’s a never-ending stream of ‘unwanteds’ who’d love nothing more than to have a bit of your love you shared with Teddy for just a little while, and I assure you Teddy would love to know you were feeling all the good things she provided to you that she can’t right now.

    As I said, I hope you don’t mind my bringing up ‘another cat’ talk, and realize that it’s not because I’m insensitive to your loss, but I’m sensitive to your not having an outlet to share your memorable love you have with Teddy, in the ways most familiar to you..with your eyes, your hands, your ears, your nose. Someone with 4 paws is waiting out there to have someone hold them again, and they’ll hold you right back. Look for it, consider opening your heart for it again.

    In the meantime, you’re in our prayers that you find peace and comfort in your memories, in your routine, and in your heart!

  29. I always loved the pictures she popped herself into… she did always make them better πŸ˜€ She was one of my favorite online kitties πŸ˜€ I cried watching the video… thank you for sharing her with us xoxoxo

  30. My heart goes out to you! Our precious furry kids really are a huge part of our family! I love the feeling that they will be in heaven, too! Gone but never forgotten.

  31. I’m sitting in the library reading this this morning and my heart is breaking for you. You lost your sweet puppy and now Teddy. You have made wonderful tributes to both of them. So special, Donna. Thank you. I have a feline housemate named Gracie Lou (Lulu for short) that I adore. She is the most loving, affectionate, communicative animal I have ever known. She is 12 and I am aware that her days are waning. But I am overwhelmingly grateful to have her in my life, to have had the privilege of loving and living with her. Jack and I have 4 cats but she’s special. My thoughts are with you and your darling boy. Sending love and light from Indiana.

  32. Oh, Donna, I am so sorry… just a few weeks ago, I lost my pup of 16 years and it still feels so weird not to see her sitting at my feet in the craft room. I still have three cats – who continue to look around the house for Casey too.

    Your Teddy is so sweet; you both were so lucky to have had each others love.

  33. What a wonderful life she had! She was beautiful. I am still missing my black cat, Cinder, who died 2 years ago…I bet another one with lots of love to give will come your way…

  34. We are so sorry to hear about your Teddy. We help support people each day
    who are losing their pets and the poem Rainbow Bridge says it all. If you don’t
    have a copy it is located on our website. These special creatures are such a
    part of our families that we much know we will meet them again – healthy
    and happy and running like they should.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you……..
    Cathie (Animalritesusa.com)

  35. I’m so sorry for your loss. As a lover of pets and one who has seen many leave my home, I truly can feel your pain. May the happy memories overshadow the sadness quickly.

  36. I’m so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t help but cry when I watched the video. I can remember when you had a posted a year or two ago about losing your other cat. So sad. We had three cats at one time and two of them looked like short haired versions of yours. Miss them. : ( Take care, Jennifer

  37. Although it is not a time to shut down, please know my heart is broken for you. I cried and cried watching your video. I have two cats of my own and had to say goodbye to a few of my furbabies along the way. So many times they were there for me when no one else was. Teddy was and is beautiful. I am so thankful he got to spend his life with you and was loved so deeply. I have enjoyed seeing your cats in many of your pictures you’ve shared. I will miss seeing Teddy.

  38. I am not a blogger…just an avid fan of your fantastic blog…it is my very favorite!

    I am so sorry to Teddy is no longer by your side….but it sure looks like she was livin’ the life, while here on this earth!!!!
    Precious ‘animal family’ always has a place in our hearts for the rest of OUR lives!
    Such a wonderful tribute to a precious critter!
    Thanks for all of your sharing, it is meaningful!

  39. So sorry for your loss Donna…..our furry friends are as much our children and dear friends as our human ones. It is so hard to say goodbye. I believe that all my past furry friends will be waiting for me along with my family, when I arrive at the gates!

  40. Hey Donna. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute you made. Teddy was one gorgeous cat and a very lucky kitty to have you and your son as her family.

  41. Donna, I’m sorry to hear about your sweet Teddy. It’s hard to let them go when the time comes. We’ve lost so many and it’s never easy. We didn’t have kids, so my pets are my children. Riley Cat watched the video with me and she wanted you to know that she is sending her sympathies as well.

  42. Hi, I just found your blog recently. I’m sorry about your loss. It’s hard to lose a pet because it seems there’s no “catagory” for our mourning. No two cats are ever alike but I hope you find another precious kitty to share your life.

  43. Aw, so sorry. We have had to say good-bye to many pets over the years and it’s so sad. Nice tribute to fuzzy buddy!

  44. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Our last kitty had to go to Heaven last year too and I miss Princess Rothko to this day.

    These pets are such sweet, wonderful friends with such great personalities, but yes, I too know that I’ll see her another day.

    Our chocolate lab Hershey is 13 years old and I know my time with him is limited…said with a tear in my eye. But he too as a beautiful Heaven to go too someday.

    Hugs. Enjoy your wonderful memories and thank you for sharing her with us.

  45. I am so sorry for your loss – I know how hard it is. Pets are the best companions & though I do love my family very much of course, my pets are a very close second. What special gifts from God they are.

  46. I’m so sorry for your lost. It doesn’t get easier with each pet and I know how much it hurts to love such a sweet little girl like yours. Bringing her to the field was such a sweet thing to do. I hope you allow yourself to cry and laugh when needed and don’t pressure yourself emotionally.

  47. Oh Donna I am sorry for the loss of Teddy. I cried through the entire video. Watching this reminds me when I lost my cat, Blackie. She looked so much like Teddy and was killed when a car ran over her. I cried for days. So, my prayers are with you.

  48. Thanks for the sweet video and truths. GOD bless you in your sorrow and may He bring sweet remembrances to mind always. Our animal family is another of GOD’s great gifts to us! So thankful for you and yours.

  49. Aw! Donna–
    sincerest condolences on the loss of your family pet.
    The video was very sweet.
    I know this is one black cat You’re glad to have crossed your path. πŸ™‚ Pat

  50. Your words about Teddy were so sweet, & I can tell you are hurting. We have been dog lovers forever (3 at present). Recently we were given a kitten & she does the silent meow thing like you described Teddy doing. It made me even more sad for you, because I was thinking how much you are missing all those little everyday things. Pets are not just companions, they’re family. I know some people don’t understand the emptiness you feel when they’re gone, but it’s obvious that all of us faithful readers do & we’ll keep you in our prayers. Hope your upcoming weekend gives you some family time & fun.

  51. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious cat. Teddy was blessed to be loved by you and you were blessed to be loved by Teddy. Sweet memories will be priceless now.

  52. I’m so sorry for your loss of Teddy. Our pets leave us too soon. Your pets always added a special something to your photography. I hope you will adopt a special pet again. I think pets are a gift from God.

  53. Sorry for your loss, however, what an awesome tribute honoring Teddy. A beautiful job, again. I too agree with you, “this is just the way it happens”. Enjoy your website so very much.

    God bless you and your son.

  54. So sorry for your loss. Teddy wasn’t even my cat but, I am sitting here crying. I love animals and I hate to see them hurt or sick, breaks my heart. “REST IN PEACE TEDDY”.

  55. Whatever you do, BECAUSE you are a good home, PLEASE do adopt again and PLEASE do it from your local shelter. Save a life. Teddy would be so proud.

  56. I’ve lost two of my own little fuzzy people, and there is no easy way about it. I have pictures of each of them next to this computer…where they will stay. They are also permanently etched into my heart and mind.

    I wish you healing, strength, and the reminder that you can cry when or if you need to.

  57. Donna, I’m so sorry. It’s a testament to your loving connection that Teddy always wanted to hang out with you. When my sweet Miss Rogers died last year I was lost. I answered an ad to foster a cat, and his companionship helped me through my grief. It’s been 6 months, and next week he is going back to his Mom. I will miss him, but know my heart is open for another cat to come into my life. (((hugs)))

  58. And you will see her again. Some people believe that our pet greet us first when we arrive in Heaven. What a beautiful tribute…brought tears to my eyes; I loved seeing her in many of your pictures; she did add calm and beauty to them. What a treasure she has been.

    Sue Morrison

  59. Donna and family: Sorry for your loss of Teddy. I always liked it when she would sneak into your shots! She made everything much more real than a picture of something. But she’s in heaven now watching you. When you feel that cool breeze of something going by, remember Teddy. You both have a deep bond that can never be taken away. Godbless

  60. Oh girlfriend. I am so sorry for you loss. Been there myself not that long ago. My sweet cat “CJ” πŸ™ I think God must have some really awesome pets up there, cause I have had to put down way too many in the last few years. My thoughts are with you, and I really do understand the missing of a sweet and wonderful cat.

  61. when we lost our beloved Sandy ( dog) . It was like a member of the family.
    they are not just a pet but a member of the family. We grieve for them as we would 2 legged family members.
    I am very sorry for your loss. But as I say to my family members we have our memories
    Rosemary —

  62. So very precious and the sweetest tribute to Teddy. I feel your heart and love the peace and warmth that comes from it! God Bless You!

  63. I’m so sorry for your loss, Donna. Your beautiful video brought a lump to my throat. I, too, have a sweet black kitty named Lucy who tags along with me as I work on my projects and has a “meow” or “mew” response for everything I say to her. Our pets bring such joy to our lives. What a blessing they are, if even for a short time. Hugs to you!

  64. What a precious video. So happy that you took your kitty to her favorite place. It was like she was leaving for heaven right then and her favorite place was her station here in this life. I know you will see her again. It is sad to lose a pet – but it is as you say “just the way things happen”. We are so very lucky to have the love of a pet – for however long they are with us. They teach us love!


  65. So, so sorry for your loss. Seems like just yesterday Jenna crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Grateful that you were able to spend some time with Teddy in her favourite spots and document them too.

    Hugs to you both.


  66. Our pets leave footprints on our hearts for sure….I have 3 cats and love them more than I can say…they are My kids! Your video was precious and brought tears to my eyes…made me appreciate my girls and love them that much more…..feeling your pain today. RIP Teddy….sweet baby!
    So great that you have so many photos and memories to help you get thru the loss.

  67. I loved seeing your cat in your posts she was beautiful. At first reading this I thought you meant you took her out back to the creek and shot her out of her misery. Loved the video it made me cry and think of my seal point Himalayan. Murphy. Sorry for your loss.


  68. What a wonderful video of your Teddy and something to watch in years to come with happy memories. We had a cat that looked just like your Teddy, my son Ric named him “Ric 2” he was a blessing, was even stolen once & we had to steal him back πŸ™‚ then he went missing again last year a couple of months later a neighbor boy brought me his collar that he found in the field out behind our house. So we will never know what happened to him. I wish I had made a video but I still have lots of pictures of him so someday I will make one. Thank you for sharing your video.

  69. So sorry for your loss, Donna! β™₯ I lost my precious Honey Bunch last week and miss her terribly…So sad for us to lose our fur friends but better for them to not be sick & suffering anymore. Love some of your shots in the video – down low in the grass, as through Teddy’s eyes. Take care…β™₯

  70. Donna, I’m so sorry about your cute little sidekick. The video is beautiful…I loved that slight moment when we could hear her purring in the grass…so sweet.

  71. Wow Donna! So moving, this brought me to tears! I am so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful kitty and she did make your shots so special! I know you will miss your little partner! ((((hugs))))

    ~Laurie xo

  72. Dear Donna,
    My heart aches for you at the loss of your little angel. You may remember one of my comments to you several months ago. The picture you posted included Teddy and I could only just stare. She is the twin of my own well loved Winston J. I showed it to my husband and tricked him. He thought it was Winston! So I felt very saddened to read of your loss. We came very close to losing Winston about a year or so ago so I know that there is little comfort that words can bring. Remember, though, the smiles she brought to all of us who saw her in your photos. When our beloved pets cross the Rainbow Bridge they leave us behind but only for a short while and I have to believe their little spirits watch over us. She will get her wings and is now healthy and free from pain or illness and happily playing will all the other beloved kitties who are waiting. So, if you sometimes seem to see a little shadow in some of your photos, don’t be surprised. Just enjoy the moment of a little extra love. Thanks for sharing this moment. Now I’m off to get my camera.
    Connie & Winston J.

  73. What a beautiful memorial!
    I am so sorry for your loss!
    We lost two of our doxies recently. Sam,15, in Oct. from a brain tumor. Scooter,18, passed away in Feb. luckily Sugar,14, is still with us. She has been very lonely without her “brothers”. I was on Facebook one day and pet finders posted a picture and bio of a 4 yr. old doxie in need of a home.
    Belle is the newest member of our family! We adopted her two weeks ago. You never know what life will bring you!
    Sincerely, DiAnne

  74. Donna your beautiful tribute brought me to tears. My heart is hurting for you and your son today. My sweet little cat is 18 and our dog is 16. You have given me such a gift to make a video of our two girls like you did Teddy and I appreciate that so much!

  75. I am SO SORRY, Donna.
    I could not stop crying watching the video.
    You got great photos of her.
    ANd you were a great “mother” to her.
    So she had the best life she could have had.
    I am happy for that.

  76. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when the last one went to heaven and you did a beautiful tribute as well. I think You’ve done a great job as a pet owner and you are in my thoughts and prayers with warm hugs sent your way.

  77. Donna I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you feel – I cried for weeks when my kitty Mittens died. Every time I tried to think of all the wonderful times with her, it would start me crying all over again. My kids couldn’t stand to see me cry – which resulted in me coming home one night to a tiny fur-ball that had to grow into really big ears (even though I insisted on no more pets). I loved my lost kitty and I love the ones my kids got me to stop me from crying. I hope you find comfort in happy memories of Teddy. Lisa

  78. Beautiful tribute , so very touching- I had a cat that looked just like that named Babe’ -And was my first childhood pet to pass ..And I remember that day like it was yesterday -Thanks for sharing

  79. Oh Donna, I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost one of our cats this last year, and it was so hard on my family. If it makes you feel any better, Teddy’s story saved my cat. Without you two teaching me about hyperthyroidism my kitty would have died with me just chalking it up to old age. With her being almost twenty, I’m not sure how much longer I will have her but I know she wouldn’t be here now with you Teddy and you.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers,
    Shanna Gilbert

  80. Our cat, Bowie, recently went missing. We live in a neighborhood that is very wooded, and coyotes have been seen. Bowie didn’t go out at night so I’m not sure what happened to him, nevertheless, he has been gone for a week.

    I cried all through your video. I don’t think I had allowed myself to mourn for Bowie yet, because I hoped he would come home. I know I will see him again, too because I believe in heaven and I believe all my beloved pets will be there.

    If you are a reader, read “Unsaid” by Neil Abramson. There is a part where a sick, old dog is put down, and a young autistic boy speaks “for” the dying dog. A beautiful scene.

    So aorry about your beloved Teddy. Perhaps he and Bowie are carousing in heaven together.

  81. Donna, I’m so sorry to hear about your beautiful little Teddy. I cried watching your slideshow, such a wonderful tribute. I have 5 kitties myself, it’s just heartbreaking thinking about ever losing them. I can only imagine the emptiness you are feeling right now (((big hugs))).

  82. A long time lurker who loves your style.
    My heart belongs to my girl Abby.
    So I was very sad to read about your Teddy.
    Your son is right he is restored now to health running free over the Rainbow Bridge. Your last video was priceless and the last shot of him walking towards the water made me think of going over the Bridge where his spirit will wait for yours.
    So very very sorry for your loss.

  83. Beautiful tribute for Teddy. He had a glorious life I can tell. I love kitties but can’t have them. So, I settle for watching the two Tabs across the street. Amazing creatures and if I could, would have my own! So hard to let go….

  84. So sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts when we have to let them go. This is beautiful, thoughtful and touching tribute. I’m typing through my tears – and I never even met her. Hugs.

  85. Oh my gosh, I was soooo saddened to hear of your loss Donna. As long as I’ve been following your blog Teddy always added “something special” to your already beautiful stills — moving art. What a touching and beautiful tribute to her. Tears. Tears. And more tears!!! I believe your son is right about her being in heaven…out of the mouth of babes. I truly feel your pain Donna and she will indeed be very much missed… =[

  86. I am so sorry for your loss. Remember that your son is right, Teddy is in heaven now and not sick anymore.

  87. Oh how pure the love of a pet is…and when they must leave us, oh how much we miss them. I know your pain all too well, and all my best wishes go out to you as your life continues with just your memories of Teddy. However do not sacrifce that companionship by not getting yourself another pet…there are so many out there that need love and a home. We need them and they need us! Hugs to you!

  88. Donna know that you are in my thoughts! I too have had to part with very special four-legged children in my 48 yrs.

    Growing up I had a miniature schnauzer for 13 yrs. & as a teenager had to see her leave this earth.

    Next were a wonderful seal point siamese & cocker mix who grew up as sisters even though they weren’t they were a cat & dog. Brandi our cocker lived to be 16 & Sam our siamese to be 18.

    Now I am blessed with two wild & crazy four-legged boys! The only boys I have ever had either two-legged or four-legged. Beau & Brutus were Frenchton litter mates & went through so much with me! They are French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix boys. There have been there through everything… hip surgery, a horrible divorce, a pulmonary embolism, etc. They show such unconditional love & are very special to me! They are my angels on earth!

    From one four-legged Mom to another, keep the wonderful memories of your beloved girl close to your heart & know that you will see her again.

    A fellow four-legged Mom,
    Ann /(^-^)\ =(^-^)=

  89. I am so sorry to hear about your precious Teddy…It is so very difficult losing a family pet..as they are such an important part of the family..the one with the unconditional love…always glad to see you…they are on this earth for such a short amount of time..doesn’t seem fair…May you find solace in the memories of Teddy.

  90. So sorry for your loss! Teddy looks a lot like my Salem, who has been gone about 7 years now. I’m currently petless, but looking to adopt soon as life just isn’t as full without a furbaby around! Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  91. I follow your blog daily and know that Teddy was an integral part of your life. Such adorable photos of Teddy on the back of your chair. I’m so very sorry for your loss. My furkids are my children and every time I lose one, I lose a part of my heart. That said, every time I adopt another, I replenish my broken heart. Hoping you find peace knowing you gave an adoring critter a loving home and they gave you one in return. DD

  92. I am so sorry for the loss of your Teddy, you have such wonderful photos of her that reflect the love that you all shared. Bless her sole. I know your heart is broken right now but you have the right idea to mend it.

  93. God bless you and your family. I cried seeing your beautiful tribute. Your website sticks out to me after reading about the loss of your dog. I had just lost 2 of my dogs within months of each other and to see that I am not the only one who feels so empty without them gives me comfort for my pain. I pray that you will continue to find peace in knowing you will see them all again. And I hope that somehow you can get to the point where you can welcome a new four legged friend into your life. There are so many that need the love you can give, and you can give that love in honor of the ones you miss so much.

  94. I am so saddened for your loss, Donna. Please know that even as difficult as it was, that you have done the right thing. Take the love you felt for Teddy, and multiply that by thousands and you will have the love she held for you and your son. Thank you for giving such a wonderful creature her forever home. She indeed was special.

  95. So sorry for your loss, Donna,What a beautiful video! My cat,Spook, looks like a twin to your Teddy. Thanks for sharing

  96. My condolences, Donna. I have been through all three of your pet losses. Our fur babies enrich our lives so much. Big Texas-size hugs to you and your precious son!

  97. Dearest Donna & Family; I am so very Sorry for your loss of Teddy. I know just how you feel as my Mama’s Cat just passed away.
    I was very close to that Cat, and how I Love her. She helped me through some bad days when I was extremely sick, and I did not know if I was going to make it or not.
    Pets make all the days which we reside on this earth so much better. They are one of Gods most Wonderful Creations.
    Please Take Care. You will see Teddy again, and just be happy in knowing that someone close to you is watching over Teddy now, until you are with Them again.

  98. Our hearts go out to you. We know the kind of special cat you had, as we have in Bob. Know that you had a rare and loving breed, something you may never experience again. Teddy was a beautiful example of the Chantilly.

  99. So sorry for your loss… The video is a wonderful tribute, it is just beautiful… She is running in fields now by a creek waiting for you at rainbow bridge…

  100. Thank you for sharing this sweet video of “Teddy”. It is so hard to lose a sweet friend, but I do believe all of mine will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge, so we can all cross over together. I just recently lost my 13″ Beable, Sadie Mae Beagle Pearson, she was 10 yrs old. It happened so fast, I did not have time with her, to love on her, & hold her before she went. This is the hardest thing I go thru everyday, wishing I had had the time….miss my Sadie so much. Again, so sorry to hear of your loss, they are sweet, most caring,loving, forgiving creatures. GOD did good on All His Animals. I also stand up & be a voice for the animals on Stop Animal Abuse, torture, research testing on animals, gas chambers, gestation crates, caged poulty, & the breeders/suppliers of well know food companies that use these people & know of the abuse. Sometimes I am ashamed of the human race.

    Bless You & Your Family

  101. Debbi is so right…we will all miss her! I loved seeing Teddy in your pics, so I cried when I saw your video in honour of her. (She is the spitting image of my little Harriet.) I too believe in at least a ‘pet’ heaven, and I know she’s there..happy..and waiting for the day in the long distant future when you’ll meet up again. πŸ™‚
    Lots of hugs and comforting thoughts being sent your way!!

  102. So sorry for your loss. Pets hold a special place in our hearts and lives.
    I truly sympathize with you it is never easy to say so long to our precious pets, who add so much to our lives.

  103. Donna,

    I’m sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose one of fur-babies. Please know that you are in my thoughts and Teddy is still with you more than ever.

  104. Donna I am so sorry for your loss. What a precious gift from God. Your son was right, you will see Teddy again in heaven. God created animals for us to enjoy so I know Teddy is there. I LOVE your blog. It has helped me with many of my insecurities in my “junky funky” journey. Still learning how to blog. I don’t have a blog site – not sure how to do it yet. I just really enjoy your site. I look at it EVERY day after I do my daily devotional.

  105. Oh, Donna…I am so sorry! I cried for a good 30 minutes after reading this. My Molly was diagnosed with cancer back in August, and though she is doing well now, I know her time with me is short. Loosing the fur babies we love is never easy, but the time we have with them is a gift from God. I love the pictures you took of her right before and it’s easy to see that she felt the love when her time came. Hugs.

  106. Donna, I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. They are members of our family and they leave a vacant hole when they are gone. My sweet niece, Sandi, lost her cat, Oscar, who she had for many years about 3 weeks ago. I consoled her best I could. Little did I know that my own beloved cat, Mister Mann, would drop dead suddenly in our living room two weeks ago Sunday. I am still devistated at the loss of that cat. He was a cat who thought he was a dog from his wagging tail to the way you could whistle for him like a dog and he’d come. He was only 4 years old and had no health problems so we were shocked and saddened. My heart goes out to you. But you will feel Teddy’s presence at times, I’m sure. I don’t believe they ever leave us when there is that bond. -Karen

  107. So sorry to hear about Teddy Donna, it is never easy saying goodbye to a beloved pet. We will all miss her in your photos – she was a true star. I loved your tribute – hope it brings you peace and happiness when you miss her the most. Hugs x

  108. This was difficult to read for two reasons:
    1. Teddy looks so much like our sweet Bella that it’s scary. Her meow is more like a “peep”. Sweet cat that takes care of all rodents, mice and moles alike.
    2. I just found out that our British “grandcat” Marlene has been missing from our sons home since Sunday. They acquired her in Washington DC. Cat sitting for a British couple that went home for a visit but job ending up not bringing them back to DC so son and DIL was able to keep her.

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a great pet friend. Enjoyed the video and pictures.

    Malinda in Mississippi

  109. I am so so sorry. I am sending prayers up for you. I love my cat dearly and just cannot imagine. Crying with you.

  110. I’m glad you have a positive attitude, and I totally agree with everything you said. But if you don’t mind, I’m gonna cry a little πŸ™

    Thanks for sharing how much she meant to you with all of us.

    With love and hugs-

  111. I had no idea until I happened to see your post in my scrolling Facebook feed. I’m so glad I saw it, but so sad at what it was about. I enjoyed whenever Teddy made an appearance in your photos or here on your blog. She was so beautiful, and had quite the personality. The video tribute you made has tears coming down my face. I know you don’t want sadness, but the tears are more for the beauty that Teddy got to experience so many times, and on her last day with you. The bond that you and Teddy shared – and your son as well – was wonderful to behold. Hugs to you.

  112. Donna,I’m so sorry for your loss. Our little fur-babies hold a special place in our hearts. You were a great Mom to her. I loved her quirky habits – reminds me of my Maggie. Praying for you!

  113. We read about you and Teddy over at Manx Mnews and we wanted to come by and pay our condolences and tell you we are so sorry about Teddy. We send you comforting purrs and headbutts.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  114. Oh Donna, I’m SO sorry! It seems like only yesterday that we lost our long haired black kitty who looked and acted so much like Teddy. I’m 48 years old and I cried for weeks! I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I lost animals when I was a kid but I swear it seems harder as an adult. I’m sure time changes that perspective, but it’s still tough, really tough! It’s impossible to not look for them in their favorite spots, so strange to come home to an empty house. Your son gets it though doesn’t he. How cool is that! I hope over time another adorable animal finds it’s way into your family. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for you πŸ™‚

  115. We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Teddy looks like she was a precious, well-loved kitty. Prayers, purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  116. Awwwww. So sorry. My sympathy and prayers for peace. Teddy was beautiful. We have Rosalee who looks like Teddy’s twin. Giving her extra bugs tonight. Love.

  117. Hi Donna – I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and I understand how you feel. I’m going to join your party in Teddy’s honour. Great video! I have a girl who sits on the back of my office chair too. πŸ˜‰ J

  118. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am a fellow cat lover and try not to think of losing my beloved Tiger some day. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  119. Sending you hugs. It’s never easy to lose a fur child. I too was moved to tears by your loving video in honor of Teddy. It’s wonderful that you have so many lovely photos to cherish. Who knows when you least expect it you may have a new set of whiskers wander into your life. There is always so much love to share and so many who are seeking it. ((hugs))

  120. Oh, Donna, I’m so sorry to hear of the lose of your sweet Teddy. Our fur children truly are family members and not having them leaves a big hole in our hearts. How fortunate that you had time to take her to a favorite place and to have the memory of that moment. God bless you and your son and sweet Teddy . . .

  121. Well, I can almost see what I’m typing through my sobbing. What a lovely, loving tribute. I’ve never had a cat, until now. Now that I’m 50. I so love that cat, it’s ridiculous. I am already dreading the day he has to leave me and he’s only three years old. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a gift she was to you and you were to her. I’ll be thinkging about you and of course, crying for your loss. Did I say crying? I meant sobbing. I’ll be sobbing for your incredible loss.

  122. From Brazil: Oh fiquei emocionada com seu tributo! Chorei! porque sei da sua dor e sobre a dor de todos que perdem esses amados amigos que Deus nos presenteia. Fique bem, ajude outros animais que precisem ser adotados.
    E que Jesus abenΓ§oe vocΓͺ pela vida linda que deu a Teddy!
    Um abraço

    Oh I am thrilled with your tribute! I cried! because I know about you pain and the pain of all those who lose this loved friends that God presents us. Stay well, help other animals that need to be adopted.
    And Jesus blesses you by the lovely life you gave to Teddy!

  123. Aw. Beautiful video, Donna. I’m so sorry about Teddy, but yes, you will see her again. That was so awesome that you took her to her favorite spot. Sending you a hug.

  124. I don’t think I’ve ever been petless from the time I was born! It would be so strange to not have a furbaby around. With 3 daughters, it’s been handed down; the gift of loving animals. I am so ever grateful for the short time we get to have them as our companions. We just recently lost my first Grandpuppy, Remi from a tragic accident. He was only 2 years old! Last year too was a difficult year of losing some of our furbabies. I too know they are watching over us & waiting ’til we meet up again. Thank you so much for sharing your Teddy & you made a beautiful tribute in her honor πŸ™‚ Huggles & Prayers β™₯

  125. I know how you feel. We had to put our dear dog, Sage, to sleep at the vet’s last Saturday. It’s been very rough, though I dreamed of him last night and then, before awakening, I dreamed of him waking me up. It was lovely to “see” him again.

    Take care.

  126. So sorry for your loss Donna. πŸ™ Our 15 year old dog is on his last days as well and it is so hard to let go. Such a beautiful post – I love that you were able to take her down to the creek. HUGS!

  127. I’m sorry Donna to hear of Teddy’s passing. Goodness, it’s so hard to lose them. I have lost three of my senior cats in the last three years. I watched your tribute and I agree that we have to take things as they come our way and rise above it. Teddy had a good life and your memories will soon have you smiling when you think of her. She was one of the lucky ones as so many don’t have loving homes. I hope knowing that helps to heal your heart. Take care, Deb

  128. Donna – I am so sorry to hear about Teddy and so sad for you. What a beautiful tribute in pictures and video you put together. I love my pets but I’ve never had them in photo shoots for my blog. I’ve surely shooed them away. They may just have to become a part of the character of my blog after reading what you’ve written. Blessings to you, Patti

  129. We are so sorry for your loss and will miss your gorgeous Teddy. We just lost our loving Maddie on April 21st from liver failure. She passed at home with us. She looked like Teddy only gray. We had thirteen years of wonderful memories with her. Our other cat Jake is helping us adjust. Maddie will be in our hearts forever as Teddy will be in yours.

    Our vets sent us this poem we want to share.

    “Farewell, Master, Yet not farewell,
    Where I go, Ye too shall dwell.
    I am gone before your face,
    A moments time, a little space.
    When Ye come where I have stepped,
    Ye will wonder why Ye wept.”

    —Edmond Arnold

  130. Hi Donna, I’m so sorry for your loss. We have three pets, and I know when the time comes it will very hard on all of us, I can only imagine how much you miss her. She seemed like a loving cat, and you are right, you will see her again one day.

  131. But don’t they grace us with their presence? Don’t frown because they are gone, smile because they were here!

  132. Oh…I just saw your comment thanking everyone for their kind comments about Teddy…and thought…No! It couldn’t be. You’ve lost so many so quickly. But you are right…that is life…it always ends. I’m glad you got to have special time with her at the end. Still it’s so very hard. I hope you bring a new bit of fur into your life soon. For me that is the only thing that helps….to make a happy home for another. None of them to be replaced….that can never happen. But to bring happiness to another who needs it. Peace and love to you and your son.

  133. Oh Sweetie,
    I so understand!
    How wonderful for you to do the video of taking Teddy to his most loved place, and all the others you put together. This will so help your heart to heal and fill the empty spot.
    Take Care

  134. Donna, I’m so sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing. What a beautiful cat and such a heart-warming video you made in tribute to her! It’s like you said, the circle of life. We grieve, we always love and remember and we move on. I have lost the last of my dogs and it’s so strange not to have him attached to my side constantly. I know that someday, another little one will need me and when it does, I’ll know it’s the right time to adopt again. It is an honor to provide and care for these wonderful creatures! Take care. Hugs, Leena

  135. So sorry about precious Teddy. He looks just like my sister-in-law’s kitty “Monkey”. They were telling me about getting a shelter kitty “Monkey Cat” and I said I have never heard of that breed – so they quickly informed me no silly, that is her name – it is not a breed. I know you were a great mom to Teddy. Our precious 12 year old Boxer, Emma Jayne, passed Apr. 18, 2013. We miss her so much and so do our other fur angels. God bless you and give you peace. Teddy crossed rainbow bridge and is waiting for you on the other side. I love that poem – do you have it? It is very comforting.

  136. Donna, I am so sorry to read about Teddy. I loved seeing her in your photos. Please email me, I would love to do a portrait of her for you.

  137. Donna, I am so sorry to hear about Teddy. I know how hard it is to lose a much loved pet. We have three buried here on our farm. Teddy was a beautiful cat. I know you will miss him sorely, but your attitude about is is uplifting. We know the hope we have, and that makes the temporary separation bearable, and we can look forward with joy to that great reunion someday.Blessings to you and your son.


  138. Teddy had a great life and she will be waiting for you. Remember all the great things she brought to your life and keep them a memories.

    When the time is right, you will find another soulmate who needs you and will bring you great joy.

    Thank you for sharing.

  139. Aww I am so, so sorry for your loss! πŸ™ I have a kitty named, Momo, and she looks SO MUCH like your beloved Teddy… I know it hurts to lose your loved pets… ;(

  140. Awwwww. I’m so sorry for you loss. Your video was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. My cat Mercy, that I had for 15 years, past away a couple of months ago. My sister is bringing over a new kitten that looks just like her but no other animal can replace my baby.

  141. I am so very sorry about your Teddy. She looks amazingly like my little Pepper who I lost 2 yrs. ago.

  142. Dear Donna- I just read your post about Teddy- after seeing your post today. It was such a lovely tribute to him. I have a 9 year old boy named Texas- we call him Tex or Texxie, too. I often think about how awful it will be when we lose him and I hate it that the time is going by so quickly. I am in tears after watching your video and thinking about my own love. I hope time has healed your heart a little, but I am doubting that you ever fully forget. Thank you for sharing the video and the pictures. They really are so special and make every day a time to smile.

  143. Saw your post on learning to love again and was directed to this post about losing your beloved Teddy. I lost my 13 year old cat about 4 weeks ago and I can’t tell you how comforting your video was to me. I didn’t do that, and I’m sort of glad I didn’t because I would probably watch it over and over and cry and I need to move on. I do have plenty of pictures though. Your video made me cry though because I could tell how much you loved your ailing cat who looked very similar to my Buddy in his last weeks. It is beyond hard. I am glad you have found room in your heart to love again. I still have a wonderful dog but I am pretty certain I will get another cat one day. My husband and I still talk about how much we miss him when we go thhroughh certain daily activities and realize Buddy isn’t there. It is far more difficult than I ever thought. Here’s to wishing you years of happiness with your new loves as well as treasured memories of Teddy. God bless.

  144. I lost my wonderful boy Murphy in September – I got two more black kitties to try and fill the hole he left – it doesn’t work though. I think your heart grows bigger instead. πŸ™‚

  145. Just wanted you to know that both this post and the post about the passing of your darling Jenna meant the world to me today. This is coming late, but I am so very sorry for the loss of your babies, Jenna and Teddy. Please just know that your choice to share your pain here has helped someone you don’t even know. Thank you.

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