A passionate meetup for a good cause

Out of Africa gets Funky Junked at a Hometalk Meetup

“Would you like to talk about gardening with junk at our fundraiser?”

Word seems to be getting around that I like junk! It’s a funny thing when your pretend job / hobby / passion starts to become you in ‘real life’. Surreal even.

I smile pretty big when I get asked to do something I love doing anyway! But maybe not for the reason you may think.

Not long ago (maybe even a year ago) I would have FREAKED to be asked such a thing. Actually, it was back last summer when I got asked to speak at Bella Rustica, I wasn’t sure how I’d deal talking in front of a crowd. I can be a little forgetful and with all those eyes focused on moi, well, who knows what I’d say or do! Or worse, not say or do. 🙂

Hometalk Meetup Out of Africa Fundraiser.

So, I rehearsed my shindig for weeks before, and during the whole flight there. Study, study, study, notes notes notes…

Once I got there, I remember saying to Linda, the event organizer, “But I’m not a public speaker! Like, at ALL!”

Her reply? “I have COMPLETE faith that the words will just come. You know what all transpired to make this happen, why should this be any different?”

And then I went on stage. Know what happened?

I looked up into the stage lights, then glanced down at those faces. They weren’t scary at all. In fact, they looked eager to hear what I had to say. I took a quick glance at my casual surroundings inside a barn strewn with a hay floor, and felt so at home, I snapped the laptop lid shut, sat down and just spoke from the heart.

So when I got called to the Hometalk Meetup at Milner Village Garden Centre, I didn’t fret one bit.  I prepared the night before. I jotted down a few key points, did a print out for the guests, and flew at it on stage. And only forgot what I had to say once. 🙂

I just feel so grateful for these opportunities to talk. Because it’s ultimately a big part of what I wish to do. I love encouraging and teaching. I just didn’t think I’d actually ever have the nerve to do it in front of a crowd. But I was wrong.


So! I get another chance to share what I love to do and to encourage with my story once again this Saturday, April 20th! I’ll have a demo table filled with junk and plants and will be on for about 15 minutes.

There will also be another guest speaker, Brenda Tjosvold, sharing “Seeing God In My Story”, her  testimony of 30 years of missionary service and how God has been with her along her journey.

The function is located in my church’s downstairs in the Soul Cafe. The place will be completely decked out African style, with goodies to munch on.

The cause

The $10 admission ticket sales will go towards mosquito nets for Africa to help stop the spread of malaria.

Shopping that helps

There will be a couple vendors you can purchase from as well, with goods by Twigz and Ten Thousand Villages. These companies support Africa, missions and third world countries with sales going towards helping the artists.

Please come! And bring a friend/s!

So, I’m inviting any locals! Would you like to come for a coffee, munch on something nice to eat, do a little shopping and just enjoy a couple casual hours chatting it up? I’d love to fill up a table and would adore it if you would like to join me! Bring a friend too! 🙂


What is a Hometalk Meetup?

Hometalk is an online community that is the perfect place to share your home and garden ideas, as well as ask questions. A Hometalk Meetup endorses stepping away from a computer screen to share your passions in person. If you aren’t on Hometalk yet, check it out HERE!

If you’d like to host your own Hometalk Meetup, contact [email protected] for more info.

Out of Africa fundraiser YAC

Hometalk Meetup – Out of Africa

Yarrow Alliance Church – downstairs

Saturday, April 20th, 7pm-10pm in Soul Cafe

42479 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack.

Please call to reserve a spot at: 604 823-6767

or let me know!

rusty gear blog branding with junk

Wish to donate? Thank-you!

Paypal [email protected]

Please mark as ‘donation for YAC’

Visit Yarrow Alliance Facebook or Website for more info.

rusty gear blog branding with junk

Wow… lotsa speaking stuff lately!

Sure is making me curious for what’s in store next…

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11 thoughts on “A passionate meetup for a good cause

  1. Oh how I wish I lived in BC! Well, I have always wanted to move there from the flat prairies, but I would love to be there to hear you speak! I remember my first public speaking engagement; I was sick and scared thinking about it. But once I started that all fell away.

    And I am not surprised at all that your “hobby” has turned into your vocation; you are a natural at it!

  2. Donna, I know what you mean… I started selling my excess plants at our city wide garage sale. I love telling people about plants, but wasn’t sure what to say when I got the same type of invitation. A woman overheard me telling a young boy all about the plant he was purchasing from me. She came up and asked if I would come to her classroom and tell the kids all about plants and how they reproduce. Oh my ! Me ? I was ready to say “no” but I dug deep and accepted the invitation. Then research! I had a blast! These kids asked so many questions I thought I’d never get to say what I came to say. They were little fact sponges! And when I asked questions I thought might stump them, they knew the answers! Afterward, everyone got to help put the start of a plant into a dirt-filled pot and take it home. I was (and still am) the gal who blushed furiously whenever she was called to read out loud in school, or talk during a meeting. I HATED talking in front of people. Now, it seems, you can’t shut me up! -grin- I think when it’s our passion, it turns into a whole different ball game. You are rockin’ it, Donna! Have a good time.

  3. Donna, you are doing amazing!! How exciting for you to support such a great cause, and do it while doing what you love! It’s incredible the growth you’ve had in the last year…especially with your public speaking. I’m truly happy for you, you’re on your way to achieving your dream!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. Looks like an awesome event! I wish I was local! I’m so happy you overcame your fear of public speaking…it means there’s hope for me, right? 🙂 Looking forward to hearing the details/seeing the pics in a future recap!

  5. Good for you! Wish I could attend. I was brought up in the Mennonite religion and over the years have donated to the MCC in different ways. They do great work and you know all of the donation will get to it’s destination! I have shopped at the Ten Thousand Villages store for many years! Such unique items. Then we moved and Medicine Hat doesn’t have a store. 🙁

  6. Oh, Donna, I’m so happy you get to combine your love of “junk” and encourage women! I have SO enjoyed following your adventures this past year and to witness your growth. Toward the end of this post I began to weep thinking about having given up my dream of speaking to groups of women about the Lord.
    Bless and be blessed tomorrow, sister! *hugs* k btw, love the new blog design!

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