New Upcycle Ideas 704

Terra Cotta Christmas trees mantel

Visit 20+ NEW Upcycle Ideas 704 – Wool, plastic and terra cotta Christmas trees, Golden Book ornaments, Christmas toolbox vignette, plus more unique repurposed projects to make! View all with complete tutorials from this post! New Upcycle Ideas 704   Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Greetings! This past week I’ve been […]

Create stacked vintage suitcase wall art with boards and stencils!

3 stacked vintage suitcases stenciled with Vintage Luggage Kit stencils

Learn how to create vintage suitcase images on boards, crates, drawer fronts, or any surface desired! A creative stencil kit filled with all the vintage details makes this an easy and creative project for antique lovers! Showcased in this tutorial is how to create stacked suitcases on boards to hang as unique wall art. This […]

New Upcycle Ideas 703

winter tree craft

Visit 20+ NEW Upcycle Ideas 703 – Upcycled candle stands, denim stars ornaments, vintage Santa calendar, winter tree art, plus more unique repurposed tutorials to make! New Upcycle Ideas 703   Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hi all!  This whole week has been about brainstorming new Christmas projects, along with publishing […]

17+ DIY Wood Christmas trees to make from scrap wood!


Homemade DIY wood Christmas trees are so fun to make and easy to customize! This guide shows you 17+ different wooden Christmas tree ideas to make in all shapes, sizes and styles. Ready to whip up a few of your own for Christmas decorating? Here’s how! If you’ve been hanging around my neck of the […]