17+ DIY Wood Christmas trees to make from scrap wood!

Homemade DIY wood Christmas trees are so fun to make and easy to customize! This guide shows you 17+ different wooden Christmas tree ideas to make in all shapes, sizes and styles. Ready to whip up a few of your own for Christmas decorating? Here’s how!

Homemade DIY wood Christmas trees are so fun to make and easy to customize! This guide shows you 17+ different wooden Christmas tree ideas to make in all shapes, sizes and styles. Ready to whip up a few of your own for Christmas decorating? Here's how!

If you’ve been hanging around my neck of the woods long enough, you’ll already know how invested I’ve been in creating wood Christmas trees from scrap wood over the years!

They are so fun and versatile to use as holiday decor, easy and affordable made from scratch, and since their size makes them super easy to place nearly anywhere, they’re equally easy to store.

Ever wish you could just take one long easy scroll to see a bunch of wooden Christmas tree ideas in one sitting so you can pick and choose the ones you wish to make?

Allow me to grant that wish!

So today, I’m sharing 17+ of my own DIY Christmas trees made of wood in all shapes, different size trees, colors and placements, so you can whip up a few for yourself too!

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Homemade DIY wood Christmas trees are so fun to make and easy to customize! This guide shows you 12+ different wooden Christmas tree ideas to make in all shapes, sizes and styles. Ready to whip up a few of your own for Christmas decorating? Here's how!

Helpful Supplies:


Reclaimed wood

Acrylic paint or Fusion Mineral Paint (get 10% off HERE)

Stencil brushes (I personally love dome-tipped)

Wider artists paint brush

Small wooden dowels for a tree trunk

Painter’s tape

Some kind of base for the trees: toolbox, wood blocks, wood plank, cutting board, crates, etc.

Suggested Tools:


Miter saw (see MY miter saw review HERE)

Cordless Drill

Orbital sander

Jig Saw

Read about all fav DIY tool must-haves HERE

Christmas decorations:


Christmas stencils

Evergreen branches

Buffalo Check bows


Christmas ornaments

Faux snow

Fairy lights or small string lights

where to find reclaimed wood

Where to find reclaimed wood?


  1. Wood pallets
  2. Falling down fences
  3. Wood scraps from the workshop
  4. Purchase cedar from lumber stores

Most any scrap wood will do for making tabletop wooden Christmas trees. However the more variety you have, the more unique the results can become!

I personally collect lots of wood from fallen down fences, and pallets. Bonus points if you can land a fence that’s chippy and white!

Just keep your eyes open wherever you go. Lots of times I find piles of random wood planks on the curb which can also come in very handy!

How to clean reclaimed wood

How to prepare and clean reclaimed wood


  1. Collect wood from pallets or fences
  2. Remove all nails
  3. Pressure wash or brush to clean
  4. Allow to dry well
  5. Store until needed

After collecting wood, I like to spread it all over the lawn, pressure wash both sides, then allow to fully dry before storing so it’s ready to build with when desired.

If the finish is too delicate for a pressure washer, I’ll hose it down instead and do light brushing if it won’t remove the original patina too much.

HERE’S a great post to read on the best way to clean and prepare reclaimed wood for building.

So now that you know where to find wood and how to prepare it, let’s build some wood Christmas trees of all kinds!

12+ DIY Wood Christmas trees to make from scrap wood!

Herringbone wood Christmas tree sign Funky Junk Interiors

Easy herringbone wood Christmas tree


Herringbone Wood Christmas tree, pallet-style!

Stencil: Herringbone Wood Christmas tree stencil is HERE

Don’t you love the look of herringbone Christmas trees? I’ve wanted to make some forever, but the mere difficulty of all the wood cuts have stopped me!

So I decided to come up with a way anyone could get the look without all the building and measuring! This is such a fun and easy project, and the outcome is so high-end! The size of the tree makes a fabulous porch sign!

Video tutorial – Herringbone Wood Christmas Tree



View the short video tutorial above to see how easy this tree came together!

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree sign with stencils and wood

Simple Pallet Christmas tree porch sign


Pallet Christmas Tree porch sign

Stencil: Pallet Christmas Tree stencil is HERE

Love the look of wood pallet Christmas trees but don’t want to actually rip apart an old pallet? No need to be an expert carpenter with this Christmas tree! Here’s a super fun and easy way to get the look using a stencil to guide you, then adding natural wood cedar strips for the pallet planks!

This is my current #1 Christmas project that looks so good on the front porch!

Video tutorial – Pallet Christmas Tree



View this short video so you can see the process of this pallet Christmas tree coming together!


rustic Christmas tree vertical sign with stencils

Stenciled Christmas tree sign


Stenciled wood Christmas tree with a tree skirt crate

Stencils: Tall Christmas Tree in Crate / Christmas Crates

This simple wooden Christmas tree couldn’t be easier to make! Using a stencil for guidance, the tree is painted on wood, then stenciled with a Christmas Crates pattern right on top.

But the icing on the cake is the wood Christmas tree skirt that was built to hold additional Christmas decorations, pinecones or become a Christmas card holder!

This is a great Christmas sign outdoor decoration that is perfect for a Christmas porch, or hung as wall art.

Video tutorial – Stenciled Christmas Tree with crate sign



View a short video above to see the process of this Christmas tree being made!

stenciled wooden Christmas tree sign with lights

Wooden Christmas Trees farm sign with fairy lights


Stenciled wooden Christmas tree sign with lights

Stencil: Woodenville Christmas Tree stencil is HERE


Video tutorial: Woodenville Christmas tree sign



Watch the short video above to see the sign being made!

Industrial wood Christmas trees

Industrial wood Christmas trees with rusty gear tree skirts


Tutorial: Industrial wood Christmas trees with gears

These unique wooden Christmas trees wear an industrial flavor, thanks to their washer Christmas decorations, exposed screws and small chain garlands.

Add some rusty gears to act as Christmas tree skirts with the trunk of the tree tucked in to fully get the steampunk look! Now that’s a unique rustic look for the holiday season, wouldn’t you agree?

Wood Christmas trees with present tree skirts

Wood Christmas trees with wood block presents as tree skirts


Tutorial: Wood Christmas trees with tree skirt presents

Stencils: Grain Sack Stripes

These easy and charming simple wooden Christmas trees in present bases are easy to make, and fun to customize!

The present ribbon is stenciled on easily and quickly with Grain Sack Stripe stencils!

Video tutorial – Wood Christmas trees in presents



View above to watch a short video of the Christmas tree progress!

Wood Christmas trees with crate designs

Small wooden Christmas trees with crate markings


Tutorial: Small wooden Christmas trees, crate-style

Stencils – Christmas Crates / Mini Christmas Patterns

These super easy scrap wood Christmas trees shown in both Christmas and winter ideas are easy to make! Wooden triangles make very simple trees, then stencil Mini Christmas Patterns and Christmas Crates to get these festive looks!

String wrapped Christmas Trees with rusty junk tree skirts

Chippy string-wrapped wood Christmas trees with junk tree skirts


Tutorial: String wrapped Christmas junk base trees with mini TREES sign

Stencil – Christmas Trees stencil

This festive wooden Christmas tree project uses small chippy wood triangles decked out with adorable junk bases as tree skirts.

Add a mini Christmas sign and you have the perfect little Christmas tree farm vignette!

Video tutorial: string wrapped Christmas trees



Visit above for a short video of the tree progress!

Scrap wood tree farm Christmas decor with stencils

Wood Christmas tree farm


Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree Farm with Scrap Wood

Stencil: Mini Christmas Tree Signs

If you have a little scrap wood, this adorable mini Christmas tree farm with scrap wood can be made in just a few minutes!

The scale of this stencil suits smaller projects perfectly!

Illuminated Christmas Trees mantel sign

Illuminated Christmas Trees sign with a wood frame


Tutorial: Illuminated Christmas Trees sign

Stencil: Christmas Trees

Create a truly unique Christmas tree sign by repeating the tree pattern on this stencil, then illuminate them with mini white Christmas lights!

Video tutorial – Illuminated Christmas Trees sign



Visit above to watch a short video of the Christmas trees sign progress!

Buffalo Checked wooden Christmas trees patterned with stencils

buffalo checked red and black wood Christmas tree

Stenciled Buffalo Check and Plaid wood Christmas trees


Stencils: Buffalo Check Medium / Plaid Shirt

These lovely trees were created and gifted to me by my friend Missy from The LIttle Green Bean! The tree shapes were hand cut, then stenciled first with Buffalo Check, then one tree with Plaid Shirt on top.

I turned one tree around and painted it a traditional red and black Buffalo Check, however MIssy’s black and white Buffalo Check offers the perfect neutral look for Christmas, winter or all season!

Video tutorial of the buffalo checked Christmas tree



View the short video above to see the tree being made!

Fire log cut wooden Christmas trees

Rustic fire log wood Christmas trees


Firewood Christmas trees

This easy wooden tree project is created by slicing up firewood, then setting them on various branches or random bases to create unique tree skirts.

Add pinecones, buttons for ornaments or clip on an evergreen branch with a glued on clothespin to decorate the trees!

Pallet Christmas Tree sign in a tree shape with a bucket tree skirt

Pallet Christmas Tree and sign with bucket tree skirt


Tutorial: Pallet wood You Cut Tree Farm sign shaped like a tree

Stencil: You Cut Tree Farm

4 planks of pallet wood were cut to the desired lengths to resemble a Christmas tree shape, then attached to a branch to create this adorable tree-shaped Christmas tree sign. Complete with a bucket for a tree skirt!

Pallet Christmas tree for a front porch

Pallet Christmas tree and wood star for Christmas porch decorating


Reclaimed or pallet Christmas tree

This easy pallet Christmas tree is really created from chippy fence wood, however it resembles a pallet look that would be equally so cool! Easy to customize the size too and makes for wonderful Christmas porch decorating!

Be sure to also include decorating the top of the tree with a reclaimed wood star held together with funky hinges for a true junk effect!

Learn how to make the mason rim garland HERE

View more unique garland ideas to make HERE

Hanging twig Christmas tree


Hanging twig Christmas tree

This fun little wooden Christmas tree is all about string and twigs! It’s so easy to make, and looks adorable hung from a branch.

Wood Christmas trees sign by Bliss Ranch

Wood Christmas Trees with a Lake Lodge sign backdrop


Wooden Christmas trees with Lake Lodge sign by Bliss Ranch on Instagram

Stencils: Christmas Crates, Ski Lodge, Lake Rentals

Although I personally didn’t make this masterpiece, this adorable project was inspired by my own Wood Scrap Christmas trees, and it turned out so epic I just had to share!

A mix of Christmas stencils, most being from this Christmas Crates stencil were used to create many of these designs.

Wood Christmas trees in a vintage cabinet

And since I have so many small Christmas wood trees on hand…

Wood Christmas trees in a vintage cabinet

Wooden Christmas trees in a cabinet


Christmas tree cabinet display

Here’s how I mixed them all up and displayed them inside a vintage cabinet. (inspired by Inspired by Charm’s vintage Christmas ribbon cabinet HERE) How fun is that?!

And that concludes the grand tour of so many fabulous wood Christmas trees anyone can make in just a few minutes! Have a fav in the bunch? Which will you try yourself?

Now off I go to create a new version for this Christmas! And I’ll be sure to update this post once I do…

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