The BEST way to follow blogs… but do it NOW.


If you are using Google Reader to read blogs, that option will close down Monday July 1st. So!!! What are the other alternatives if you are a reader kinda reader? What truly is the best way to follow blogs? There are LOTS of ways to stay on top of blog posts. Here are a few […]

How to upload comment photos with Gravatar

how to use Gravatar

My you’re looking a little grey and white today… Ever wonder how to ditch the patchwork quilt sections or grey/white head and shoulders icon when you comment on some blogs? Wonder no more… here’s how! Blogs such as WordPress require a little extra help and need a place to grab said picture from. Gravatar will […]

Opportunity choosing alongside nature photos


Choosing the right job opportunities is tough business. But you can bet these nature photos will help to show you why taking walks helps tremendously for me during such times. I’m absolutely without question, blessed to live in an area that’s a little bit country and a little bit suburban. It’s a little community smack […]

All about LINK PARTIES / Part 1 ~ Party Etiquette


Here I go hosting Party Junk, a link party every week and have NEVER offered a tutorial on how to link up to one. Or the expectations of the party.  Or what they even are! Well, today it’s time to change that. So many new bloggers are coming on board asking worthy questions and we […]