The BEST way to follow blogs… but do it NOW.

The best way to follow blogs - but don't delay! Move your Google Reader subscriptions over NOW, before July 1st! via Funky Junk Interiors

If you are using Google Reader to read blogs, that option will close down Monday July 1st. So!!! What are the other alternatives if you are a reader kinda reader? What truly is the best way to follow blogs?

There are LOTS of ways to stay on top of blog posts. Here are a few that I personally do… and if you aren’t sure which one to choose, I suggest to move your reading lists to all the readers NOW so you can decide later which is your favourite. Just do it NOW. Before July 1st!

If you have a reader account, click on one of the below options and it’ll guide you to upload your current subscriptions.

If you don’t yet have a reader account, click on any of the reader options below and fire up an account.Then start following your fav blogs via widgets blogs will have on their own blog faces.


The best way to follow blogs - Bloglovin'


A reader that delivers new blog posts alerts. You will need to click the headers which takes you to the blog itself to read. Good for the blogger as they receive a personal visit from you! A little more work if you like to just scroll and read.

The best way to follow blogs - Feedly


 Works a little more like a typical reader. You can scroll through blog posts. Any blogger that has truncated their feeds will direct you to their blog. Tweaking settings here will get you the look and feel you like best.The best way to follow blogs - diggDigg

The most like Google reader thus far. Thanks Emily / Decor Chick for pointing this one out! I think I like this one the best. Just make sure to switch your settings to ‘expanded’ to get the full visual effect’.

 Bookmark them

If you land on a blog you like, simply create a folder and bookmark them.

But this no brainer method can be tricky to remember to visit all those you love. You aren’t updated for one thing. You are left to your own devices to visit each one.

Your personal visit to a blog itself is helpful to that blog, so at least there’s that.

The best way to follow blogs - Facebook

Facebook alerts (follow me here)

You can always ‘like’ a blog facebook page in order to stay up to date. This is one of my fav ways I get a heads up on new blog posts. 

But this can also be risky as not all facebook posts you follow will show up unless you create them to your own made up ‘interest list’. (more on that another day) Plus you have to scroll through endless posts in order to find blog post updates. 

But if you are on facebook anyway, definitely ‘like’ every blog facebook page that you read. 

The best way to follow blogs - G+

G+ alerts (follow me here)

Google Plus doesn’t hold back feeds like facebook does so this could be good. Only trouble is, not everyone is on G+! Nor have all bloggers created blog pages. Most use their profile / own names. Can be confusing if you are searching for a blog name.

I’m personally a sporadic G+ user so if you follow me just this way, you won’t be 100% up to date.

The best way to follow blogs - Subscribe via email or reader, looking for this symbol

Subscribe button – this symbol gives you many ways to follow blogs on each blog you visit.

EMAIL – individual blog posts will arrive in your inbox

A good choice if you don’t want to search for new blog posts yourself is have them come to you… you will receive updates in your inbox. The con to this is if you get 100+ emails already. (one of the perks of having a blog!) 

On any blog you visit, click on the orange symbol (or something that looks close) and you will be led to different ways to follow. Email will be one of them. 

READER – visit online and scroll through all your favourite blogs in one spot

This is the best way to scroll through MANY posts to stay up to date. If you have been using Google Reader, you’ll want to stick to this one, but you will need to transfer whom you subscribe to quickly! As in… NOW. Don’t wait! Choose one of the above options and start today.

On any blog you visit, click on the orange symbol (or something that looks close) and you will be led to different ways to follow.

The best way to follow blogs - follow Funky Junk Interiors and look for this symbol at the bottom of each post

How to subscribe to Funky Junk Interiors via email or reader

Scroll down to the bottom of this post and look for the above widget. Enter your email in the box or click on the symbol to the right.

Do not use the above image as it’s only a picture.

The best way to follow blogs - follow Funky Junk Interiors via email through this sidebar widget

Or use this widget located on the right sidebar. Do not use the above image as it’s only a picture.

That’s it! Thanks for following along and cya online! 🙂

What are your favourite ways to stay on top of new blog posts?

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11 thoughts on “The BEST way to follow blogs… but do it NOW.

  1. I’m an avid blogger and follow about 50 blogs {including yours, Donna!!!} I love bloglovin … easy to scroll down, see the posts’ picture, check out a snippet, click to read the whole post. A cinch to navigate!

  2. No laughing at my ? I don’t know how I read the blogs. I
    go to a certain blog and read the people that are on her list.
    Does that mean I am using Google Reader?

  3. Ok Donna, what about the blogs that don’t give you the option of Bloglovin, Feedly or just plain e-mail? They ask you to choose your reader and then they give you the options of things like Feed Demon, News Gator, RSSOwl….it sounds like a military operation! What are those things? How do I follow a blog that gives me those choices? Thanks for your help!

    • Hey Patti! You can enter their url into whatever account you choose to use. ie: I don’t offer Bloglovin’ on my own blog but plenty follow me on it so they are adding me on their own.

  4. I’m trying to do my best to learn the different ways people find blogs and the best ways to follow and have people follow my blog. Do you have a way that is your favorite? I like the idea of google reader but my email is yahoo, does that matter? Thank you!

    • Hi Joy!

      In all honestly, the very best way is to subscribe to individual blogs, so the posts come directly to you in your email.

      What happens in readers is, you may see some blogs but others will be cut off, having you to click on their blog anyway.

      I also watch social medias for new mentions of shout outs for those I don’t follow via email. Instagram, Facebook… if you find a blog you love, make sure to click through their social media links and follow them that way to so you can watch for their new posts. 🙂

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