Christmas tree forest with DIY reclaimed wood crate skirt

Rustic Christmas tree forest in a livingroom with DIY crate skirt-001

I gave myself a deadline on Saturday. Self, the livingroom MUST be complete, and clean for a photo shoot on Sunday! Boy, did I have my work cut out for me. I was stalling because while I had this vision of a Christmas tree forest in the livingroom, I wasn’t sure what to use for […]

Finding ‘the one’ at the Christmas tree farm

Bringing the Christmas tree home in the Dodge truck

For the longest while, I wasn’t sure what direction I was going with the family Christmas tree this year. I do have this vision of a ‘tree forest in the snow’… however my mind’s eye could see was anything but a faux tree. Quite the opposite! I love my faux Christmas Ikea tree but I […]

String wrapped wood Christmas trees with junk stands and sign

String wrapped Christmas Trees with stencils

Christmas trees are kinda near and dear to my heart. As a kid, our tree was always real, heavy with tinsel and tin light protectors on big, colourful glass bulbs. We were allowed (I think?) to sneak downstairs and bring one gift back upstairs to unwrap in bed, to hold us over until it was […]

Christmas tree in an Antiques crate


While I’ve been busy downsizing the amount of stuff in my home, one thing has still remained that seems to follow me from room to room. This big ‘ol black distressed box / crate / trunk with rope handles thing has great bones! It even has a lid attached. I’ve been using it lately for […]

A natural cabin in the snow Christmas tree


Have you been taking in all those gorgeous, non decorated Christmas trees here and there lately? I’ve loved their simplicity. So after getting our tree home, I honestly did attempt to decorate it to the hilt.  But… everything just felt wrong. Spindly trees look strange with lots on them. I love this real tree’s quirkiness, and wished to highlight that instead. […]

7 garland twigged out Christmas tree in a crate


Remember the game Ker Plunk? Where you had this long tall tube loaded with sticks stuck in every which way, taking turns removing one stick at a time until the balls dropped? My tree is that game this year. And thank goodness it’s so twigged out my cats won’t touch it! 🙂 I know I’m […]

Landing the perfect walking tree at Woodsong Christmas Trees


No need to fret this year Facebookers, we ended up landing the perfect walking tree at Woodsong Christmas Trees! It was pretty funny. I was showing a few Christmas trees we’ve had from the past onto Funky Junk Facebook the other day, but when I showed my treeless ladder tree from 2012, followers came to my son’s rescue in droves! […]