Rustic cable spool Christmas tree skirt for a unique look!

Get a fabulous rustic Christmas look with a cable spool for a Christmas tree skirt! Includes creative homemade Christmas decorations to tie in made from scrap wood!

Get a fabulous rustic Christmas look with a cable spool for a Christmas tree skirt! Includes creative homemade Christmas decorations to tie in made from scrap wood!

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Rustic and unique cable spool Christmas tree skirt


Shopping for this year’s Christmas tree did not go quite as planned. However, I think the end results are still pretty awesome!

Why we used a faux tree this year


Each year, we prefer to chop down a real tree at a local tree farm that offers untrimmed trees. We’ve always loved the rustic look of these twiggy trees, with plenty of room to hang your decorations thanks to the very sparse branches!

But we knew our time at this special tree farm was limited. They stopped selling to the public long ago and let the trees and grounds go wild. Last year showed us how little they had left. However we took a gamble, and head up this year to see if there’d be one that could work.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t. And since I didn’t feel like giving up our grocery budget to a high priced tree that would only last a short while, we decided to put up our faux Christmas tree this year instead.

I’ve used this little IKEA faux Christmas tree for several years. It’s very similar to THIS current IKEA Christmas tree. You can see it in an Antiques crate tree skirt HERE.

So while I was propping up the faux tree, it felt small in comparison to what we normally get, which is a tree towering right to the ceiling.  I attempted to add height but it just added too much busy to the open concept space.

While I was pacing my junk stash for solutions, I glanced at a cable spool top leaning against a wall. Yes I know. A big spool with no place to go. Isn’t that always the way? It looked pretty big, but I had always imagined it used as a Christmas tree skirt in the right room. You know… if we move or something!

I’m no stranger to unique Christmas tree skirt ideas though! While I love rustic store bought tree collars and such, I like coming up with a fresh, new beautiful tree skirts each year.

Here’s a few of my fav DIY Christmas tree skirt ideas…

Other unique DIY Christmas tree skirts:


Christmas tree in an Antiques crate

Sleigh shaped Christmas tree skirt

Farmhouse Christmas tree skirt

Visit 20+ unique Christmas tree skirt ideas HERE

Too big or not, what did I have to lose? Lugging the cable spool upstairs, I propped it into place with the base of the tree on it, and lo and behold, the room could handle the diameter needed! It’s a Christmas miracle! (in this house that needs a full force purge)

My mood immediately lifted, and so began the Cable spool Christmas tree skirt, complete with handmade ornaments to chime into the crate theme!

And while it’s not my dream live Christmas tree, I think it ended up looking pretty cute! Here’s the results…

cable spool rustic Christmas tree with a pallet vibe

Faux Christmas tree with a cable spool tree skirt


The Christmas tree itself turned out pretty great! The cable spool looks adorable and fits so well in with everything! And topped with burlap coffee sacks, it’s perfectly rustic chiming in well with my style.

Although I prefer a tree to the ceiling, this size was good enough for our space which didn’t hinder any living productivity which was a bonus, since I couldn’t temporarily shove any furniture into another room over the holidays. Thanks humongous fish tank…

But captured in pictures, I didn’t like the busy background of where it sat. But with no where else to go, what could I really do?

cable spool Christmas tree skirt on a rustic tree

Here’s a larger perspective of the space. The entire upstairs is open concept so while this worked, it didn’t allow your eye to fully stop anywhere if you get my drift. 

unlit rustic Christmas tree with a cable spool tree skirt

Unlit Christmas tree


And just for fun, here’s the Ikea Christmas tree’s unlit version. It really is such a cute tree and fools the eye, looking very natural.

(HERE’S a few other faux Christmas trees that may inspire you!)

But I still felt deflated. I wanted an epic tree moment and this busy room wasn’t currently cutting it. Until I got a tiny new brainstorm worth trying…

Rustic Christmas tree with a cable spool Christmas tree skirt beside Christmas mantel

Christmas tree beside fireplace


 I was grateful that I had placed a thick towel underneath. Because all I had to do was push the tree beside the fireplace to get the look I was after!

Christmas tree skirt cable spool

So now I could shoot the tree without the big ‘ol TV eating up the focus. YES! Why it took me 3 years to figure this out, I have no idea.

For the perfect finishing touch, authentic burlap fabric coffee sacks were tucked into place hiding the tree stand to resemble a real root ball. A very simplistic holiday display indeed!

Christmas wreath on a rock fireplace mantel

See how the Christmas mantel was created HERE

Christmas mantel decorating with an evergreen wreath


Now my sight line hugs this year’s Christmas mantel you can see HERE, along with the Christmas tree together! 

So let’s dig deeper into the tree decorating with a few fun details to chime in with the rustic theme this year.

Get this look:


Rustic crates

Wooden barrel

Fur stocking

Evergreen Christmas wreaths

Rustic Christmas tree skirt using a cable spool beside a Christmas mantel

View the Christmas mantel with DIY wreath hack HERE

The festive tree theme inspiration came from the rustic cable spool. Then was decorated with similar elements borrowed from the Christmas mantel to chime in.

The Christmas stockings are neutral with one of them consisting of faux fur trim.

rustic Christmas decorations on a tree

How to make the scrap wood crate ornaments is HERE

Handmade rustic decorations from scrap wood


The Christmas tree hosts 2 sizes of burlap ribbon, pallet crate styled homemade ornaments from scrap wood wrapped with twine, with black, copper, gold and silver ornaments, with even the odd wool ornament, to add plenty of that desired holiday decor.

pallet crate homemade Christmas decorations

The real star of the decorations though are those handmade ornaments. Enough were made to take center stage.

And that’s the nice thing about homemade. You can make as many as you like for the same price… which was really nothing since I had all the supplies on hand!

cable spool Christmas tree skirt base

Don’t those woodsy ornaments look great against the cable spool Christmas tree skirt?! I love this look.

And to create a root ball effect, authentic coffee bean sacks were wrapped around the Christmas tree stand to keep it natural.

green bottle brush trees on crate tree skirts

Green bottle brush trees on crate skirts

How to make the wood block crate tree skirts is HERE

Bottle brush trees on crate tree skirts


For added rustic Christmas decor, I landed a few forest green bottle brush trees at a local dollar store, and propped some on top of some more crate-themed wood block ornaments.

Which works well with the pallet TV stand of course!

Will this junker ever get over a rustic pallet look? Oh I hope not. I’m afraid you’re simply stuck with the real me.

antique fruit crate on pin legs side table

Fruit crate side table


Since I don’t have plans to do a full Christmas tour this year, here’s a few other glimpses of some fun catches worth mentioning…

About 2 weeks ago, a neighbour was gifting this old fruit crate attached to pin legs. I couldn’t scoop it up fast enough! So I put it to work as a living room side table, slightly embellishing it for Christmas. 

Coffee and cookies on a retro star crate side table

View this retro star table being made HERE

Check out the Retro Star Pattern stencil HERE

Retro star pattern for a Christmas win!


A bunch of attached 2x4s stenciled with this cute retro star stencil pattern fit perfectly, propped up with 4 soup cans underneath! Done like burnt toast! I love it. And this is staying after Christmas as-is. I just happen to think the retro star pattern added that special festive touch without being blatant.

And most recently, I landed an adorable ¼ lb Medalta crock that I propped into place with a mini Christmas tree inside. Love the look! Now let’s bring on the cozy blankets, fresh coffee and cookies!

And as a special mention, I made that pottery mug in a class I took a few years back.

Faux Christmas tree seedling

How to make the scrap wood crate ornaments is HERE

Mini Christmas tree seedling


On another side table which is actually a mini trunk, a little Christmas tree seedling displays that cable spool rustic crate vibe as well. 

I love how the cheese crate lid acts as a tray of sorts, so I could still sprinkle some faux snow around the tree to get this look. It’s also easy to move around too.

And of course, proudly displaying one of the handmade ornaments to tie it all together.

white chippy decorated Christmas trees with crate skirts

Chippy white Christmas trees with crate tree skirts HERE

Snowy chippy wood Christmas trees with crate tree skirts


I also have a few chippy winter trees with crate tree skirts sitting on my kitchen window sill. They are so fun to rearrange, like playing with wood blocks for adults!

3D Christmas tree decoration front porch sign

3D Christmas tree sign for a porch

3D Christmas tree porch sign


As for my front porch, this 3D Christmas tree sign sits loud and proud to greet holiday guests!

Rustic Christmas tree with a cable spool Christmas tree skirt beside Christmas mantel

In summary


Although I didn’t decorate as much as I had hoped to, all-in-all, I’m happy with the overall look and feel. And hey, at least there won’t be any needles to clean up this year so there’s that.

My home just really needs a super deep clean and a major overhaul to get rid of some big stuff. So here’s hoping you join me in the new year for some gutsy cleaning, new rearranging, storage problem solving and some fun new creative things we can make ourselves!

However for today and over the Christmas season, we’ll be sitting right here, watching Christmas movies and happily eating a little too much, thoroughly enjoying the holiday season with all the lights aglow!

Merry Christmas friends! Thanks for sticking with me as I figure out what I still want my home to grow up as, and taking you along the way through easy, affordable projects to make.

I hope you have a most wonderful holiday season with your family, creating extra special memories and loads of Christmas cheer.

All the very best!

View other unique Christmas tree skirts to make HERE

Check out all my other Christmas trees from the past HERE

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12 thoughts on “Rustic cable spool Christmas tree skirt for a unique look!

  1. Donna, I’ll say it again. You need to publish a book!
    “How to create and live with junky style in your home”, something like that. Then a sequel. Incorporating junk style into your Christmas decor. 🙂
    I love the spool based tree, and what an easy build, lol!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and looking forward to seeing what 2024 holds in store for you.

  2. First thing I thought -get rid of your TV.
    We keep our living room TV year around in a big pine cupboard. Just close the door.
    Lots of room for Christmas things on top.
    This year it is a Log Cabin with lights and copper pots.

    Merry Winter Solstice Everyone!

  3. I love your tree! A couple years ago you had your Ikea tree up & when I saw it, I HAD to have one. Mine is much smaller (only like 4 ft), but it looks wonderful on a tabletop inside of an old wooden dairy crate. I had several artificial trees before this one and I have to say I adore the Ikea tree because it is sparse looking and showcases ornaments better. This year I used dehydrated orange, lemon & lime slices with twine hangers as my ornaments. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Sharon

  4. You never cease to amaze me. LOVE the spool top, under the tree. Another great look! Blessings on your New Year!

  5. What a brilliant idea! Using a rustic cable spool as a Christmas tree skirt not only adds a unique touch but also brings a cozy, homely vibe. L the creativity and eco-friendliness in repurposing materials for the holiday season!

  6. Viewing your ideas now, just love them! Wish I had seen them before Christmas…but, there is next year!

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