Make easy to customize plant labels with cedar strips and stencils!

cedar strip garden labels with stencils

How to make customized plant labels with garden label stencils and cedar strips! These plant labels are easy to create and design with herbs and vegetables. It’s been awhile since I’ve planted a real vegetable garden! In fact, a couple of years ago I had all the flowerbeds removed from my backyard because I was […]

Wood outdoor tray with garden label handles

building a garden-themed tray with garden stake handles-025

Wood outdoor tray with garden label handles As I glanced around my very white (winter looking) living room, I felt a pull for spring decorating. Something… fresh! Green! Like I actually had live plants in the room even though I don’t. It was time to think spring! And that’s when my eyes glanced towards my […]

DIY a beautiful and easy reclaimed wood garden path that won’t rot!


Create a unique, rustic wooden garden path for your garden or yard in a quick afternoon, with a clever frame that won’t easily rot! Thanks to some really epic summer-like weather recently, I’ve been working on the landscape in the garden and yard areas. Since I removed all my flowerbeds out of the backyard, that […]

DIY stenciled IKEA wood crates for flowers, herbs and plants


Learn how to make your own custom IKEA wood crates planter boxes for flowers, herbs or plants using garden stencils, stain and funky hardware details! Those who know me know my love for collecting reclaimed wood and vintage crates. For the most part, I generally have lots on hand to create with. However I also […]

Rustic shed reveal with potting shed garden sign


Rustic shed reveal with potting shed garden sign When I was asked to create some garden themed stencils, one of the first ideas that popped into my mind was to do up a rustic shed reveal with potting shed garden sign. A potting bench was something that would entice you outdoors, keeping you creating, through the […]