All about Fusion Mineral Paint

All About Fusion Mineral Paint

Looking for an exceptional DIY paint that’s easy to use? Learn all about Fusion Mineral Paint! What it is, how to use, project samples, and where to buy to get 10% off! This post contains affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage of any qualifying purchase you make at no extra cost to […]

Upcycled DIY stenciled penny tile TV tray

DIY stenciled Penny Tile TV Tray

Upcycle an old TV tray from the thrift store by stenciling on a classic and beautiful penny tile design! With easy-to-use stencil kit of patterns and borders. I personally rate a good day shopping at the thrift store if I land a solid wood TV tray! TV trays are cheap to come by, are incredibly […]

Easy-to-customize painted Christmas ornaments by pouring paint!

paint Christmas ornaments in a custom color

Can’t find that perfect ornament color? Here’s how to create your own easy custom painted Christmas ornaments with an easy pouring technique! My Christmas tree is finally up! But not quite done… so that’s still to come. As I started to unpack the Christmas ornaments I already had, something was missing… This post contains some […]

Wood round Christmas sweater ornament

Wood round Christmas sweater ornament with stencils

Wood round Christmas sweater ornament The Christmas decorating home stretch is finally happening here! The projects I’ve been making are finding their way onto walls, sofas and more. Yay! For when you make most of your own Christmas decor, it takes a little time to accumulate ready-to-go stock. The other day on Instagram stories, when […]