WWYD – Let’s chat about popcorn ceilings


I often wait to blog about something after figuring out the solution. But, I get stuck in ruts from time to time. And indecision totally halts progress. So… who better to ask when I have a question?  You! I have you! So… I’m totally over the procrastination. I’d love your input on certain things that can […]

Salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover with vintage window moulding

Farmhouse bathroom makeover, with ladder towel bar, vintage window moulding, yardstick mirror

Salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover It’s hard to define my style. I like a mix of so many different things, as well as a sprinkle of salvaged / vintage architecture for good measure. So I’m going to name this room the salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover! Because that’s the feeling it gives off. It’s a little bit […]

My home photo studio reveal


At long last, I can finally use this little spare room as a real live photo studio! before This area resides under our back patio that was closed in to create an extra room. With loads of windows, it had great bones but just needed to find a useful existence rather than a messy office. […]