My home photo studio reveal

Make your own photo studio - reveal via Funky Junk Interiors

At long last, I can finally use this little spare room as a real live photo studio!

Make your own photo studio - reveal via Funky Junk Interiors


This area resides under our back patio that was closed in to create an extra room. With loads of windows, it had great bones but just needed to find a useful existence rather than a messy office.

As luck (?) would have it, a power surge knocked out a computer in this room, making it available for whatever I desired.

Make your own photo studio - reveal via Funky Junk Interiors


Make your own photo studio - reveal via Funky Junk Interiors

This area is beautifully BARE for whatever I wish to bring in and shoot. I’ll deal with the pile of wires still attached to the wall soon. 🙂

white plank ceiling in photo studio Funky Junk Interiors

The tongue and groove pine covered ceiling was started 7 years ago and finally wears a beautiful white coat of paint to give it the treatment it deserved.


pipe curtain rods white sheet window treatments

The simple window treatments are gauzy thin twin sized sheets. They make the perfect sun break yet still allow light in.

white sheet curtain length puddle on floor

They are just long enough to slightly puddle onto the floor. They are perfect, thrifty, non fussy and so light and pretty.

pipe fitting curtain rods unique window treatments

The curtain brackets are real outfitted pipe fittings. And the strings holding up the sheets are from… I’m going to keep you in suspense until I do up the tutorial… you’ll never believe it! 🙂

pipe fitting curtain rods unique window treatments

The treatments have a very lazy casual beachy styled appearance and are totally washable.

white room photo studio farm table worktable on wheels

This old farm table once in someone’s garage workshop is the perfect place to stage whatever my heart desires. The rustic wood top is the perfect matte rustic neutral backdrop for most anything. I’ll show you how I change out the table top in a moment.

wheels on farm table

The legs received some wheels outfitted with a peg, found from the thrift store. A hole was predrilled into each leg, then the castor slipped in. Done in seconds. This makes the table a dream to move in whichever location desired.

photo studio props

This side of the room houses backgrounds and larger props. If I desire a bead board table top, I simply plop the panel on the table and call it done.

photo studio props

I ran out of sheets, otherwise the french doors leading into the house would have been treated as well. Will slip in that photo here when it’s complete.

I’m just thrilled with the light. The room seems to handle photography nearly any time of day in any weather. Here’s an example of how well this room performs light wise.

clear ball jars photography natural light

This shot was taken with no lights on in the room.

wicker basket photography natural light

The white curtains are providing the perfect white backdrop.

natural light photography

And that table is just all too perfect for my own style of things I like to shoot.

sunlight inside photo studio

If the sun is out, it’s easy to pull the curtains closed and continue. However the odd time it’s nice to incorporate direct sun for certain looks as well.

concrete floor texture in photo studio

The floor is amazing. The day ‘my cat pulled up the carpet’, I fell in love with what I saw as is, just a skim coat over concrete. Lovely neutral texture which always looks awesome in photos.

pretty backyard mountain view

pretty backyard mountain view

The main window looks out into my vegetable garden and mountain back drop view. It’s a really pleasant place to spend some time! So pleasant in fact… I’d love to add a cushy club styled chair on wheels so I can read here on a rainy day too if desired. My very own girly room. 🙂

white room ceiling farm table stool photo studio

sunroom photo studio white room Funky Junk Interiors

My oh so light and bright little photo studio… it’s really done!

All the makings of the photo studio are HERE

Creating pipe curtain rods and sheet curtains via Funky Junk Interiors

Part 2 – pipe curtain rods and sheet curtain tutorial and video HERE

the start

carpet removal


cheater baseboards

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92 thoughts on “My home photo studio reveal

  1. Donna your studio is gorgeous, I would never want to leave. You have given new meaning to the idea of covering your windows with sheets.

  2. Oh my gosh. I love it! I need one! I am so jaelous!! And so proud of you to finish this room just for you. And yes do put a comfy chair in there with a food stool and make sure you use it to get some rest too.
    Did I say I love it, and that I want one too!!!!!

  3. Oh! Beautiful … ♥
    We’re in the middle of a substantial refurbishment. The painted ceiling looks so neat. I think I will treat the ceiling in our basemant like this … makes it so more friendly!
    Have a good day with lots of love,

  4. It looks incredible, Donna! You definitely need a comfy chair in there, because that view of your yard and the mountains beyond is gorgeous! Actually, I’d put a hanging hammock-style swing in there – it would almost seem like you were swinging from a tree branch outdoors!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  5. It turned out AMAZING Donna! Excuse me while I have a tiny bit of photo studio envy. 😀 Enjoy your new space. It is beautiful.

    Mary @ athomeonthebay

  6. So I am pretty much in love with your room!! I love every single detail!!
    Oh my goodness your yard is so beautiful too! I am thinking I would never want to leave 🙂
    It is too stinkin’ hot in Texas to even think about having such beautiful green plants ~ All of my flowers are already dying from the heat and it makes me so sad ~

  7. Donna that room is amazing! Your shots will come out beautiful in there (as if they don’t already!)….
    If there is one thing I need after I master this camera that is a place to photograph. I always seem to have something weird in the background… you have a great space Donna! Enjoy your photo time!


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