2000 Followers Event – Draw #5 for a pincushion / pot party!

Welcome to the 2000 Followers Event Draw #5!

Thanks for helping me celebrate what I consider a major landmark. That there are at least 2000 of you that think this little blog is worthy of a visit THRILLS me! Watch the blogroll over the next few days. You’ll see lots of festive happenings around here.

Games! Food! Presents! We have it all! 

Be sure to visit the sidebar to enter any draws you may have missed, or click HERE.

So let’s start this party already!!

~ Games ~

The Clay Pot Party

Welcome all, to ‘THE POT PARTY’ you’ve all joked about and have been waiting for! 🙂

I adore clay pots! They’re rustic, organic, can be left as is or fancied right up. And best of all, they hold stuff. 🙂

It’s my bet some of you did some decadently fancy things with them! However, I’m going to show you a couple of examples of keeping them as plain as ever, yet still having some fun.

When I think of clay pots, I first think plants. So I spruced up my fireplace mantel and used the pots to enhance a few fake greens, as well as adding height and interest. The look gives the mantel a spring look without adding vibrant colour, which suits my own decor.

How about using them as a plain ‘ol pencil holder?

Various sizes to the pots separate like minded writing apparatus, and stay organized on a small bookshelf. An antique baking pan sneaks underneath and provides the perfect ‘drawer’ for note paper in this busy area.

Clay pots left in their natural state add casual warmth to your decor, no matter how they’re used!

So, I offered you a challenge. What would you do with a simple clay pot? I’d bet you can outshine what I did without much effort. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you came up with!

The link up is at the bottom of this post, so join in! Posts can be older or brand new. To link back to the pot party, a text link, FJI button or the 2000 Followers balloon picture can all be used.

The pot post that lights me up the most, (heheh) will get 6 more chances to win the big kahoona prize! Good luck and enjoy!


~ Food ~

Oh my gosh. Wait till you see these.

Jellybean cupcakes ala corn on the cob

So funny! I’m not sure I’d be in the mood for cake though if I got my hands on these. Maybe a nice juicy steak to go along with them or something…

~ Presents ~

Oh my oh my oh my… I’ve been so jealous of all of you lately entering these draws, but this one takes the (cup) cake! (my jokes are getting so corny..) BAHA…

More like bah WAHHH! I WANT!

Sherry, from Creations from my Heart has many specialties. But one of her most endearing ones are her teacup pin cushions. And this gorgeous one is no exception!

A pin cushion VERY similar to the above picture is one of the items up for grabs, but with a surprise funky edge. 🙂 It’s made from a sterling silver vintage sugar and creamer set. It has a vintage sterling silver spoon, which is embellished with a pretty button. The pin cushion is nestled in a nest with moss. Valued at only $30, Sherry takes special orders for these custom pin cushions!


Sherry is offering you a choice of some other things to choose from, which you will soon see!

Sherry’s ETSY STORE is also loaded with her unique creations, so don’t despair if you don’t win this round. There’s lots to choose from. 🙂

Make sure you browse around Sherry’s BLOG. You will love staying on top of what she’s creating next!

Thanks Sherry, for this amazing giveaway!

~ How to enter the draw ~

1. Please visit Sherry’s blog HERE.

2. Select which item name you’d like it you won.

3. Come back here to comments and let us know which one you simply must have!

Want more chances?

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Post your pot entry in the linkup to try for 6 more chances to win!

That makes up to 6 chances to win!

(and 12 chances for the pot winner!)

Draw will be held by random.org at the end of all the draws held.

Your email must be in either your profile or comment area in order to win.

Don’t forget to check out the sidebar for any previous draws you may have missed!

Happy Pin-Pot Day. 🙂

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102 thoughts on “2000 Followers Event – Draw #5 for a pincushion / pot party!

  1. I’ve been MIA for a few days so I missed the previous giveaway. I’ll get a post about it up soon.

    I love Sherri’s pin cushions. In fact, she’s in the process of making one for me now. They are so original and I hear the quality is amazing. I love so many of them, like the little red polka dot one on her site. Whoever wins will be thrilled.

    No pots to show you right now – I came by thinking I was gonna high!! lol

  2. OMG they’re all gorgeous! I’ve joined as a follower and if I won, I think the journal would be best for the trip Down Under.

  3. Your mantel turned out great! Gosh Donna, these events are really going to help me get my projects done. I may be back this weekend – my hubby just pulled an old headboard out of my neighbor’s big trash!

  4. #22… quote:I’m a follower of Funky Junk.. ha,that sounds like a great tshirt idea, I cant believe you havent thought of that Donna.

    Me – yeah, but would you actually wear it?!? 🙂

    FJ Donna

  5. Enter me into to the draw. I haven’t worked in the yard to show any pics of my pot creation. Am already a follwer of your blog,

  6. I’m a Funky Junk follower and proud of it….

    #22 post…I would wear a shirt that say’s that! Considering I’ve worn one before that said “I have junk in my trunk” 🙂 *rofl*

    I’m also following Sherry’s blog and my pick would be…

    Option #1 sooo adorable!

  7. …and Now I’m a follower of Creations from the heart…
    If I won one of her fabulous treasures…I’d want the journal for sure!
    thanks Donna and Creations from the heart for a chance to win!

  8. I would love to win the baby shoe pincushion! I’ve been wanting to make one of my own but can’t find any nice used shoes.

  9. Oh my goodness, I would be thrilled to have any one of Sherry’s awesome creations. I have actually beenon the hunt for a pretty teacup and saucer to try to make a pin cushion. But I know I would much rather have one of Sherry’s.
    Fingers and toes and eyes are crossed! Thanks for the chance.

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